Change operating system on HP Specter

HP branded notebook computers are sold with a Windows license. The partnership between HP and Microsoft means that each machine already has a Windows operating system preinstalled and the purchaser of the product only has to start the laptop and click on a few screens to be able to use his new object. But you may prefer to use another version of Windows or switch to free with a Linux distribution. Also, the transition from Windows 10 Home to Pro can only be done by a complete reinstallation by following this procedure.

While it was once easier to change the environment, UEFI-type Bios are protected to prevent booting on media other than the hard drive and against installing another OS. This guide explains how install another operating system on an HP Specter PC, whether it is an x360 model or another from the range of the American manufacturer. Other series of models can also be compatible with these manipulations.

This tutorial can also be used to boot from a USB stick such as Acronis True Image recovery software to clone the hard drive or make a full backup of the operating system, applications, data and customization settings.

Boot from a USB key and install another OS on HP / Specter computer

1. Go to Bios: start the computer and press the key. F10 of the keyboard.

2. Tab System Configuration, go down and open Boot Options.

3. Skip the line ” Secure Boot ” on Disabled and ” Legacy Support ” on Enabled.

Bios tutorial HP Specter Secure Boot Legacy Support Disabled Enabled

4. Change the boot order to set ” USB Diskette on Key / USB Hard Disk “In UEFI Boot Order / Legacy Boot Order:

Bios HP Specter boot sequence tutorial

5. Save the changes with F10 and validate with Entrance.

6. On restart, the system notices a configuration change and asks to configure it by entering a four-digit code (do not press Shift / uppercase to type the numbers).

boot tutorial Bios HP Specter Boot mode legacy secure

7. With the USB key obviously inserted, start the computer by pressing F9 to access the Boot menu / Boot sequence.

8. Select the USB device to start the computer on it.

boot menu sequence tutorial HP Specter USB disk key

9. Install Windows in another version, Linux distribution, or other operating system on the HP Specter / x360 computer.