Change low battery alerts

A Windows laptop alerts the user before the battery is completely empty.

Configure Low Battery Alerts in Windows

1. From the Desktop, do a right click personalize.

Windows 8 right click personalize desktop

2. In the window that opens, click on screensaver (at the bottom right).

windows 8 screen saver

3. In the game Power Management, click on Change power settings.

Windows 8 power management

4. On the left, click on Change computer sleep conditions.

tutorial change standby conditions

5. Click on Change advanced power settings.

standby settings tutorial

6. Unroll Drums and adjust the different options according to the desired configuration.

  • Low/critical battery level : to define when Windows warns with a notification message
  • Action on low/critical battery : how Windows should react when this threshold is reached (hibernate is a good configuration for critical battery on battery).

tutorial configure computer low battery sleep

tutorial configure computer low battery sleep

7. Validate by okay to apply the changes.