Best YouTube Live Streaming Program for PC 2021

Best YouTube Live Streaming Software for PC.. The YouTube live streaming service helps brands as well as creative people make a lot of personal connections with their audience.

Where in the past few years it was possible to record content Video It is seen on the platforms first before that video is edited and put some artistic touches on it and modifying the content before it is uploaded to the private sector of the target audience.

But with the passage of days and the development of modern technology, YouTube allows users to stream videos directly in real time and make it available to viewers all over the world.

Best YouTube Live Streaming Program for PC 2021

The best program to create a live broadcast on YouTube for the computer 300x169

The best program to make a live broadcast on YouTube for PC 2021 comes as follows:-

1– StreamLabs OBS program

1 Streamlabs OBS 300x169 - the best program to make a live broadcast on YouTube for PC 2021

The first program that falls within the list of the best program to make a live broadcast on YouTube for the computer, which enables people to do the feature of live broadcasting on YouTube for the computer, as it is considered one of the very easy programs that can do all the small things and details with the click of a button.

One of the advantages that Streamlabs OBS program has is that it comes with a very simple interface, in addition to that it works according to the least capabilities available through the personal device, and its size is very small and does not take up any large space on the device, as it comes in a size of 240 MB.

The installation process that the program comes with is very easy, far from the complications that exist in other programs and applications, and it is very free and does not require paying any fees or money for obtaining it with its compatibility with all different Windows systems.

To get the program through the following link Here

2- OBS Studio

2 OBS Studio 300x171 - Best YouTube Live Streaming Program for PC 2021

The second program that works to broadcast videos directly to YouTube via the computer is OBS Studio, which helps people convey what they want professionally to viewers and different audience groups.

One of the advantages that OBS Studio brings is that it has a full studio for editing videos before submitting them to live broadcasts, while allowing people the opportunity to add sound effects as well as visual effects to videos.

These features are not limited to that, but the program also works on ease of use due to the clarity of all the icons in it, in addition to that it is compatible with all Windows systems as well as the Macintosh systems of the global company Apple.

Another advantage that the program comes with is that it is free and can be downloaded and obtained from its official website without having to use any crack or serial number to get it with the small size that it comes with, especially since it hardly exceeds 100 MB.

One of the great features that OBS Studio brings is that it can be used to broadcast videos not only on YouTube, but across many other websites, which made it the preferred application for many people, as it has periodic and continuous updates.

To get OBS Studio through the following link Here.

3- MotionCaster

3 Motioncaster 300x171 - the best program to make a live broadcast on YouTube for PC 2021

We have reached the third program in the report of the best program to make a live broadcast on YouTube for PC 2021, which is the Motion Caster program, which works to provide this feature and service easily and without any problems.

The manufacturer of Motion Caster has provided a lot of special tools that are not available in competing programs, which made it top the percentage of downloads recently, as these tools help in making YouTube live broadcasts in a very professional manner.

Motion Caster is very easy to deal with as all the commands in it can be dealt with and you will not need prior practice to deal with it while it can be broadcast through various social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Among the features in it also is that the videos can be displayed within the application before they are sent to the audience in the live view, in order to add all the required effects before presenting them to the public and to provide broadcasts of all quality according to the Internet speed of each user.

To get Motion Caster through the following link here.

Conditions to consider before making a live broadcast on YouTube

After identifying the best program to make a live broadcast on YouTube for the computer 2021, there are some conditions that must be observed, such as making sure that the account is verified through the YouTube website, as it does not suffer from any restrictions on the direct broadcast, or what is called and is known as proof of ownership of the channel.

Perhaps one of the most prominent restrictions imposed on live broadcasting is that the channel must attract at least 1,000 subscribers to a person in order to broadcast live content via mobile devices, at a time when Al-Ahly’s minimum requirements do not apply to other live broadcasting tools.

While there are restrictions on live broadcasting, content creators with less than 1,000 subscribers can create a live broadcast from their computer using a webcam.

Reasons for closing the live broadcast feature

Live broadcasts are disabled on a personal YouTube channel if there are things like the channel has received a warning for violating any of our Community Guidelines while a global ban could be imposed on recently archived broadcasts.

Not only are those reasons that can cause the live stream to stop showing, but the broadcast can match another copyrighted live broadcast and finally exceed the daily limit for creating live broadcasts (24 hours and can try again)

How does YouTube work and how to profit from it?

YouTube is one of the largest video sites in the world, as it is the largest office across the web world, and only Facebook and the global search engine Google have preceded it in terms of usage or the number of daily visitors.

Opening YouTube to many people has opened up a great potential for profit only for those who have the capabilities that qualify it to add to the audience the attractive content that allows them to enter through the personal channel and follow his videos.

All a person has to do to ensure that he earns from YouTube has worthy content watching He only uploads it through his official channel on the site, then the search journey begins through the profits obtained from Google AdSense advertising to share profits.

Looking at the most important statistics for the site Youtube For the year 2021, there are approximately 2 billion users who use it on a monthly basis while providing content in more than 80 different languages.

Also, YouTube is watched by people more than a billion hours, while figures and statistics indicate that the number of channels that earn 5 numbers annually increases by up to 50% after only one year, and channels that have already reached one million subscribers increase by 65% ​​after one year.

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