BeWidgets: 6 free widgets for Windows 11

You cannot add widgets in Windows 11. Windows 11 already has one widget in the taskbar which is similar to the de news and interests widget known from windows 10.

To install desktop widgets in Windows 11, you need to install third-party software. One of the free software that you can use to display widgets on the Windows 11 desktop is BeWidgets.

You can download this free software from the Microsoft Store and it offers 6 different widgets that you can customize accordingly.

BeWidgets provides the following widgets. The current time, the current date, a slideshow of photos on your computer, a shortcut to a particular app, a financial index, and the current weather of a set location.

BeWidgets: 6 free widgets for Windows 11

To download BeWidgets, open the following link. You can then download and install BeWidgets for free from the Microsoft Store.

After installation, click the “New widget” button to add a new widget.


Select the widget you want to add. You can add the Time, Date, Photos, App shortcut, Finances and Weather widget.

Add BeWidgets widgets

By clicking the customize button, you can customize each widget as desired. Depending on the widget you have chosen, you can make different adjustments. A number of convenient and general settings include “Always on top” and “Visibility”.

Customize BeWidgets widgets

By clicking the “new widget” button again, you can add more widgets. If you click on the “remove” button then you can create one delete widget.

You can position the widgets individually by clicking on them and dragging them to the desired location on the desktop.

All widgets for widgets for windows 11

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