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Google Chrome includes an option for block third-party cookies in order to protect yourself from tracking on the Internet.

As a reminder, cookies are files created by the websites you visit which contain navigation information. Thanks to cookies, websites can keep you logged in when you move from one page to another on the site, save your preferences (language, display, etc.), remember the contents of your basket, etc.

Two types of cookies are used by a website:

  • cookies owners which are created by the site itself;
  • cookies third which are created by the services used by the site to improve your online experience, display content (images, videos, advertisements), analyze your audience, etc. Service example: Google Analytics.

Third-party cookies are frowned upon because they make it possible to track Internet users who visit websites that use the same services. For example, the vast majority of websites use Google Analytics to analyze their audience: this allows Google to follow you, track you and create a profile for you across all the sites you visit.

In this tutorial we will see how to block third-party cookies on Google Chrome in order to protect against Internet tracking.

Block third-party cookies on Google Chrome

To block third-party cookies on Google Chrome, follow these instructions:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More More > Settings.
  3. Under Privacy and Security, click Cookies and other site data.

    i Trick : you can access this page more quickly by entering chrome: // settings / cookies in the address bar.

  4. Under General settings, select Block third-party cookies.
  5. To instruct websites not to collect or track your browsing data, you can also activate the option Send a “Prohibit Tracking” request while browsing.
  6. When visiting a website that uses third-party services, you can see the number of third-party cookies blocked by Google Chrome by clicking on the icon Blocking third-party cookies in the address bar.

Congratulation ! You have blocked third-party cookies on Google Chrome. 👍

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