BMW iX Flow, the latest concept car can change color with E Ink technology

BMW is showing off its ground-breaking concept car at CES 2022, with the ability to change the color of your choice with the push of a button. The technology behind this idea is E Ink, the same one commonly seen in devices like e-book readers and some smart watches.

The company explains that the surface of the BMW iX Flow is coated with countless microcapsules. The diameter is as small as a human hair. Each capsule contains a black and white plastic sphere. one side is anion The other side is positively charged. It can be controlled to achieve the desired color by supplying voltage. Interchangeable with black, gray and white

The BMW iX Flow is an advanced research and design project that will likely never be used in a real sales vehicle. due to legal restrictions of many countries and other reasons. The project wasn’t a waste, at least BMW made it known. Changing the color of the car affects the temperature inside the cabin. The white with reflective properties helps to cool the car. on the contrary Black with better light-absorbing properties to maintain a stable temperature.

source: The Verge