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Best Ways to Fix Delayed Auto Start Flag Error 87 in Windows 10

. is displayed Error 87 In Windows 10 it comes in two different forms. The first is where you see a popup that says “The delayed auto start flag could not be set. Error 87. The parameter is incorrect. While the second figure is where a popup is displayed that says “Windows could not start the Windows Update service on the local computer. Error 87: The parameter is incorrect. Have you noticed how the error code is the same in both cases? So, what is error code 87 and how to fix it is what we will focus on in today’s article.

Best Ways to Fix Delayed Auto Start Flag Error 87 in Windows 10 - Windows

Error 87 Delayed auto start

Windows users want their computers to run fast by speeding up the boot time. One way to achieve this is with a delayed start where some non-essential programs and applications are set to run after Windows 10 has fully booted up. When you start or boot your PC, a number of services and applications are launched but not all of them are necessary for your PC to run smoothly. Some examples could be Spotify app, cloud storage apps, etc.

Instead of choosing not to run these services which is also possible with apps like CCleaner or Task Manager, you can set them to start after a certain time. This is the reason for the emergence ofDelayed Auto-Start Flag Error 87to the picture. Error 87 may also appear when Windows is running the update service. We will take a look at all the possible causes behind the error and how to fix it.

let’s start.

Fix Error 87 Delayed Auto Start

1. Reboot

The old and common trick but which is known to work in this case. Since the error is closely related to the boot process, it makes sense to restart your computer and check again if the delayed process is working as intended.

2. Clean boot

What a clean boot does is disable all applications and services that you don’t own and that Microsoft doesn’t run, and thus are not necessary to run your Windows operating system. This will help you troubleshoot the issue at hand and narrow down the third-party apps that might be responsible for error 87. The potential conflict is what we’re looking for.

Open System Configuration (System Configuration) from the Start menu and under the Tab Services (Services), click the checkbox Hide all Microsoft services (Hide all Microsoft services). You will then click on the Disable All button which will disable all non-Microsoft services.

Best Ways to Fix Delayed Auto Start Flag Error 87 in Windows 10 - Windows

Click Application Then OK Before moving on to the next tab which is startup. Click Open Task Manager , then open the relevant tab.

Select each individual item on the Startup tab of the task manager and select disable.

Best Ways to Fix Delayed Auto Start Flag Error 87 in Windows 10 - Windows

Go back to System Configuration and tap OK. You will now restart your computer and only essential Microsoft applications and services will be loaded. This is a clean boot. You can safely install, uninstall, update, and troubleshoot any app. As mentioned earlier, error 87 also appears while updating something.

Note that you can run any app you want unrestrictedly.

Now, for troubleshooting, open the System Configuration window again and hide all Microsoft services. Of the remaining services, enable half of them and restart your computer. If the problem persists, you know which half is to blame. Keep repeating the process until you leave that service that is causing the error 87 popup.

Microsoft has also shared an in-depth guide on clean booting, but you’ll find that the steps are the same.

3. Registry Editor

Look for Regedit And open it from the start menu. You will be asked to grant administrator rights. Click on OK. Scroll down to the folder structure below.


Double-click a file Start To open it you have to change the value from 3 to 4. Save changes and restart your computer to check if Auto Start Delay Error 87 still appears.

Best Ways to Fix Delayed Auto Start Flag Error 87 in Windows 10 - Windows

4. PowerShell

This is an advanced version of Command Prompt and is the receiver of the Windows command line. Open PowerShell from the Start Menu and execute the command below.

Get-Service -Name ServiceName | Set-Service -StartupType AutomaticDelayedStart

You will need to replace ServiceName with the name of the actual service you wish to delay during the boot process.

5. Check the system with SFC and DISM

Open Command Prompt (CMD) but with admin rights from the Start menu. Click Run as administrator in search results.

Best Ways to Fix Delayed Auto Start Flag Error 87 in Windows 10 - Windows

You have to execute the following commands but one by one.

sfc /scannow
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

What these commands will do is search for corrupted system files which often lead to all kinds of errors in the operating system. You will then try to fix these errors and restart your computer to check if the problem is resolved.

6. Use Autoruns

Autoruns is a utility from Microsoft, so it is completely safe to use. Instead of fiddling with task manager and system configuration widgets, you can use a single tool to control everything about apps running in the background or on boot. Learn how to speed up your Windows machine with only free tools.

Error 87 Delayed auto start

There are other ways to work with the delayed auto start error like using the Autoruns tool I shared above. Most likely, the source of the error is the application or service you are trying to modify but there could be other reasons. One of the above solutions should work for you. Did you find another way to solve the problem? Why not tell us about it in the comments section below. Your experience may help some of our other readers as well. Also, learn how to solve blue screen of death errors using WinDbg and BlueScreenView.

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