TOP 10 Best Paid Travel Apps for Android

Travel Apps for Android/Apps for traveling-Have you seen the free apps you need to travel, and are you looking for an even more specialized service, without advertising or more complete? To prepare your trip, check the weather forecast before leaving, have a personal guide, here is 10 paid apps to travel more comfortably.

Travel Apps for Android apps for traveling

1.mTrip – Travel Guide

There are many mobile applications that serve as a travel guide, but it is often a paper guide transposed onto your screen, which therefore does not take advantage of the functionality of a Smartphone at all. Here are some two who use the joys of geolocation and the internet differently :

mTrip is revealed useful for your trip by creating a tailor-made itinerary and tour program : enter the places you want to visit, and the app will provide you with an “ideal” route, a detailed program and timetables as well as the price of public transport. With the itinerary, you will of course have a description and a history of each site. You can download the app for € 4.99, but be careful, the application does not take all cities into account, only the largest ones: Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Dublin, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Washington, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo.

mTrip travel organize application iphone top10

2. Guide Tours Monument tracker

For know where to look, learn more about a monument, a fresco, a statue or any listed monument: Monument Tracker can provide you with all the information you need for your trip, and not miss an opportunity to marvel at a remarkable site, and learn a lot of information about everything around you. As if you were walking around town with a real guide, this app is a mine of anecdotes and historical facts, which alerts you when you pass a monument. Fun, you can play with quizzes, treasure hunts and achievements while waiting to enter a museum or climb the Eiffel Tower. The application is chargeable, between 0.80 € to 1.50 € depending on the city that you want to visit.

Guide Tours Monument travel tracker

3. TripIt: Trip Organizer

This application, developed by Europe Assistance – to express the degree of professionalism and the experience behind Trip Organizer -, is an application that is like a virtual Swiss Army Knife for a safe and organized trip. You will have information about your destination : political background, visas, travel diaries and information on travel insurance. In addition to this, on site you will have all the important telephone numbers (embassies, firefighters, emergency, police), information on events taking place in the country, a currency converter and weather. Finally, a list of compulsory vaccines, a list of the essentials in the first aid kit and the items to have in your suitcase … with all that I think you will be prepared for any eventuality. However even if the application seems to be free, only the Premium version gives access to the features (at the same time, the list is for paid apps, you should be warned).

Trip Organizer travel organize app top 10
TripIt: Travel Planner
TripIt: Travel Planner
Developer: TripIt, Inc.
Price: Free+

4. Packing Pro

Another application to prepare your trip, it does not think about administrative formalities or the context of the country of destination, on the other hand it allows you to create lists with all the objects you have thought of (sometimes on the move, I think of something, and I forget very quickly, so useful to write it down!). The app also has lists already installed, you can share these lists with friends, and finally you will find lists made by professionals. Very well known across the Channel, it is available for 0.99 € on the Store (a link below). With Packing, you will be sure not to forget anything; on the other hand, do not leave overloaded, it’s worse!

Packing Pro suitcase travel list application

5. Flightradar 24

A simply breathtaking application, which alone takes you on a journey, both fun and useful, capable of bringing together businessmen and dreamers! She turns your iPhone into an aerial radar, able to see all planes in real time around the world; point your phone at an airplane in the sky and you will have its detailed flight plan. And the icing on the cake: you can put yourself in the shoes of the pilot in real time and see his maneuvers in 3D. Apart from these features that will take you back to childhood, the application allows you to know the schedules, delays, speed, altitude of planes, consult the climatic conditions of the destination, in short enough information to reassure the family or them. anxious who take the plane. However the radar coverage is spotty (more effective in the US), and although there is not a lot of text to read, the app is not translated into French. It is sold for € 3.99 on the App Store.

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Flightradar 24 plane travel
Flightradar24 Flight Tracker
Flightradar24 Flight Tracker

6. Postagram – send your photos as postcards

For all those nostalgic for the time when, at the beach bar, we all signed a postcard that we sent to grandparents and friends. And for all those who loved to receive it, here is the way to combine your iPhone with this practice which is lost. Postagram makes it easy to send a beautiful postcard to your friends, without having to buy stamps (we all forgot what it is anyway), just by taking a picture from your album or Instagram, add a short message – 180 characters, it’s almost a tweet at this point – select the recipient (s), and voila! Each card will cost around € 2, which includes printing and postage. Delivered on a black background and on good paper, with a good layout, your postcard will certainly delight its recipients, and will be as easy for you as checking your emails.

Postagram post telegram postcard travel application

7.iTranslate Pro

A translation app was essential in my ranking, and the free version of Google Translate is excellent. But if you had to pay, you might as well buy iTranslate Premium. The application offers a functionality that is even more practical than augmented reality: voice recognition – it works like Siri, so the principle has been around since its inception. You will only have to speak in the phone (or in your Apple Watch if you have one) for it to translate automatically, in the language of your choice, in text or in audio. The opposite works too, hand over your iPhone and try to converse. THE’Premium app is sold at 4.99 €, and will quickly become essential for travelers with little polyglot.

iTranslate Pro translation apple iphone travel
iTranslate Language Translator
iTranslate Language Translator

8. Babbel

Before going on a trip to a country where you don’t speak the language and finding yourself handing your phone to the waiter to finally understand “sorry, we’re not taking the CB”, maybe a little language course would have been helpful. And in this category, no application has a service as rich as Babbel: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Indonesian and Russian. The courses allow you to go from beginner A1 to B1 – an intermediate level that allows you to get by in any situation while traveling – through several vocabulary and grammar courses, and vocal exercises. The method is fun and has proven itself, for 9.99 € per month, you still have to work. But what more essential for the trip than to be able to exchange and understand?

Babbel language learn travel
Babbel: Language Learning
Babbel: Language Learning
Developer: Babbel
Price: Free+

9. WeatherPro

The application, both intuitive and very complete, allows you toaccess 14-day, hour-by-hour weather forecasts for over 2 million locations worldwide : temperature, wind force and direction, air pressure, probability of precipitation, UV index, perceived temperature, snow and beach weather, in short, everything you need to know what to put in your suitcase. The app also alerts you if the weather should suddenly change and become dangerous. The weather maps are extremely comprehensive, with lightning strikes, heat maps, cloud forecasts. There are obviously specialized sites for this, but in terms of weather application, difficult to do more complete! The app is sold for 2.99 € in Pro version.

WeatherPro travel weather app top

10. Travel List

Tell him where you are going, how long and with whom and Travel List will give you a list of essential elements for traveling, divided into essentials (passport, clothing, toothbrush, etc.), with separate lists for each family member. The plus: an alert – which you will have created beforehand – which will allow you not to forget anything, such as recharging your camera for example, and which ignores the jetlag (with the jetlag you can easily forget this kind of detail).

Travel List travel iPhone application
PackPoint travel packing list
PackPoint travel packing list
Developer: Wawwo
Price: Free+

To complete this travel index, you can also download the following applications:

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A good trip to all, hoping that you will not forget anything, that you will not miss your plane, and that the weather is nice to you: send us a postcard!

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