TOP 7 Best Working Fitness App For Android

Do you want to (re) put yourself in sport? From running to abs to Pilatus, paid apps offer a greater variety of options than free apps – although I recommend you visit the page dedicated to free sports apps, some are extremely comprehensive. But paid applications are more specialized, and the choice of applications is difficult. We have therefore selected for you the 7 best paid apps for exercising.

Best workout app Top Best app for fitness

1. 101 Fitness

Enjoy a personal and virtual sports coach to get in shape! 101 Fitness is an application offered by professionals in sports training whose goal is toimprove your physical condition and lifestyle in 101 days. Downloading the app is free and 5 sessions are offered (as well as all the nutrition part), then 3 offers are available: 1 month for 9.99 euros (7 days trial), 3 months for 19.99 euros, and a full year for 39.99 euros. Suffice to say that profitability can be achieved very quickly!

101 Fitness consists of two parts:

  • a training part which includes more than 200 different and modular exercises according to your basic goals: lose weight, build muscle or slim your body. No equipment is needed and explanatory videos shows you the right moves to make.
  • a nutrition part including recipes and cooking tips to be able to eat while paying attention to your figure.

With 101 Fitness, exercising has never been easier!

Price: Free

2. Runtastic Running PRO

The free version of Runtastic exists, but it doesn’t offer any interesting options, especially compared to other free apps on the market. The paid version, on the other hand, is exceptional. It is one of the most complete applications, coupled with essential accessories to properly measure your effort, such as a heart rate monitor belt sold by Runtastic.

The options offered are real time tracking, so that your friends, family or even your trainer can follow your heart data live. In the event of a drop in power, the application will be able to launch a powersong (you will have defined beforehand which song motivates you, not everyone wants to listen to Rocky…), to boost you a little. You can also find your route on the net thanks to geolocation, and hear the voice of a virtual coach that is triggered when you have a drop in speed.

Enter your goals – reach a certain heart rate, lose so many calories or keep a particular rhythm -, and take photos during your course, they will be associated with your course. After the effort, you will be able to see your progress thanks to the statistics that the application has retained.

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In short, the application is perfect for anyone who plans to get serious about racing. It comes at the cost of 4.99 € on the App Store, with in-app purchases to have training plans. And the gold version, which gives you access to statistics, and sold for 49.9 € per year. This is the fault of the application: it is expensive. But if you had to take only one application for sports, even if it means paying a little more, this is it!

Runtastic Run Pro run running sport application top

3. Runtastic Push Ups

Yes, Runtastic has also launched an app that will motivate you to do push-ups! So why have a push-up app? We are doing very well without it normally. The answer lies in the motivation for the sport – or in the lack of motivation in general. The app prepare training adapted to your level, and lots of little details make it fun, allow us to surpass ourselves, to finally achieve the objective of the application: to do 100 push-ups in one go.

To use the app, all you need to do is put your iPhone on the ground, the camera pointed at your face. Thus installed, theapp counts for you the push-ups you do each time your face comes close to the screen. For the first workout, the app will ask you to do a maximum of push-ups, and depending on your result, will offer you three programs, beginner (between 0 and 20 push-ups), intermediate (20-50 push-ups), and advanced (50-100 push-ups): if you are a beginner for example, the challenge will be to do 20 push-ups per session, once the challenge has been met, you go to the next level. Each program is made up of 3 sessions per week, and each session is divided into five stages, with breaks of one minute to three minutes between each.

Simple therefore, it calculates everything for you. But the playful side arrives: you obviously have medals when you do more push-ups than in the program, and when you approach your personal best, thescreen starts to crack, to explode when you pass it. A small detail, of course, but a really useful attention to motivate you and push you to do more. A small flaw, however: if you do not bring your face enough to the phone, the pump will not be counted, which distracts and frustrates the athlete a little … An excellent application nonetheless, sold in its full version for 1.99 € on the App Store.

Runtastic PushUps Sport pumps coach app
Push Ups Workout
Push Ups Workout
Developer: Simple Design Ltd.
Price: Free

4. Runtastic Road Bike PRO

The latest from Runtastic, we promise! But difficult to resist the applications of the range, they are all three exceptional, as long as one is ready to pay for having a top-of-the-range service.

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You will understand, this application is intended for road cyclists. It measures the speed, the time of the race, the distance covered and to be covered, it shows you a map that shows you where you are in real time, and gives you weather information … in short, everything you need for training .

But in addition to the main screen, the application also records all your routes, so you have a history of your outings, and before leaving, you can plan your entire route on the net. This is also the major argument in favor of the application: it will help you gives very precisely the distances and the vertical drop of the routes you are planning, before, during and after your race. The statistics are indeed very comprehensive, even calculating the time spent uphill, downhill and on the flat, and even the average percentage of vertical drops.

The application is at the end very complete, and for € 4.99 on the App Store, you will have a real guide and companion during your cycling trips.

Runtastic pro cycle sport bike GPS

5. Freeletics Bodyweight

Freeletics is a sports coach, digital of course, and personalized. There you impose a weekly program, with a wide variety of exercises, all without any necessary equipment; there is even a “2 × 2” program, to train only in two square meters!

The workouts are developed by sports experts and athletes, and the goal is simple: develop body and shape to finally look like pictures in magazines.

To do this, the program is effective: it assesses your initial state of shape, you define your goals – to lose weight, build muscle or regain your shape, it’s up to you – then inform you of the pace at which you want to work, between 2 and 5 workouts per week. The app will then define a weekly work plan, and analyze your progress after each session. You can modulate the intensity of the workouts a little if you wish.

The specificity of Freeletics lies in its warlike approach, American I would say, working only with the weight of the body, and the technique of crossfit. And the sessions are quite intensive – too much for some: they last between 10 and 50 minutes, and will leave you quite sore afterwards. But the method is effective, if your motivation is there.

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It has a free version, which lists all the exercises, but the sports coach comes at a cost: a subscription of € 34.99 per month.

Freeletics sports coach

6. Fizzup

the French competitor of Freeletics, it is also a personalized sports coach, who offers exercises without accessories, adapted to the level of each individual. The exercises last about 20 minutes, and are divided into three stages: warm-up, exercises and recovery (the basis of sport…). The application allows you to work on cardio – work on the heart, during intensive exercise -, abs, and stretching.

Its strengths are the same as Freeletics: the program is excellent, the exercises easy to do, varied, and without investment. The approach is also less “manly” than its American competitor, a simpler, Zen approach, which allows you to adapt your exercises to different levels of difficulty – easy, medium or difficult, depending on your desires.

It is also significantly cheaper than the competition, and offers a personalized sports coach for € 19.99 per month, or € 9.99 per month if you sign up for one year. It’s up to you to keep up the pace and do the exercises well: the app will prepare a program for you to get back to sport!

Fizzup sport coach for a fee

7: Motion X 24/7

To end on a more comfortable and relaxing note, here is an application that will help you will help to sleep better ! Because sport is only effective in the long term, you need a healthy rhythm to stay motivated: the app retains the amount of sleep you need, records your sleep (whether you are having sleep apnea or snore, the application informs you in the morning), wakes you up at the most opportune moment – not necessarily exactly on time, but when you are not in full REM sleep: it is proven, to wake up during a paradoxical sleep cycle is more difficult, and rather makes you moody. But the app continues to work during the day too, and records the number of your steps. Like a sports coach, the app will help you live better, healthier, and motivated your training sessions!

Motion X Sport sleep health

To motivate yourself, and keep your good resolutions intact, it is also possible to listen to music during your workouts, to take pictures of yourself regularly to be able to see the changes in your body. It is also possible to edit a video afterwards and share it on social networks or via instant messaging in order to receive feedback on your physical form.

Good training everyone!

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