Best ways to schedule posts on multiple social media platforms at once

Social media has become an integral part of modern life. As an individual, profiles on your social networks are a means of conveying information about you and the model you want to people who don’t really know you yet. Whether it is your potential partner or future business owner. For others, social media is a necessity to promote their products and to make money.

Influencers use social media to market products for a fee, while freelance workers and businesses use them to attract new customers. All this made the task of updating details on social media accounts even more important.

But there is no need to allow social networks to completely control your life. Several tools allow you to schedule posts on a number of platforms at the same time, with other features including organizing, reposting, and more. Here we have the best options you can find.

Best Ways to Schedule Posts on Multiple Social Media Platforms at Once - Best

1. Hootsuite

If you ever feel like you are copying and pasting the same post from any social networking platform to another, then Hootsuite might be the perfect solution for you. With its free plan, you can add up to three social networking profiles and schedule 30 posts per month, which should be more than enough for most people.

Those who use social media for work may want to invest in a professional account, which goes beyond the maximum allowed to 10 profiles, with no posting restrictions. When creating a new post, you can choose where you want to publish it, and Hootsuite will provide a preview of each post.

Best Ways to Schedule Posts on Multiple Social Media Platforms at Once - Best

Hootsuite also has a planner, which provides a more visual way to spot gaps in your timeline. Another great feature is listening to the audience. This allows you to create streams that display all posts from a particular hashtag or all places where you’ve been tagged. You can comment and reply directly within the app.

This app currently supports Twitter, Facebook (as well as Facebook groups), LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest—with some limitations for each platform. For example, you cannot post a video to your LinkedIn profile or offer to tag people on Instagram.

2. Later

Later’s free plan is a bit more comprehensive when compared to what Hootsuite has to offer, allowing you to schedule not 30 posts in total, but 30 per platform. However, the choice of social networking platforms is less impressive—it only provides connectivity to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

With a visual calendar, you can drag and drop images at the day and time you want, then fill in text — for all major platforms at once. You can also create regular time slots in the calendar that you want to fill in on a regular basis (let’s say three times a day — morning, afternoon, and evening) and see them clearly on the board to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

Best Ways to Schedule Posts on Multiple Social Media Platforms at Once - Best

The paid version offers additional perks, such as suggested trending hashtags and the ability to reply to Instagram comments directly from the platform. It also suggests the best time of day to post and allows story posting — which the free version doesn’t.

3. SmarterQueue

This option does not offer a free version, only a 15-day trial, which makes it more convenient for people who use social media sites for business. However, the features here are much more comprehensive than our previous option, and therefore worth looking into.

With the Basic plan (which is Solo), you can connect up to four social media profiles, and post up to 10 times a day on any platform. The primary supported platforms are Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook (including Facebook groups). It is important to note that in order to use Instagram, however, you must have the app installed on your phone as well.

Best Ways to Schedule Posts on Multiple Social Media Platforms at Once - Best

Some of SmarterQueue’s best features are related to regulation. You can assign a category to each piece of content, such as articles, quotes, inspiration, etc. This will help you publish content to your visual calendar, according to what you would like to promote on any given day.

Plus, with the Basic plan, you can queue up to 500 posts, then just drag and drop the type of post you want to publish—or preselect when you want to push each category. You can also decide to make some evergreen posts, which means they will continue to post in a frequent fashion. And a visual Instagram can really improve the look of your feed, in terms of branding.

4. Dlvr.It has a lot of similar features to SmarterQueue, but unlike SmarterQueue, it has a free version. With it, you can connect it to two social media profiles, schedule three posts per day, and create a queue at a limit of 15 posts per channel. With the Pro plan, you can increase the number of social channels to 10, with unlimited posting.

In terms of the available social platforms, you’ll find Facebook (with groups), Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Blogger, Slack, and even WordPress. This is clearly a less favorable option for the visually minded, as Instagram is very missing. However, you can connect your account to the queue, and whenever you post on Instagram, the same will be posted on other social media sites.

Best Ways to Schedule Posts on Multiple Social Media Platforms at Once - Best shines when it comes to automation. You can set up automated posting from different feeds, such as your Instagram, as mentioned earlier, YouTube, or your blog. You can also organize posts from other websites related to your industry by adding their RSS feed. All of these items will be immediately added to the queue or published.

Just like SmarterQueue, you can also arrange your posts—those that you write or that are added automatically—by categories, to ensure your content doesn’t get mixed up. However, this feature is not included in the basic plan. Another cool feature with the Pro plan is Everqueue, which works the same as Evergreen in SmarterQueue.

How to choose the best social media scheduling app

When it comes to choosing the best social media scheduling app, you need to consider several elements. first will be your budget — that is, if you are willing to spend any money on the scheduling tool. Second, you have to think about social media platformthat you use often. If it is Instagram, for example, then there is no point in using But if it’s Facebook groups, this might be the best option for you.

Finally, don’t forget that you can also mix and match tools to better suit your needs. Many platforms, such as Twitter, have their own scheduling options. Facebook also lets you schedule on both Instagram and Facebook pages — so you might want to mix it up with one of the tools above. Unfortunately, these tools can’t actually help you stand out on social media, which is an art form in itself. Learn the best practical tips to increase Instagram engagement and increase visits to your website.

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