Can’t find Chromecast: the solutions in a row [2022]

The Chromecast is a very popular device that allows you to stream easily and affordably. But not everything always runs smoothly. What if you get the message: Chromecast cannot be found. In this article, I have some solutions for you for this annoying Chromecast problem.

Can’t find Chromecast? Always check first whether you are connected to the same WiFi network, this is where it often goes wrong. Also, the operating device must support 5GHz Wi-Fi to complete the setup properly.

There are two times when a Chromecast cannot be found. On the one hand, this can be when installing the Chromecast, where it simply does not appear. However, it is also possible that you want to stream a video from, for example, Video country, Netflix or YouTube and that you can’t find the Chromecast here.

Since the solutions to these problems are somewhat different, I’ve broken them down in this article as well.

Can’t find Chromecast when setting up

Often the problem occurs in the Google Home app, where the Chromecast simply cannot be found. This can happen at a number of times, but often we see that this is the case with the setup or installation of the Chromecast.

To solve this problem, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your Chromecast can be found again.

Can't find Chromecast

Google Home app

To set up the Chromecast, use the Google Home app (Android and iOS), here may be an issue that prevents the Chromecast from being found.

1. Make sure the Google Home app is fully up to date. This will ensure that any bugs in the app are fixed that could prevent this problem.

2. If this still doesn’t work, close the app completely and restart it.

If not successful yet, continue to the next step.

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Chromecast connection and status

The internet connection is essential for the Chromecast to work properly, so it makes sense that there are a number of things that cannot go quite right here. Below are some common problems with the internet connection when you are setting up the Chromecast.

1. The Chromecast has a number of lights, first of all check – if the Chromecast is connected to the HDMI port – if the white light is flashing. This means that the Chromecast is ready to be set up.

2. If the TV is tuned to the correct HDMI port, you should see ‘Set up Chromecast’ on the TV.

3. Ideally, the device to set up the Chromecast should be about 4-6 meters away. So don’t go too close, but certainly not too far either.

4. Perhaps unnecessary, but I often see things go wrong here: make sure that the smartphone or tablet you use to set up the Chromecast is connected to WiFi.

5. To set up the Chromecast, make sure that your device has 5 GHz WiFi, which is necessary to set up a Chromecast.

6. If these steps still don’t work, try setting up the Chromecast with another device. Although this one with both iPhone if Android devices work, the latter appears to be able to connect more often.

7. As a last resort, you can reset the Chromecast.

With these tips, the Chromecast can’t find message should no longer occur.

Connected Chromecast / via Chromefans

Can’t find Chromecast when streaming

In most cases, the message Chromecast cannot find is about the Google Home app. However, it can also happen that it is not visible when you want to start streaming.

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To remedy this annoying problem, there are also a number of things you can try.

1. Make sure the device you want to stream from is connected to WiFi. Of course you can use a Chromecast without WiFi, but then you have to turn on a specific setting.

2. Check whether the Chromecast is receiving power: is it connected to the socket/USB of the TV?

3. Check the light on the Chromecast: if it is set correctly, it should glow white. That is, it is ready to use and connected to Wi-Fi.

4. Verify that your internet connection is active. If your wifi doesn’t work, then you can’t cast.

5. Restart your smartphone/tablet/pc, if this doesn’t work, a router/moden reboot is also an option.

6. If it still doesn’t work, you can reset the Chromecast

These solutions solve the problem 90% of the time, so I hope they will too.

Even more tips

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Image: Wesley Akkerman