Can’t receive calls from your cell phone? Here the solution

I can't receive calls on my cell phone

If from one moment to another you have noticed that your friends and family are sending you text messages asking why you do not answer them, then you probably already know that your mobile is blocking incoming calls and it is not warning you.

In this article we are going to mention what are the reasons that make your phone not receive calls, and we are also going to give you a couple of solutions that you can carry out very easily.

Why am I not receiving calls on my cell phone?

The reasons that you cannot receive calls on your Android mobile are usually many. Next we are going to mention some of the causes that cause your phone not to receive any calls:

  • Bad or damaged SIM card.
  • The internal antenna of the mobile is partially damaged, and this causes me to lose signal on a regular basis.
  • The mobile service provider blocked incoming calls by mistake.
  • The operating system is blocking calls starters.
  • The call forwarding service was activated.

And the list could continue with several more points, but it is not worth reviewing them since the important thing is to give you a solution to this problem.

Solutions to the problem with calls

If after restarting the mobile, resetting the factory data or even update the operating system you have not been able to solve the problem, do not worry, below we will try to help you solve this great problem.

First solution: disable call forwarding

Disable call forwarding on Android

  1. Enter the “Telephone” application, it is located in the main menu of your mobile.
  2. Tap the three-dot icon that appears at the top right of the screen. That option can also be shown by the word “More”.
  3. Enter the “Settings” section.
  4. Enter the “More settings” option.
  5. Touch the “Call Forwarding” option.
  6. Enter “Voice call”.
  7. Deactivate the option “Forward Always”.
  8. Save the changes and that’s it.

This solution almost always works, because sometimes the operating system itself activates it by mistake and does not warn you. Depending on the brand of mobile you have, accessing this section can be one way or another.

Second solution: the SIM card

clean SIM card

If you continue without receive calls on your mobile phone, since the problem can become physical. In this case, there are some tips that you can follow to force calls to your mobile.

  1. Remove the SIM card and clean the gold contacts with cotton wool and alcohol.
  2. Use an eraser and pass it from top to bottom to improve the connection between the card and the pins of the SIM slot of the mobile.
  3. Test the SIM card in another mobile, this way you can confirm if the phone is the one with the problem.

I am still receiving calls, what do I do?

If after following these solutions you still cannot receive calls, We recommend that you call your mobile operator so that the support of the same restart the line. From there they will be able to tell you if the problem originates from the line you have contracted, or if the problem is with your phone.