Best Video Filters Effects Apps for iOS and Android

Smartphone photography has taken a huge turn since Instagram was first released on iOS and Android. This was probably the first time that an app allowed adding custom filter effects to photos to make them look stylish. Over the time, many other photo editing apps with similar functionality have also entered the various app stores.

Eventually, sharing videos also became popular on social media sites and suddenly, people wanted to add filters effects similar to those of Instagram to their videos as well. Nowadays, there are already many apps available on the App Store and Google Play Store that act as complete video editing apps, allowing you to add cool effects and transitions. Although these applications serve the main purpose, they are often complex, large in size and consume a lot of resources for processing videos.

Best Video Filters Effects Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

On the other hand, a lot of users are looking for less complex and lighter apps, which offer basic editing functions like video trimming, preset filter effects, etc.

Although most smartphone camera apps have some kind of basic video filter overlay, they often offer limited options. There are plenty of custom video filters effects apps that do a better job. So, if you want to give your photos a unique look, here are the best video filters effects apps on iOS and Android. Let’s go straight to it!

1. VHS Camcoder

If you haven’t heard of VHS, the “video home system,” ask your parents about their wedding footage from the late ’90s. Due to the development of technology, you will not find the old look in cameras, but you can always have it in your phone with this app. The app has a retro user interface and lets you motivate the old and cool look of VHS recordings. You get the classic date and time along with the on-screen zoom feature.

Best Video Filters Effects Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The free app is enough for most people, however, if you want to simulate history, you have more control over bugs and other similar features. You can upgrade to Pro for $3.

Get VHS Camcoder for (iOS | Android)

2. PXL2000 – 80s Pixelvision Cam

If you are already tired of the look that VHS Camcoder offers, the PXL2000 will take you back to the past. The app enables you to get the look of the legendary black and white gaming camera from the 80s, which is also considered by many as a collector’s item. If you’re interested in seeing how the app works in 2020, it will be the same, with very few features but additional functionality. For example, you can enable tracing lines, use tilt and shake to manipulate the quality and adjust the video resolution as well. Another cool feature is the audio setting, which lets you simulate low-resolution audio as the original camcorder.

Best Video Filters Effects Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The only downside is that the app comes with a cost of $1.99.

Get the PXL2000 – 80s Pixelvision Cam for iOS

3. Super 16

Previous apps were meant to shoot for a certain classic look. However, if you want to try out multiple movie video filters effects, this app is a better choice. The Super 16 lets you spruce up your normal shots to get like the shots that a 16mm film camera can do. Not only can you take live footage, but you can also use videos from the gallery. There are more than 70 filters, such as Kodak Vision, Tetrachrome, etc. One of the main features that you can get is movie burning effect, which can be used with one click to get burning effect while recording video.

Best Video Filters Effects Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The free version of this app has a limit on video filters, however, you can upgrade to the Pro version for $6, which unlocks all filters and movie frames.

Get Super 16 for Android

4. 90s – Glitch & Vaporwave Video Effects

Glitchy and Trippy-looking videos have become mainstream on Instagram, especially among teens and young adults mainly due to the excessive use of hip-hop music videos. This application allows you to create a similar effect for your videos. It follows the unique vertical layering method of using filters. For example, when capturing or importing a video. Instead of applying the effect of filters to the entire video, you can click on specific filters to apply them for that duration. This way you can apply multiple filter effects to the same video.

Best Video Filters Effects Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

You can upgrade to a Pro subscription at $3 per month to remove the watermark and unlock all the pro filters. Here is a similar app for iOS.

Get 90s – Glitch & Vaporwave Video Effects for Android

5. Prequel

Prequel has a huge database of both filters and frames for your video. It has many traditional filters effects like music filters, costumes, reflection, etc. There is little freedom in terms of color customization as you can adjust light, contrast, temperature, and more of these features. It’s interesting to see that the live recording feature only works on iOS, and the slow-motion function and appearance-enhancement filters also seem to be missing on Android. So, if you are on iOS, get ready for a much smoother and richer user interface.

Best Video Filters Effects Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The app is free, but you can get Prequel Gold for $3.5 per week plus a 3-day trial that gives you more advanced filters and editing tools.

Get Prequel for (iOS | Android)

6. Indie Video Effect

If you absolutely love Prequel and don’t want to try a new app, there’s not much I can do. But if you’re an Android user, Prequel doesn’t have much to offer in the free version, so the obvious choice packed with features is this app. It contains everything from light up filters and appearance-enhancing filters to a few unique Polaroid style filters. In addition to that, you can use other general video editor features like trim a video, add music, add text, and change the frame size as well.

Best Video Filters Effects Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The only downside is that it adds a watermark to videos which can be removed by getting the Pro version that comes at $2.99 ​​a month. This also removes the bottom banner ads in the app.

Get Indie Video Effect for Android

7. KineMaster

KineMaster is one of the most powerful video editing apps for Android. And it turns out that it also has a huge collection of video filters. Although the app consists of a few free filter effects like mosaic, helix, rolling ball, etc., you have a bunch of additional filter effects in KineMaster asset library grouped into categories like: artistic, distortion, lenses, etc. These effects can be applied to multi-layered videos and adjusted accordingly. You can stick with the free version if you are satisfied with the effects of the free filters. But if you edit a lot, having the entire set of tools at your disposal can be very useful.

Best Video Filters Effects Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

You can remove the watermark and access thousands of effects, filters, and other assets by subscribing to the premium version at $3.99 per month.

Get KineMaster for (iOS | Android)

concluding remarks

Now that you know some of the best video filters effects apps that can help you imitate a completely different look, you can skip the boring Instagram filters effects that are becoming more and more prevalent. If I were to suggest you an app it would be VHS Camcoder or Super 16, because I have used it extensively and absolutely love it. As this is an ever-growing list, if you have a video filters effects app that you’d like us to add, don’t forget to comment below!

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