Brain drain… M1 chip design team leader resigns from Apple, returns to Intel

It’s the start of a new and unlikely era for Apple when Jeff Wilcox, the lead director of Mac system architecture who spearheaded the transition from Intel processors to Apple Silicon, announced his retirement from the company. After working for 8 years to join Intel as an “Intel Fellow” overseeing the engineering team for all client-side chipset designs in every segment.

Jeff gave the reason for the resignation this time. He was always looking for new opportunities and challenges in his career, and was very proud of all his accomplishments during his time with Apple, especially with the Apple Silicon M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max. T2 security chip designer too

This isn’t Jeff’s first time working with Intel, having previously worked together once between 2010 and 2013 when he was a chipset engineer for PCs. before moving to Apple later and eventually moving back to the original nest again

Apple has been known to suffer a “brain drain”, losing many of its best engineers to its competitors in the past two or three years. Last December, Bloomberg reported that the company was offering stock bonuses. Gradually given on time to engineers when completing work as scheduled It ranges from $50,000 to $180,000 (approximately 1 million, 7 hundred thousand to 6 million baht) to motivate employees to quit.

It is interesting how much or how little impact will Apple lose its best employees to its competitors and how will the company solve the problem?

Source: 9to5Mac | Bloogberg | Jeff Wilcox