Can you have and install Google Play Store on iPhone? here the answer

Google Play is an official Google service (Android) and currently has more downloadable applications than the App Store (iOS), so many users of the bitten apple brand wonder if you can have and install Google Play on iPhone. It’s possible? Read this article and you will know.

What does Google Play offer?

Google Play is a huge APK distribution platform developed by Google for Smartphones with Android operating system.

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The content available on Google Play is almost always free, although there are applications that have a cost and the types of APK (Android Application Package) vary depending on the category:

  1. Applications: Google Play hosts endless verified and safe applications for the enjoyment of its users. There you can find apps for exercise routines, customize the launcher of your Smartphone, art and design, social networks, etc.
  2. Games: In this category it is a universe for Gamers, since Google Play has a huge library of games; adventure, mental agility, abstract graphics, of music, the popular puzzles, etc.
  3. Films: Play Movies is another of the Google Play services, and allows its users to rent or buy movies and series.
  4. musics: This service is called Play Music and in it you can store and synchronize music from the cloud and enjoy the music store provided by Google. Find out which are the best iPhone players and enjoy your music.
  5. Books: Through Play Books you can read electronic books. This Google Play service has more than four million titles available.

These services are so extensive and with so many options that iOS users would like to have or install Google Play on their iPhone. Read why:

Why do iOS users want to have Google Play?

The reason why iPhone users want Google Play is very simple; the performance and amount of content offered by Google Play. We explain a little:

iOS has its own store called App Store where iPhone users can download the applications for their system, while Android users have Google Play (Play Store) to download apk.

Despite the fact that the App Store was a pioneer store in the field of digital distribution, Google Play managed to quickly surpass the number of applications available on its platform for download.

Currently Google Play has an overwhelming number of available applications compared to the Play Store.

For the first quarter of 2020, Android users were able to choose from 2.56 million apps, making Google Play the store with the most content available. Apple’s App Store was the second largest app store with nearly 1.85 million iOS apps.

Given the amount and variety of content that Google Play offers, many iPhone users want it, but is it possible to have and install Google Play on iPhone?

Can you have and install Google Play on iPhone?

If you have an iPhone and would like to install Google Play on your terminal, you must be aware that this action is not possible, because as we have said repeatedly before, Google Play services are only available for devices with Android operating system.

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There is an alternative with which you can run Google Play on your iPhoneit is through Jailbreak, but this option is not recommended due to the high degree of complication that it takes to execute it and the serious errors that it can bring to your terminal.

However, you can use various services of Google Play from your iPhonesuch as Play Movies, without taking any risk or affecting the life of your phone.

iPhone with Android apps

It is quite obvious that through Google Play you have access to hundreds of applications, but the App Store also has a significant number of apps. But both platforms distribute applications for each operating system, for that reason, users with iOS operating system on their terminals cannot install APK (from Android) on your devices, or vice versa.

I remind you that having and installing Google Play on iPhone, until now, is impossible, but you can search for an app equivalent to what you need in the AppStore.