Best Web Apps to Improve Your Spotify Experience

Spotify is a great music service that offers a lot of value on its own due to its large song selection and great recommendation algorithms, but there are other tools that complement the service to help users discover music and build playlists in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Unlike other music streaming services, Spotify’s openness makes it easy to discover new tunes from apps, friends, and third parties.

Now, Spotify is already doing a good job of uncovering new music you might like through its features like Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, and radio stations. But when you come out of the Spotify bubble, there are better ways to discover new music. This is what you will see in this new list of Spotify related apps.

Best Web Apps to Improve Your Spotify Experience - The Best

In this article we are going to look at the best Spotify web apps that you need to try.


On its own, Spotify can track the likes of individual users and provide music recommendations via automatically generated playlists. extends this functionality to cover a range of people.

Best Web Apps to Improve Your Spotify Experience - The Best

All you have to do is register for the service, create a room and add your friends. Then you can create a playlist based on your mass likes, and it will be added to your Spotify account instantly.

2. Moodify (web): Playlists based on songs and music features

Best Web Apps to Improve Your Spotify Experience - The Best

It’s easy for algorithms to generate a random playlist based on an artist you like. Unlike most apps, Moodify wants to be specific and create a truly customized playlist based on the features you want in the songs, as well as the tracks they’re like.

So, here are the different adjustable music features or parameters for using Moodify to create a playlist:

  • Acousticness (digital, mix, analog)
  • Instrumentalness (vocals, mix, no vocals)
  • Tempo (50-200 beats per minute)
  • Danceability (not proper, ok, great for dance)
  • Energy (calm, fun, energizer)
  • Mood (depressive, cheerful, joyful)

Regardless of the parameters, you can have Moodify search for songs that are similar to some tracks that you already like. Find it in the provided box and choose Spotify from the results.

Once you click on the Create Playlist button, the new playlist will appear in the Spotify app under the name “Discover Moodify”. If desired, change the name to save it for the future, or make a copy. Before using Moodify again, delete this playlist or new songs will be added to it.

3. Spot On Track

Spot On Track helps you see which songs are trending on Spotify with its daily and weekly charts which are updated daily and can be filtered by country.

Best Web Apps to Improve Your Spotify Experience - The Best

You can also view specific songs to see how they performed on the charts over time. For each song, you will see the number of streams as well as if its trend is going up or down in a specific country or globally.

4. Playlist Miner

Playlist Miner helps you quickly create a playlist by collecting the best songs from Spotify’s public playlists that match your search criteria. If you’re searching for tracks that match a specific state or activity, like “ball” or “workout,” you can type in the name, you’ll find playlists that match that term and you can create a new playlist based on the best tracks across all the playlists it’s found.

Best Web Apps to Improve Your Spotify Experience - The Best

This requires linking your Spotify account so that the playlist it creates can be added to your account.

5. Quickly Discover (Web): Find new music on Spotify

Best Web Apps to Improve Your Spotify Experience - The Best

Created by two Spotify employees at the hackathon, Discover Quickly is a web app for finding new music based on your interests. There’s nothing here that isn’t already in Spotify, but you have a much easier interface.

At the top of the page are quick links to playlists, featured tracks, artists, saved albums, charts, genres, and new releases. Click on any section to see a group of tracks. Hover over any track to hear a preview (or the full song if you have Spotify Premium).

Click it to get a new, similar aggregated list of song and artist recommendations based on that track. Keep hearing previews and clicking what you want.

Each track you click is automatically added to the Quick Discover queue. You can save this queue to a playlist in your Spotify account, or save all the tracks to your Spotify library. Don’t want one of the tracks? Delete it before saving the queue.

It’s an intuitive way to discover new music without getting overwhelmed, while still getting the stuff that’s available on Spotify.

6. Magic Playlist

Best Web Apps to Improve Your Spotify Experience - The Best

You have a song that you like. Want to listen to other songs like those. Head over to Magic Playlist and type in the name of the track to get an instant playlist of similar songs (including the original).

Magic Playlist helps you create a new playlist in seconds based on another song. All you have to do is head over to the website and enter the name of the song you want to put the playlist on in the search box. Within seconds, you will be presented with a shiny new playlist of 30 songs, including those you entered, which you can save to your Spotify profile.

You can choose the length of the playlist (1, 2 or 3 hours) to add more or less songs. The playlist can be set to public or private and also renamed before saving it to Spotify. And before saving, you can search Spotify to add the other songs you want in the playlist.

MagicPlaylist is not a complicated algorithm, so it is a mixture of hits and charts. The developer says it works by searching for the original track you liked, finding related artists, and adding the best tracks for those artists.

However, it’s more successful than lost times, but one of the quickest ways to get a playlist. It’s especially helpful to create a playlist of exercise for a few hours based on the kind of beat you crave to hear.

7. Boil the Frog

Boil the Frog is a playlist creation tool that gradually takes you from one music style to another. Simply enter the names of two artists in the fields provided and then click on “Boil the Frog” to create the playlist.

Best Web Apps to Improve Your Spotify Experience - The Best

When artists’ styles are similar, it only takes a few songs to connect them together, but it may take more tracks for dissimilar artists.

8. Sort Your Music

You can’t get a lot of options to order your songs in Spotify. You can list songs by title, artist, or albums, but that’s about it. Sort Your Music compensates by providing more advanced sorting options for your playlists, such as beats per minute (BPM), power, danceability, loudness, parity, length, acoustics, and popularity.

Best Web Apps to Improve Your Spotify Experience - The Best

To get started, you need to link your Spotify account, choose a playlist and sort the playlist by clicking on the column headings in the playlist table. Once you are satisfied, you can save the sorted playlist back to Spotify.


Spotify offers most of what you want out of the box, but these web-based apps can make the experience even better. Do you use Spotify for your music? Let us know your favorite Spotify web app in the comments section below.

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