Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android

Virtual reality is no longer futuristic. Virtual reality apps may still be in their infancy, but the market is still revealing as Google, Facebook and Samsung develop their own platforms for mobile and PC.

This is what makes Android a powerful virtual reality platform. The cost of VR glasses for Android is low, while the quality of VR apps is getting better with the passage of days.

Want to try some of them for yourself? Here is a short list of the best VR apps for Android.

Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android - Android

1. Google Cardboard

Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android - Android

Cardboard is one of the official VR apps for Android offered by Google. It’s designed to help you properly set up your Cardboard VR headset and give you an overview of key VR features. You can download Cardboard supported apps, upload VR videos, and watch 3D demos.

If you want to try Cardboard VR apps for Android, you will need to install this app.

Download: Google Cardboard (Free)

2. YouTube VR

Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android - Android

No introductions necessary for this app: you already know what YouTube does. VR for Android elevates the experience by offering the ability to play videos in virtual reality.

You’re using the same YouTube app, but installing YouTube VR lets you switch to the “YouTube” mode.Watching in virtual realityTo enjoy cinematic viewing of your favorite YouTube videos. It’s designed to work with all Android-supported VR glasses, but was built with Cardboard and Google Daydream glasses in mind.

Download: YouTube VR (Free)

3. Google Daydream

Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android - Android

Google Daydream is Google’s second official VR app. Although it is no longer actively supported, it still offers a lot of great content. You will need a Daydream-enabled phone, as well as Daydream View glasses, to use this app.

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The app acts as a gateway to other VR content powered by Daydream. Find VR videos, other compatible apps, and configuration capabilities to set up your Daydream.

Download: Google Daydream (Free)

4. Fulldive VR

If you are looking for a virtual reality focused platform that offers you everything from web browsing to image storage, then Fulldive VR is the app you need. It offers you its own store with hundreds of VR-enabled apps to install and play through the Fulldive VR portal. You can also take 360-degree photos and videos thanks to the VR camera in the app.

You can also check out the millions of YouTube videos available through the app as part of your 360 3D or VR experience. The app works with any Android VR headset, including Oculus, Daydream, and Cardboard.

Download: Fulldive VR (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Titans of Space

Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android - Android

There are some types of visuals and scenes that fit naturally and perfectly with the immersive experience that VR provides. One such view is the solar system.

Titans of Space takes you on a guided tour of all that exists in the universe, exploring all eight planets, some large moons, and nearby stars. Everything has been reduced to a millionth of its actual size, giving you a sense of scale and perspective as you fly.

You can control the speed and level of detail included in the tour, as well as the type of music used.

Download: Titans of Space (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. InCell VR

VR gaming is still fairly new at this point, but that’s what makes InCell VR so special. It is an educational game for children who want to know a little about the human body.

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The player takes on the role of a human defender from the twenty-first century, who has shrunk in size to be able to enter the human body. Your role is to travel all over the body while battling the flu virus and learn some information about human biology on the go. The gameplay is fun, the graphics look great, and they look even better.

If you want to test it without VR, you can switch to non-VR mode by holding your finger on the screen.

Download: InCell VR (Free)

7. Minos Starfighter VR

No VR technology would be complete without a suitable futuristic game that lets you shoot into space. This is where Minos Starfighter VR comes in.

The game provides a visual scene that transforms you into a fighter pilot in the space, battling alien enemies across different space environments. The quality of graphics and sound alone makes it one of the best VR Cardboard apps on the Play Store today.

Download: Minos Starfighter VR ($0.99)

8. Netflix VR

Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android - Android

Netflix has been supporting virtual reality for some time now; It was one of the first users of VR for Android. The Netflix VR app for Android allows subscribers to watch content through major VR headsets such as Oculus, Daydream, and Cardboard.

You can have two viewing modes with this app. The first is the rustic living room experience and it offers a consistent view of your media content. The second, a relative experience, immerses you in the TV or movie by moving the content to match your eye movement.

There is no VR content on Netflix at the moment, but you can watch the full Netflix catalog (without 3D). Once virtual reality becomes mainstream, expect Netflix to start adding VR content to its collection.

Download: Netflix VR (Free)

9. VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android - Android

Why bother going outside when you can enjoy the excitement inside? This game, as you might expect from the name, gives you a VR roller coaster experience. It is one of the most popular VR games on the Play Store, with more than 10 million installs.

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You can experience a realistic roller coaster, thanks to pre-recorded 360 videos or more basic 3D roller coaster options. The game is “optimized” for Google Cardboard, but if you prefer, you can play the game without VR, just using your phone’s touch controls.

Download: VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360 (Free, in-app purchases available)

10. Expeditions

There is no better place than children’s hands to demonstrate the potential of virtual reality applications. Thanks to the Google Expeditions app, this possibility has been unlocked. Students and educators can use Expeditions to explore virtually recorded landmarks around the world.

The app lets you share the same trips with other VR glasses, so it’s perfect for small classroom groups. There are over 900 different tours to try, from mountain ranges to museums. Since it’s a Google app, it’s built to work with Google Cardboard or Daydream.

Download: Expeditions (Free)

The best VR apps for Android are still coming to you

Google is leading the way in mobile virtual reality using its core platforms such as Cardboard. If you are looking to try out the best VR apps for Android available right now, go with Cardboard and Daydream apps for the best mobile VR experience.

But when you are looking for the best virtual reality apps, the future will surprise you. Although the technology is still in its infancy, virtual reality is gradually becoming mainstream. Prepare for what comes next. Check out our comparison of Oculus Go, Quest and Rift: Which VR Glasses Do You Need?

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