Blue screen problem on Acer Aspire, what to do?

Your Acer Aspire abruptly displays a blue screen and you would like to know what to do in order to fix this problem? Indeed, this one is also designated blue screen of death or BSOD. It testifies a system shutdown. So, we suggest you to find out the root of the problem on your PC. Then you will be able to carry out the appropriate procedures to your dysfunction. So, to help you as best as possible on this tutorial. First of all, we will present common causes who risk creating a blue screen on an Acer Aspire. And thereafter, we will provide you solutions to resolve this dysfunction.


Understand the origin of a blue screen problem on an Acer Aspire:

A blue screen on an Acer Aspire signals an unplanned shutdown of the system. This happens when your system can no longer carry out instructions that you threw at him. So you will get blue screen of death with a series of lines often that you don’t understand. However, it will be convenient to note the stop code displayed at the end of the page. This one could you provide information on the origin of the error.

Either way, the blue screen will occur as soon as the OS bug. So, this can be the result of a malfunction listed below:

  • The RAM is too full.
  • Otherwise, it could also be a overheating of your Acer Aspire.
  • Or a driver that is no longer up to date. In particular that of the graphics card which can also create a black screen problem on your Acer Aspire.
  • The installation of a anti-virus or other heavy software. And even a Windows Update as was the case with the version KB4532695.
  • A virus could also harm your system and cause a blue screen of death.

Ultimately: a fatal error on a PC can have various reasons. But you can do some methods on your computer that will be able to fix your dysfunction.

What to do when you have a blue screen problem on an Acer Aspire:

When you had a blue screen of death and that you have examined a little the source of the malfunction on your Acer Aspire. We suggest you start with start your Acer Aspire in safe mode in order to limit the generation of system errors. In the case where your Acer Aspire no longer turns on, you must first access the WinRe recovery environment. Finally, when you are on your Acer Aspire in safe mode. You will be able clean your system in order to unload RAM. Then you will be able to run the driver updates. As well as make a full scan via antivirus to remove all virus threats. If that doesn’t help your problem. We will have to think about reset your Acer Aspire.

Start your Acer Aspire in safe mode:

Starting your Acer Aspire in safe mode, will give you the option to carry out some methods from your desktop by reducing the risk of generating errors. You will therefore see a reduced display with a black wallpaper. In order to access it, you must first start WinRe.

Access WinRe on an Acer Aspire:

  1. In case your Acer Aspire turns on:
    • Access to Settings and press Update and Security then on the tab ” Recovery “. Finally press the button ” Restart now “.
  2. If your Acer Aspire does not start anymore:
    • Click on the on / off button to start the computer. Then when the OS loads, force stop by pressing the power button again. Done these 2 phases on average 3 times.

Start Safe Mode on an Acer Aspire:

  1. Once on the blue WinRe page “Choose an option”,
  2. Select option ” Repair “,
  3. Then press ” Advanced options “,
  4. Click on the button ” To restart “,
  5. And to finish press the key four or F4,
  6. Connect to your Windows session.

If you want more information on this. We suggest you read the following article: How to boot an Acer Aspire in safe mode?

Clean your Acer Aspire after a blue screen:

Connect with safe mode on your Acer Aspire. We recommend that you first make a disc cleaning on your computer. So you can remove unnecessary items. Subsequently, you will be able to unload your RAM via an external backup medium. And finish by placing the order sfc / scannnow in the command prompt in order to repair corrupted system files.

Perform a disk cleanup on an Acer Aspire:

  1. Type ” Disc cleaning ” inside the Windows search bar,
  2. On the window select “Downloaded program files” and “Temporary Internet files”,
  3. Then press ” OK “.

Declutter the RAM of your Acer Aspire:

Back up files to an external backup device such as a external hard drive where the Cloud. Note that by using your Microsoft account, you have a free location on OneDrive. If you prefer a physical medium, you can buy external hard drives at correct prices in multimedia brands such as Fnac, Boulanger or Darty.

Thus, we advise you to save your photos, videos and series on this medium because they take up memory space. And this may eventually overload memory and the processor and create the fatal error.

Sfc scannow command on an Acer Aspire:

You can finally run the sfc scannow command through the command prompt:

If you wish to have more information on this solution. We suggest you read the following article: How do I clean my Acer Aspire?

Update the drivers on an Acer Aspire:

The updating the drivers of an Acer Aspire will generally be integrated into Windows Update. So, first check if all the updates are downloaded in the Update and security settings section Windows Update.

Then you can also launch the update of the drivers via the Device Manager. This will be accessible with the search bar. Identify the important drivers, for example that of the Graphic card. Then double click on them. In the properties, you will see a “Pilot” section on which you are going to have a button “Driver update”. Then just press “Automatically search for drivers”.

Run a full scan with Windows Defender Antivirus on your Acer Aspire:

For run a full scan with Windows Defender in order to erase a potential virus in your Acer Aspire. Perform the steps below:

  1. Type “Windows Security” in the search bar,
  2. Then go to the section “Protection against viruses and threats”,
  3. Choose “Analysis options”,
  4. Tick “Complete analysis”,
  5. And press the button “Analyze now”.

Reset an Acer Aspire after a blue screen:

If you are unable to access Safe Mode. So you can reset your computer. So you can do a reset and reinstall Windows 10. You can do it from WinRe via the page ” Problem resolution ” by selecting the button “Reset”. Otherwise you can also do it with a bootable usb stick which will reinstall W10 on the old version. By going through this last solution, there will be no way to keep some data everything is reset.

To know the detailed procedure to reset an Acer Aspire under W10. We recommend that you consult the following article: How to reset an Acer Aspire?

In conclusion : You will have noticed that a blue screen problem on an Acer Aspire can be caused by a number of things. So we suggest you anyway to try to start safe mode on your computer so that you can to clean , do driver updates and run a full antivirus scan. Then if that is not enough, you can reset it so that it is back to square one. However, if your problem is not fixed, you can contact Microsoft support.

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