Block internet ads (Mozilla Firefox)

You had installed the browser Mozilla Firefox and you want to surf safely. You would also like get rid of pop-up ads and be notified when a website is unreliable.

This tutorial applies to all versions of Windows and even with Mac or Linux, as long as Firefox is installed on the machine.

For those using Google’s alternative, there is Adblock Plus for Chrome.

Block ads on Firefox (Adblock Plus)

1. Since firefoxopen this page:
(be careful because “fake Adblocks” exist and install parasites to attract even more ads)

2. We are on the official Firefox extensions (plugins) site. Click on the green or blue button ” Add to Firefox » :

Firefox Adblock installation tutorial

3. The download is very fast.

firefox adblock tutorial download

4. Confirmation is requested, click on “ Install now » .

Firefox Adblock install tutorial

5. This page may differ depending on the version: currently and in addition to blocking advertising, the Adblock Plus extension offers to block malware and disable spying, two interesting options for surfing in complete peace of mind.

Firefox Adblock tutorial configure

Support a website by displaying advertisements

Because advertising also (and above all) allows websites to earn money, therefore to live, it is possible to block all internet advertisements except those of your favorite site.

1. At the bottom left of the screen, click on the red iconABP » and choose « Disable for (name of the site) ” .

whitelist adblock firefox

2. Thus, the advertisement is displayed on your favorite site but not on all the others.