How to Change MAC Address on Android Devices

How to Change MAC Address on Android Devices-Before seeing how to change the MAC Address on Android devices, first lets us see what is MAC Address? A Mac Address is known as the “Media Access Control Address” of a device, which is the unique identifier assigned to a Network Interface Controller (NIC) for communications at the data link layer of the network segment and it is stored in the hardware.

Change MAC Address on Android Devices
Change MAC Address on Android Devices

For most of the IEE802 network technologies, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth the MAC Addresses are used as a Network Address. In the Medium Access Control protocol sublayer also the MAC Addresses are used. The MAC Address is simply represented with six groups of two hexadecimal digits, which are separated by hyphens, colons, or no separator. The MAC Address sometimes is also known as Burned in Address (BIA) and Ethernet Hardware Address (EHA).

Some of the Benefits of the MAC Address and why would you want to change it.

As you all know that if when the mobile was stolen it is a very hard task to find it. But by using the MAC Address you will easily find where the device is. One of the major application is in the process of filtering wireless networks. When you are on the public wireless network there is a chance to get track your device by the hackers through your MAC Address with simple tools. As everyone wishes you need privacy if your original MAC Address is public and revealed, a hacker can use you’re MAC Address and access the network as you when you are offline and also may lead to impersonate you.

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You can change the MAC Address on your device to access the network which limits the access based on your MAC Address. In some situations if your network stops working and if you have to get a new one, the network might not work as a new network hence you needed to change the MAC Address. Hence there will be no chance of going to the Internet Service Providers to often your MAC Address to identify and authenticate your internet connection. It can also be used in data recovery to connect a wireless device.

How to Change the MAC Address on Android Device

MAC addresses cannot be modified as simple as possible because they are defined by their manufacturer. Not to scare, there is a possibility to change and use other techniques for MAC Addresses.

There are two ways to change the MAC Address on your Android device.

  • Without Root Access.
  • With Root Access.

Both of these methods are quite simple. Let’s see both these methods in detail given below.

Before heading into these two methods firstly you should know what Root Access is. Hence let us see a brief intro about Root Access. Rooting is the process that allows you to get Root Access to the Android Operating System which leads you to do ‘n’ number of customization on your device. It will increase the performance of your device processor. Rooting will allow us to do more things better. Rooting can able to change the look of your device and also Android. By creating a swap file it helps to increase the ram storage of your device that brings your device to work faster. By Rooting it can also able to increase the battery backup of your device through flashing and using some of the tweaks, by reducing the usage of your device background performance.


Change MAC Address on Android Devices:

After all these brief introductions about Rooting you have to check the Root availability in your device before going to change the MAC Address.

Here is the Checking Criteria are given below for Root Availability in your device.

  • As a good precautionary measure, you should be sure that you have rooted your device. We will go ahead and verify it once.
  • Download and install the Root Checker App from the Google Play Store in your device. Which is free to download and pretty basic.
  • Upon opening, click on ‘Verify Root’ and you will see your root status right away.
  • If at all your device is not rooted the process will discontinue.
  • Lastly, you are sure about the Root status, we will continue with the process.
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The following are the two methods to change the MAC Address on your Android device.

Method 1:- Without Root Access

Not to worry, if you don’t have Root Access. Still, it is possible to change your MAC Address. This method is to Change MAC Address temporarily, below is the step by step procedure. 

  • Firstly, get to know the MAC Address of your device. To know this, go to the Settings of your device.
  • Click on the ‘About Phone’. And tap on ‘Select Status’. There your current MAC Address will be displayed.
  • Long press on the MAC Address to copy it automatically and save it somewhere as a backup.
  • There are lots of applications for changing the MAC Address but one of that is the ‘Android Terminal Emulator’.
  • Download an App and install it in your device.
  • Open the App. Type ‘IP link show’.
  • Find your interface name from the list.
  • Here is the example for this, let us consider your interface name is ‘mac0’. Now, type this command in the terminal emulator to change the MAC Address: ‘if link set mac0 PP:PP:PP:QQ:QQ:QQ’ where you have to replace ‘mac0’ with your interface name and ‘PP:PP:PP:QQ:QQ: QQ’ with the new MAC Address you want to wish to.
  • At last, go and verify if your MAC Address has changed properly.

Some of the limitations for a change of MAC address Without Root Access method.

Finally, there are two limitations. The first being, it almost always works only on the devices with MediaTek processors.

The second being, the change of the MAC Address is temporary. Your MAC Address will go back to the original once if you restart your device.

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Method 2:- With Root Access

Consider this method only works on the Rooted Android devices. The main thing if you need this method to work, apart from the Root, is ‘Busybox’.

The Busybox is the app, can able to easily download from the Google Play Store and install on your rooted android phone. Just open the app after installing and you are good to go next process.

If at all you already have Busybox installed on your device, just ignore these above-given instructions.

Please note that even this method makes use of the one more ‘Terminal Window’ app. The download of this app can be found by the above-mentioned procedure.

Assuming you have both Terminal Window, Root and Busybox on your device, follow the simple steps given below.

  • Open Terminal Window app and type these commands: ‘us’ and give Enter.
  • Suppose you have not already granted access to the app, it will prompt you for root access. Tap ‘Allow’.
  • To know your current network interface name type ‘IP link show’ and give Enter. Make a note of your network interface name. For this here is the example, we will consider ‘ale0’ to be the interface name.
  • Now, enter this command: ‘Busybox IP link show ale0’ and give enter. Your current MAC Address will be displayed. This is just for your information.
  • To change the MAC Address, type the following command and give enter: ‘Busybox ifconfig ale0 how ether PP: PP: PP: QQ: QQ: QQ’. Change ‘PP: PP: PP: QQ: QQ: QQ’ with any MAC Address you desire.
  • You have successfully changed your MAC Address. To check the same use the command: ‘Busybox uplink show ale0’. Now you should see the new MAC Address you have entered

Note that the MAC Address change through this method is permanent and will not change if you restart your device.

Hence you have got the basic guidelines for changing the MAC Address on any Android device. I hope it will help you with the better and easy change of the Address.

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