Change Facebook password

Set a more complicated password, prevent a loved one from reconnecting to a Facebook account or in case of forgetting the password, this tutorial explains the two ways of change the password of a Facebook account. This also applies following the loss or theft of a smartphone to prevent the new owner connects to your page.

Change the password of a Facebook account

1. Go to the page by being logged into the Facebook account.

2. The General tab displays General Account Settings.

3. Locate the line ” Password “And click on” To modify ” to the right.

Facebook tutorial change password

4. Indicate the Current Password and grab twice the new password.

Facebook tutorial change password

5. Validate the new password by clicking on ” Save Changes ” in blue.

Password forgotten or lost ?

1. If you forget your password, click on ” Forgot your password On the Facebook login screen.

tutorial reset change Facebook password

2. Indicate the email address used by the Facebook account and click on ” Research “.

tutorial reset change Facebook password

3. Several possibilities are offered to reset the password:

  • by Google (if connected to a Gmail account)
  • by simple email (a code will be sent to the email address of the FB account)
  • by SMS (a code by text message for mobile users)

tutorial reset change Facebook password

4. In the case of the e-mail method, an e-mail is immediately sent with a code, but the easiest way is to click on the link ” Change password “.

tutorial reset change Facebook password

5. Enter a new password to protect access to the Facebook account.

tutorial reset change Facebook password

6. Another email is sent to confirm the password, useful if for example someone has guessed the password (hacking Facebook account) and the solution to regain control of his FB account.

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