CCleaner For Windows 10, Clean your PC and Make it Faster

CCleaner for Windows 10: Nowadays speed and performance of the PCs matter a lot. Due to the evolution of graphics and other technological things, heavy load comes on our PCs. And these make the processes slower. So cleaning the junk files and other not so important things is necessary to keep our system running smoothly without any lag. CCleaner is one of the software we bank on when it comes to clean our PCs.

Well, CCleaner is old software, and we all know about it because we used the free version of the CCleaner. So, it’s not a new thing at all. We are aware of the features it had and how it used to work. Though due to some upgrades it has been attached to some new features.

CCleaner For Windows 10, Clean your PC and Make it Faster

CCleaner for Windows 10 is also possible though there’s no Windows 10 particular version. Its Windows version works on the latest Windows 10 version like a charm, and no conflicts happen at all.

CCleaner comes in three different offerings. These are the free, professional and professional plus. The free version doesn’t clean history and junk files automatically while the licensed version does these flawlessly. The expert plus version has an auto file recovery option that does not let you get into trouble with losing files anymore. The free one takes all updates manually while the other two paid version does this automatically.

Here are a few points why this software is considered as one of the best free software for PC performance acceleration.

  • CCleaner is safe: well, we all are fully aware of this software, and all the leading technological sites marked it as secure software to use. So there’s no worry to try it once.
  • It gets updated regularly keeping pace with the updates of Windows.
  • It works flawlessly with Windows 10 and with 64 bit/32 bit both versions as well.
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#Update: CCleaner can uninstall the preloaded apps on Windows 10! It’s a massive advancement because we often want to uninstall some preloaded apps that we hardly use. CCleaner made that easy.

What CCleaner can do-

CCleaner frees up disk spaces by removing unwanted files. It can remove these files-

  • DNS caches
  • Memory Dumps
  • Temporary files
  • log files etc.

This app can handle almost all things single-handedly and makes your PC faster. The inbuilt registry cleaner fixes the broken settings and all registry errors.

#Driveragent: There’s an inbuilt driver agent that keeps track of the outdated software and apps on our PCs efficiently. It keeps up flagging the software even before it hits the last date of upgradation. Once the software gets obsolete, it suggests you uninstall the software with a single click!

CCleaner Specs

Have a look at the specification of this software-

  • Latest Version: 5.17
  • Size: 6.9 MB before installation (size of the .exe file).
  • Support: It supports all Windows OS from XP or later.

We can easily install CCleaner for Windows 10 even without any extra tweaks.

Download the .exe file from the official site. It may take a minute to complete fully. Wait till it gets completed and then click on that to start the installation process.

Provide it all the permissions and sit back, relax. Once it installed, you can ready to use CCleaner on the latest Windows effortlessly.

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