Boot a Dell PC on USB key, CD, DVD

To reinstall another operating system, use a boot CD for maintenance (full backup by Acronis, for example) or to simply try another OS like Linux Ubuntu, you must start the computer on something other than the hard drive main internal of the machine. Also, if you bought a Dell PC with Ubuntu, it will then be possible to install a Windows 10 Home or Professional operating system, or even an old Windows 7 or 8. Linux distributions have not been forgotten (Ubuntu, Fedora … ) as well as hypervisors to create a virtualization server (VMware, Hyper-V…).

This tutorial explains how start a Dell computer on a device other than the internal hard drive: CD / DVD drive, USB stick, external hard drive… Advantage at Dell: no need to go to Bios to modify the boot sequence. A special menu exists to choose on which device to start the machine.

This manual works on the whole range of Dell computers, whether it is a desktop PC or a laptop: Inspiron, Vostro, XPS, Alienware, Optiplex, Latitude, Precision …

Access the Boot menu of a Dell PC

1. The Dell PC or laptop must be turned off. Connect the USB key on the computer.

2. Start the PC by simply pressing the Power button as usual.

3. As soon as the Dell logo is displayed on the screen (white logo on a black background), press several times on the key F12 on the keyboard, until the following menu appears (Boot options):

Dell boot USB Bios

Insert the CD or DVD if this is the medium to boot from.

4. Using the arrows on the keyboard, select USB key or CD / DVD and validate with the key Entrance to start on it. All you have to do is install the new operating system or use the live CD.

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