Best Walkie-Talkie Apps for iPhone

The idea of ​​using a walkie-talkie today may seem a little outdated. With all the technology at our disposal to communicate with each other, it seems unnecessary to use such a specific single-purpose device.

However, if you find yourself exploring remote areas, or hiking in search of the best view, you may quickly change your mind.

While smartphones can make calls anywhere in the world, you can’t beat the instant response and steady tone you get with a Walkie-Talkie. There are hundreds of apps that can turn your iPhone into a walkie-talkie but choosing the right one can be tiring. After testing a few dozen apps, I’ve listed 7 of the best Walkie-Talkie apps for iPhone. Let’s check it out.

Best Walkie-Talkie Apps for iPhone - iOS

Why you should use the Walkie-Talkie app

We’re so used to relying on our smartphones for everything no matter how small, it may come as a surprise to some that there are places on Earth where cellular networks won’t be of much use. Unlike your mobile phone, walkie-talkie will give you a free way to instantly connect with other people. Not to mention the security aspect, because the push-to-talk app doesn’t need any signal at all.

But unless you’re a security professional, you may not want to invest in an expensive two-way radio, let alone carry one. So if you are looking for a free means of communication when you are abroad, consider installing one of the following applications that will turn your smartphone into a walkie-talkie. You can also check out the best two way walkie talkie apps.

Best Walkie-Talkie Apps

1. Walkie Talkie CB

Best for: Bluetooth communication

Best Walkie-Talkie Apps for iPhone - iOS

Walkie Talkie CB is an all-in-one app that offers a lot of features other than being a walkie-talkie. You can talk with other people around the world using this app. You can press the button to start speaking into the microphone. However, I recommend this app for peer-to-peer communication using Bluetooth. The app will automatically detect and connect to a nearby iPhone that is running the same app. Once paired, you can start having encrypted conversations even in the woods without any active internet connection.

Install Walkie Talkie CB (Free)

2. Local Bridge

Best for: Connect via Wi-Fi without the Internet

Best Walkie-Talkie Apps for iPhone - iOS

Local Bridge is one of the simplest Walkie-Talkie apps in terms of user interface. It only contains one button that reads talk. You press the button and the app open on your other iPhone will start broadcasting the speech. There are absolutely no controls which makes this app really plug and play concept. The best part about this app is that it works on Wi-Fi even without internet. The only caveat I found with this app is that it doesn’t work if the app is not running in the foreground. This means that if you close your iPhone or go to the home screen, you will not receive any submissions from your friends through the house.

Install Local Bridge (Free)

3. Walkie Talkie (P2P)

Best for: Call via Wi-Fi without the Internet

Best Walkie-Talkie Apps for iPhone - iOS

This app is very similar to Local Bridge in terms of functionality. It provides push-to-talk functionality over Wi-Fi without the need for internet. However, it has a few additional features that make it more valuable such as the seven-device limit. You can connect seven devices together and communicate via Wi-Fi. The feature that sets it apart from Local Bridge is the ability to send messages even if your iPhone is locked so you don’t miss any important information. This means that if your friend sends a message, you will receive it even if your iPhone is locked. very nice.

Install Walkie Talkie ($0.99)

4. Walkie Talkie: Talk to Friends

Best for: Simulation of an actual Walkie-Talkie in outdoor activities

Best Walkie-Talkie Apps for iPhone - iOS

This app has a similar interface to Walkie-Talkie which gives it a more realistic feel. It still works as advertised and you just need to open the app and connect all the smartphones to the same channel. The app also lets you join public channels from all over the world, but if you want to keep your conversations private, you can create your own as well. The app works with the internet so you can use it with Wi-Fi or cellular data. I admit, technically, it’s the same as sending a voice message on WhatsApp. However, with the look and feel of the walkie-talkie. I recommend this app if you want to simulate an actual Walkie-Talkie when going treasure hunting or camping.

Install Walkie Talkie: Talk to Friends (Free)

5. Online Walkie Talkie Pro

Best for: Professional wireless device simulator

Best Walkie-Talkie Apps for iPhone - iOS

The online Walkie Talkie Pro is the closest experience you can get from a real Walkie-Talkie. It has virtual buttons for the LCD screen, an option to change channels, search for active channels, etc. It has three different modes; Global, Local and Private lets you choose between people from all over the world or just your friends. When you choose to go private, a separate channel is created that only you can access. The app is free on the App Store.

Install Online Walkie Talkie Pro (Free, with in-app purchases)

6. Zello

Best for: Have Walkie-Talkie conversations in IM style

Best Walkie-Talkie Apps for iPhone - iOS

Zello is not a traditional Walkie-Talkie app but works as a hybrid between an instant messaging app and Walkie-Talkie. For starters, you need to create an account and add your friends to the app. Once you do that, you can start sending them voice notes like a Walkie-Talkie. However, audio transmissions are also stored as chat bubbles for you to refer back to in the future. Apart from this, you can send photos to any contact in the app. This app is really popular with jobs that involve a lot of external coordination and instant message delivery.

Install Zello (Free)

7. Use Walkie-Talkie on Apple Watch

Best Walkie-Talkie Apps for iPhone - iOS

I admit it’s not an iPhone app but if you and your friend have an Apple Watch, you can use it as a Walkie-Talkie. Apple offers a built-in functionality that lets you use your Apple Watch as a Walkie-Talkie. The only requirements are; Your Apple Watch must be Series 1 or later running the latest version of watchOS, and your friend’s contact must be saved to your phone. After that, you can simply open the Walkie-Talkie app. Best Walkie-Talkie Apps for iPhone - iOS

On your Apple Watch, tapping the friend’s name, touch and hold the talk button, then say something. If you see Connecting on the screen, wait for Walkie-Talkie to make the connection. After a Walkie-Talkie is connected, your friend can hear your voice and talk to you right away. As long as your friend wears an Apple Watch and has a Walkie-Talkie account turned on, they get alerts when you want to talk.

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last words

These were some of my recommended apps that turn your smartphone into a fully functional Walkie-Talkie. It has provided a good list of apps with a lot of variety that is supposed to help you make an informed decision. Let me know which app to choose. Leave a comment below if you have any doubts.

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