Can you solve 5 of the internet’s toughest logic puzzles?

Everyone loves a good puzzle. There is some relief one feels when knowing the answer to a difficult puzzle. Plus, research shows that puzzles and tricks keep your mind sharp into old age.

The Internet is a repository of thought-bending puzzles. But many of these require you to have technical skills, such as looking up a page’s source code for clues or changing image files. Logic should test your brain, not your computer skills.

We can’t say if these puzzles are the “hardest” on the Internet. What we can say for sure is that these are the 5 websites that freak anyone out who likes to work things out.

Can you solve 5 of the internet's toughest logic puzzles?  - games

NSA’s Puzzle Periodical (web): A new challenging puzzle, every month

The National Security Agency has a bad view among internet users due to spying and breach of privacy. Put that aside for a minute and you’ll know some of the brightest minds are working out there. And every month, one of these bright minds presents a mystery to the world to discover.

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Can you solve 5 of the internet's toughest logic puzzles?  - games

The NSA Puzzle Periodical was only started in 2015, so there isn’t a huge selection waiting for you. But you can still browse through the logic puzzles, written with precision and magnificence. Most importantly, there will be a new puzzle every month!

The answer will be posted a few days after the question is asked, so feel free to discuss the answer with others until then. No trick questions or poor answers, try as much as possible.

Sudoku Escargot (Web): The hardest Sudoku ever

You are probably familiar with the number-oriented Sudoku game. It’s a stress-free way to give your brain a 5-minute workout. You may already be very good at playing it. But do you think you can solve the hardest Sudoku puzzle ever?

Can you solve 5 of the internet's toughest logic puzzles?  - games

The mathematician did Arto Encala By building an algorithm to generate challenging Sudokus game, which is called AI Sudoku. This is the hardest game ever made by a robot. It’s called Escargot, and in his blog, Inkala explains why it’s the hardest Sudoku.

Try solving it on the Sudoku Wiki or print it out and take it with you. No matter how you choose to tackle this, make sure you have plenty of time. The Inkala blog post related to this game also contains 19 other hard-to-resolve Sudokus.

Blue Eyes (Web): XKCD’s Hardest Logic Puzzle

I like to have a difficult puzzle that I can work on slowly, over the course of several days or weeks. The pleasure that a good puzzle gives lies in the travels. If you’re patient with puzzles, read “The World’s Hardest Puzzle,” according to XKCD.

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Can you solve 5 of the internet's toughest logic puzzles?  - games

For starters, XKCD is one of the best Webcomics software for geeks, and it often talks about logic, math, and lateral thinking. Its developer shared this puzzle (which he heard from someone else) in the simplest language possible. No playing with words, no double meanings, or anything else.

Read the riddle, absorb all the information from it, and select it in your head. You will find yourself thinking about it whenever you have some time.

Friday Puzzles (Web): 101 Richard Wiseman’s Thinking Games

He is considered a famous psychologist Richard Wiseman A celebrity on the Internet. He is known for amazing delusions that plague your mind on his YouTube channel, and he is a famous expert in psychology.

Can you solve 5 of the internet's toughest logic puzzles?  - games

Every Friday, Wiseman shares a riddle or trick on his blog, challenging readers to solve. The puzzles use a mixture of logical and lateral thinking, so some of the answers require creative thinking.

You’ll find matching problems, logic puzzles, and some picture-based puzzles as well. There are 101 puzzles accessible, so save this page for offline reading anywhere.

Logic Mazes (Web): Robert Abbott’s Famous Puzzles

Logistic, programmer, and game inventor Robert Abbott has been designing games since the 1950s. Abbott created the concept of “Logic Mazes,” and some of his best are available online for free.

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Can you solve 5 of the internet's toughest logic puzzles?  - games

Logic Mazes is a maze or grid with some specific rules. For example, Easy Maze 1 dictates that you can never walk left. So, without turning left, how do you travel from the start to the finish line?

Abbott also makes interactive puzzles that are hosted on the site, so you can “play” rather than solve them. Trust me, you’ll need a little interaction if you want any hope of getting to these things.

Can you solve any of these?

Can you solve any of the logic questions above, or you can test your brain power with this fun puzzle:

You have 16 marbles and a balance scale. One of the marbles is heavier or lighter than the others, while the remaining 15 are of the same weight. Using measurements three times or less, determine the odd marble and whether it is heavier or lighter.

Tell us your answer in the comments below!

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