Change selected text color in Windows 11

If you enter Windows 11 selects text, the background of the text selection is blue and the text color is white. This is what we have been accustomed to for years from the Microsoft Windows operating system.

If you want something different, for example a different background color at selected text and another text color, you can customize it. You can the color of text selection to any color you want, so you can Customize Windows 11 as desired.

This is the next adjustment. I’ll show you a picture of before and after so you know what you are going to adjust. Keep in mind that the color may differ if you use another theme then installed my preview.

You can see the selected text in preview here. The background of the selected text is blue (RGB color code: 0 120 215) and the text itself is white (RGB color code: 255 255 255). This is the default text selected in Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

Selected blue background with white text

You can customize the selected text as desired. You can set a different RGB color code for the text background and for the text color. Below is an example. You can see here that I have set a red background and green text color.

Change background and text color in Windows 11

Customizing the background and text color in Windows 11 requires one color code in RGB. To do this, you need to look up the RGB code for a color, you can easily do this via a search engine.

Change selected text color in Windows 11

Open the Windows registry. Go to the key:

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors

You see two register values. These are the “HiLight” and the “HiLightText” values. “HiLight” is the value for the background of the selected text, and “HiLightText” is the value for the text color.

HiLighttext register value

Double-click on one of the values ​​to change the value data. Enter an RGB color code and click OK.

Optional: The default color code for the blue background is RGB color code: 0 120 215 and RGB color code: 255 255 255 is for the standard white text. Should you want to reset the adjustment to default colors.

Enter RGB color code for text color

Now restart your computer. You will now see that the selected text background if the text color is matched to the RGB color codes you set.

I hope you have helped with this. Thanks for reading!

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