California Lottery Results- Lotto Winning Numbers Tips and Lottery Results


California Lottery Results- California lottery is also opened for the purpose of business. The winning of the lottery depends on the size of the prize being offered. People at very large participate in the lotteries as the lottery in California is legal. The lottery players of California have won multiple times.

Lotteries have the power to change your financial conditions and the ways of your living within few seconds. it is only due to lotteries that you move from middle class to a very high class within seconds. There are many lottery players in California who has won the lottery game multiple times. The prizes you receive in the lotteries are very high which is very difficult to imagine. Lotteries can be enjoyed for the purpose of business. The winning of the lottery can also be guessed according to patterns and the occurrence of the combination of the number.


In this article, you will see everything about lotteries. You will get to know the winning numbers, winning patterns, and also some of the tips to win the California lottery and become a next millionaire by winning the lottery prize.

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Lottery strategies which help you to win California Lottery

Lottery numbers are most of the time randomly drawn. But these randomly drawn numbers also form a pattern and these number patterns can be traced and you can guess the number of repetition of the currently occurring pattern. You will have to carefully analyze the previous lottery games and then decide the lottery number which you are going to use and about the pattern of its occurrence. You will have to play the probabilities of the lottery. Playing a repeated pattern will increase your chances of losing the lottery.

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Tips to Win California Lottery Results:

Here we have a few tips for you which will help you to win the California lottery.

  1. Odd-even lottery numbers:

Whenever you want to select a lottery number tries to select a mixture of even and odd numbers. It is very rare that only odd or only even numbers are drawn. It occurs only six percent of the time. The best mix is to have three odd and two even, or two add and three even. Anyone of the patterns occurs 65% of the total times.

  1. High or low lottery number:

The winning number is equally spread across the entire number field. If we cut a number into half then we will get a high and low number. In the California lottery, the number from between 0 to 23 would be the low numbers and the numbers between 24 to 47 would be in the high half numbers. All the high numbers and all the low numbers are very rarely drawn. It occurs only five percent of the total times. The best mixture is to have three high and two low numbers or two high or three low. it occurs 68% of the total times.

  1. Lottery number group strategies

The first thing you can do is have a look at the past winning numbers of California lottery. Tracking which winning number group you choose will increase your chances of winning the California lottery.

  1. Lottery games skipped strategies:

Make a list of the numbers which were not used in the other games lottery. See the winning numbers in the last five lottery games. Mark number of times each skip occurred. If any skip from 0 to 5 numbers did not occur, play the lottery numbers that are out that many games.

  1. Repeat hits lottery tips:

One lottery number will repeat hit from the last drawing every other drawing or 53% of the times.

  1. The hot number of lottery secrets:

The numbers that have been out for more than four times accounts to half of the winning numbers. The numbers that have been out for more than seven times accounts to two third of the winning numbers. Numbers that have been out for more than ten times accounts to 72% of the winning numbers. This all shows that the winning chances of your number increases.

  1. Cold number tips:
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It is very difficult that when a cold number will end a long losing chance. If you play a number with every drawing you are thinking is due will make you chase for many months. If the number has been out for more than 70 times than it will increase your chances of winning the lottery.

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How to Get Lucky in California Lottery?

Luck is very important while playing the lottery. It could be your own luck or the lack of any member in your group. Here we will tell you the ways to feel lucky in the California lottery.

  1. Cash in on the luck of others:

When you are playing the lottery in a group, then the luck of other group members also plays a very important role. There are chances that the luck of one member of your group can make you win a jackpot. That is why you will have to select the members of your group carefully. Just try to avoid negative people. They are not only losers but the impact is that they can even drain your energy.

  1. Cash in on a positive attitude:

It is possible to win the lottery by just being positive and having a positive attitude. The fear of losing the game surely makes you lose the game that is why you should always be positive to win the game. Fear attracts only that thing is that he is fearful of. A strong goal that has positive energy will give positive results.

Know What Lottery Numbers to Avoid

The lottery players who select the lottery number very foolishly or without thinking will lose the game even before the drawing takes place. If you know which number combination or pattern you have to choose then it will increase your chances of winning the lottery.

  1. Avoid the number combination that has been drawn before:
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Many players bet on the number that has won someone a jackpot. That number which is already selected will not let you win the jackpot. So if you want to win the lottery than you will have to avoid the number combination that has been drawn before.

  1. Avoid betting five consecutive number:

to win the California lottery try to avoid the number that has five consecutive number.

  1. Avoid Betting one lottery number group:

Avoid choosing all the number from the same number group. Don’t choose numbers from all five, or all tens, or all twenties. All five numbers drawn from a single group can increase your chances of losing the lottery.

  1. Avoid pattern betting:

Pattern betting is very common and most of the players use pattern betting. Betting in a pattern of single line diagonally or horizontally is not very well appreciated and it will reduce the chances of you winning the lottery. Repeating the same pattern always cannot be beneficial to you.

  1. Avoid all same last digits:

Many players play the lottery with the same last digit number. The number can be their lucky number as well. The winning with the no more than same last digit number is 90 percent for all the drawings.

  1. Avoid low number combination:

There are players who chose the number with a low number combination. If you select any date of birth, anniversary date or any other dates then it would be the number from between 0 to 31 and this category is the low number. So to increase your chances of winning select the numbers with a high number combination.

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