Bytefence Reviews: Pros and Cons [Test Complet]

In this article, we will present our test and opinion on Bytefence, the program anti-malware well known.

We will review its characteristics most important and will give you information on its advantages and his disadvantages.

Bytefence test & opinion: introduction

It is an anti-malware program which is advertised as a protection tool complete which can detect potential attacks Trojans, worms, spyware.

The program also focuses heavily on dealing with unwanted bundled applications, Adware, Crapware, Browser Hijackers, etc.

bytefence reviews
Bytefence reviews

However, the security tool should not be considered as an ultimate protection option for your PC, because it is not a antivirus program fully functional.

Instead, this software we’ll be talking about here is more of a supportive protection tool that targets less dangerous threats such as those we have mentioned.

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The installation of the program is fast , easy and has no elements that could be confusing.

Supposedly, before there was options unwanted such as optional search engine change by default or from the home page browser in the installation wizard, but currently there are no such settings.

All you do is click to install and once the process is complete, you can choose to launch the program directly or not – that’s it. There are no bundled installations or optional browser changes which we consider to be a positive trait.

ByteFence installation
Bytefence installation

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As soon as we launched the program, it launches a quick automatic scan of the entire PC. It took him about twenty minutes to finish and a few risks may stand out in the results.

The files detected were not harmful, but some of them could be considered as suspects (for example, a number executables and of dll files) which probably explains why the program detected them.

What we noticed, however, is that during thequick scan, from significant amounts of RAM will be used (1.5 GB on a machine with 4 GB of RAM).

Of course, that was to be expected, but it was worth highlighting.

ByteFence scan
Bytefence Reviews

After analysis, we took a look at the program interface – it is simple and easy to navigate without too complicated settings.

However, you will still get all mandatory options that most PC protection programs tend to provide.

For example, in Settings, you can program analyzes, manage files in quarantine, manage theupdate status and there is even a Player mode.

There are five sections / tabs on the program interface: Home, scan , Browsers, Settings and Statistics. The section that caught our attention is that of browsers.

Browser security

As we have already mentioned, Bytefence focuses on programs such as Adware, Browser
Hijackers and other forms of light software threats that most often tend to target the user’s browser.

That’s why it was nice to see that in the section Navigator, Bytefence provides a component analysis of browsers which are on the PC.

In this tab you can see the home page of your browsers, their search engine and the extensions that they own. Next to each of these items, you can see their level of security risk according to Bytefence.

For example, my Google Chrome homepage was recently changed by another application and thesecurity tool considered her to be at high risk.

This can be useful, as it allows you to correct quickly such potential threats – all you would have to do is check item who is considered dangerous and select Correction verified – the program goes automatically process the potential danger and rid your browser of it.

However, on the side negative of this program functionality, only two of the three browsers installed on your computer are displayed in the Browsers tab, the third browser (Opera) was not there.

We don’t know if this should be attributed to the browser or the program anti-malware.

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Real-time protection


The security tool also offers a real time protection in order to detect any risk that may currently creep into your system. The scans, according to the developers of the program dedicated to Malware and Crapware.

However, no mention is made of the protection against the virus such as Ransomware, this is why, as we mentioned previously, one should not rely only on Bytefence in order to maintain the security of their PC.

A program additional antivirus is needed to attack larger viruses threats such as Ransomware.

Windows Defender or Avast
Windows Defender or Avast

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Free version versus paid version

The free version of the program is supposed to provide all program analysis parameters, but without the possibility of using the tool to remove any detected threats. However, once we downloaded the free version things were different.

The program was fully functional and we were allowed to analyze and correct any detected threats. However, there is a 14 day trial period after which the user must purchase the complete product if he wishes to continue using the program.

It is up to the individual to decide which option is the best, but it should be noted that the free version as described on the official website of the software application is not the same as the one you get once you have it downloaded.


  • None bundled installation and none unwanted modification browser during installation.
  • Clean and easy to navigate interface.
  • Low use of resources when there is no scanning.
  • Browser protection.
  • Without ads.


  • Detects files that are not harmful.
  • May cause slowdown during’to analyse from the computer due to thehigh RAM usage.
  • May do not detect all browsers that are on the PC and list them in the Browsers section.

Conclusion: Bytefence Reviews

Our opinion on Bytefence : It can be a useful tool for anyone who wants to add an extra layer of defense to their computer, especially against unwanted malware that could target their browser.

However, it should be borne in mind that the program may still have certain anomalies which must be corrected in order for the program to become even more efficient in its work.


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