Best Websites Where to Play Battleship Online for Free

You may have played Battleship in school using a grid on a piece of paper. The classic board game has its origins in World War I, and is still popular today. However, you probably want to ditch the piece of paper and play Battleship online instead.

It’s easy to refuse to play Battleship because it’s too simplistic. But straightforward rules can help lay the groundwork for logical thinking and strategy. In addition, you do not have to search for partners to play with thanks to these Battleship games that you can play online, either alone or with others.

Best Websites Where to Play Battleship Online for Free - Games

Description of Battleship (game)

Ship Wars is a popular two-person guessing game, known around the world as the paper-and-pencil game.

The game is played on four cards; Each sheet is divided into a grid containing squares; Each player has two cards, and each card is usually divided into medium-sized squares distributed in the form of 10x10Each square is identified by a number and a letter, on the first card the player draws the distribution of his ships and on the other card he records his hits. Before the start of the game, each player distributes his ships on the paper without being seen by the opponent, and each ship occupies a certain number of consecutive squares arranged on the paper either horizontally or vertically, and the ships cannot intersect with each other.

After the ships are distributed, the game begins in the form of successive cycles. Each player has a role in which he chooses the square he wants to bomb by giving his number and letter, if the square is occupied by part of the opponent’s ship, the player gets a hit, and when all the squares of a particular ship are hit, this ship sinks, and he wins the game Whoever sinks the enemy ships first.

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1. Battleship Games

Best Websites Where to Play Battleship Online for Free - Games

The online Battleship Games website offers you many variations of the classic Battleship game for free. The games are also obtained from other websites such as MiniClip.

For example, the action of Battleship Advanced Mission is about large-scale naval warfare with audio commentary and ship load details. Torpedo Attack is a variant of Battleship scenario. You have to guess and attack the computer fleet using torpedoes.

The games are offered in Adobe Flash format, so you can still play them until web browsers stop supporting Flash at the end of 2020.

Fortunately, none of the sites listed below are based on Flash, so the rest of your online Battleship games should continue to work long into the future.

2. Battleship

Best Websites Where to Play Battleship Online for Free - Games

The interface of the game is a simple grid of 10 x 10 cells where you use the rectangular selections for your ships. This is as close as you can get to the feel of a classic arcade game in your browser.

A maximum of two players can be played from anywhere in the world. Select the opponent type — a friend or a random player from the online pool. Arrange your ships and go to the challenge. You can even chat with your opponent while destroying or avoiding dodge.

The simple game is multilingual and you can also install it as a Chrome extension if you find yourself playing it a lot.

3. Battleship War

Best Websites Where to Play Battleship Online for Free - Games

You will find the Flash version of Battleship War on many gaming websites. But this is the HTML5 version that you can continue to enjoy after Flash support ends.

There are two game modes – classic and advanced. In the advanced mode, you can also use aircraft and radar to identify and bomb your enemy.

A great collection of new, free and small games for direct download

The 3D perspective makes it more entertaining than the one played on grids of cards. Watch the missiles launch, hit the explosive targets or spray water.

4. BoomBoomBoat

Best Websites Where to Play Battleship Online for Free - Games

Free Battleship can be started as a private game with a friend, a random stranger, or against the AI ​​running the game. Clean visuals and fast pace are the main attractions of this game.

You can play BoomBoomBoat on any operating system using the browser.

The game is in beta now, but the gameplay is smooth enough to recommend it. You can look forward to options like more boats and full keyboard support in future iterations.

5. Papergames Battleship

Best Websites Where to Play Battleship Online for Free - Games

Papergames Battleship is one of the liveliest options on this list. The site wants to bring back the classic card and pencil games from our childhood. And Battleship is one of them.

Take part in daily Battleship challenges against players from all over the world. Challenges raise your wins and losses and you can see your progress through the global rankings. Log in with an online alias to maintain rankings and levels.

Play every day and win coins. Which allows you to customize your account with funny avatars and emojis that you can use while playing.

You can also set up your own tournaments and share them with your friends via the link. This could be the perfect remedy for boredom when you’re stuck at home.

6. Sea Battleship

Best Websites Where to Play Battleship Online for Free - Games

Sea Battleship is a free HTML5 game designed to give you the retro feel of a pen and paper game. You can see that down to the rough sketches of the ships.

The rules remain the same. You can play against a friend or the computer. The background sound of crashing waves is the only soothing thing about this game as the shells come thick and fast.

Playing with a friend will have you both playing on the same computer with two gaming networks arranged side by side (but with the ships hidden). However, you cannot play this game when both of you are in different places.

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7. Intergalactic Battleship

Best Websites Where to Play Battleship Online for Free - Games

Ditch the water and head to the universe. Intergalactic Battleship changes the medium, but the rules of engagement remain the same. You can choose three difficulty modes before clicking play and being attacked by the Death Star.

There are slight differences in the grid positions because the galactic ships are designed differently. You’ll find that one of them looks like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

Intergalactic Battleship is a game that you might enjoy because of the space graphics. Unfortunately, you can only play against the computer as there is no multiplayer mode.

8. Battleship Printable

Best Websites Where to Play Battleship Online for Free - Games

So far, we have talked about the free Battleship games that you can play online. While the game on paper is not the same, but you can start playing via video chat. There are free, printable board game templates that make it easy to play with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Download and print this free Battleship template. Fill your aircraft carrier, destroyer, submarine and warship. After that, confront your opponent only via video chat.

You can play more games with friends online

There are other ways to play Battleship as well, as it is one of the classic board games available on Android, iOS and dedicated consoles. However, Battleship is so elegant in its simplicity that you don’t really need to take out your wallet to enjoy playing it.

Once you have tried all these versions of Battleship online, it might be time to expand your horizons. So be sure to check out our list of free two-player games that you can play in your browser.

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