Best Soundboard Apps to Create or Discover Free Soundboards

With Soundboard, you can discover funny sounds you didn’t know existed with the best soundboard apps. Use it professionally for podcasts, concerts, business, or just for fun!

Are you looking for sounds that make your work unique? Create custom soundboards for any occasion with the best apps.

The Soundboard can stream your podcast, or even add some videos to personal conversations. Here are some great ready-made soundboards, as well as apps to create your own custom soundboard for free.

Best Soundboard Apps to Create or Discover Free Soundboards - Best

Apart from the best audio recording apps and software, it is good to have a Soundboard app. You can use it for things like enhancing your song or for background music, adding zing to conversations by playing sound effects, one-way movie, etc. It all comes down to how creative you want to be.

1. Soundboard (web): Huge database of sounds and soundboards

Best Soundboard Apps to Create or Discover Free Soundboards - Best

If you are looking to create your own soundboard or browse those created by others, visit as your first destination. This website has one of the largest collections of sound clips and soundboards that you will find on the Internet.

Soundboard claims that its database contains more than 500,000 sounds in many different categories such as comedy, movies, animals/nature, politics, prank calls, sports, etc. Choose a category to browse the available sounds or you can search the website.

It also hosts several publicly available sound boards created by other users. Most of them are free for anyone to use by opening them in the browser or in Soundboard apps. You can also download each audio file individually to save to your hard drive.

With a soundboard, you can also create your own custom soundboard. It’s completely free, and you can upload as many audio files as you want. Create it, add a logo, description and upload the tracks you want. Each path can be given a name as well. If you’re creating a professional soundboard, you can even charge for each track or download.

The only place the Soundboard lacks is in finding an easy way to add sound you find on the site to your custom soundboard. Instead, you’ll need to download that audio file, then re-upload it to your board.

Download: Soundboard for Android | iOS (Free)

2. 101 Soundboards (Web): Large selection of Soundboards

Best Soundboard Apps to Create or Discover Free Soundboards - Best

101 Soundboards has one of the largest collections of free soundboards you will find on the internet. The best part is that this is among the few locations where you can control how the audio plays, and stops it halfway.

When playing any audio, especially the quote, you will see the audio graph of the full clip at the bottom of the screen, as well as the full quote. This way, you can decide if you want to stop the clip early or allow it to play completely. It’s a very useful feature, and I hope more apps get it.

The website is already filled with soundboards of all kinds, you can check out the most popular, recently updated panels or search through the collection. Chances are, that you will find many soundboards for your favorite TV shows or movies.

And yes, you can record and upload your own sounds too. But there is no useful mobile app, so I would not suggest this to create your own set of Soundboard.

3. Myinstants (web): Find and add volume buttons to your board

Best Soundboard Apps to Create or Discover Free Soundboards - Best

The design is a bit unremarkable, but Myinstants is such a good app that you can overlook this. The website has a large selection of small audio clips, ready to be converted into a soundboard of your choice.

It is better to register on the website, as this allows you to save sounds to your favorites panel, and also upload the sound. The website works well on mobile phones, and the shortcut allows you to turn it into a browser-based mobile app.

Find sounds by browsing categories like games, movies, tv, memes, music, politics, etc. Each button is a different color and describes the sound. There is also a handy search button. If you like the sound, add it to your favourites with one click.

You can also upload custom sounds, give them the desired color and title, and add a short description. Myinstants is a quick and easy way to create a button keyboard for any project, including your videos.

4. Meme Soundboard (Web): Ready-made soundboards of popular memes and more

Best Soundboard Apps to Create or Discover Free Soundboards - Best

If you’re looking for a ready-to-use soundboard on your computer, tablet, or phone, Meme Soundboard has you covered. As the name suggests, it’s filled with sounds from some popular memes, but look under the surface and you’ll find a few tricks.

The main interface is a joy to use, especially on phones. Meme Soundboard presents the set as a grid of tiles, which are easy to tap. Whether you want to get a voice over for someone or have Simon and Garfunkel hear the voice of silence, you can do a search quickly or you can just browse to find it.

Although the quick search is the best feature, the Loop button returns any sound endlessly. If you like something, click the star to add it to favourites. The only problem seems to be that there is no pause or stop button to quickly end the sound.

Aside from memes, the site has ready-made sound boards for other popular Non-Meme Sounds board. And if you don’t mind foul language, check out the NSFW Sound Board.

5. Soundboard Studio (iOS): Best Soundboard App Ever

Best Soundboard Apps to Create or Discover Free Soundboards - Best

Soundboard Studio is, without a doubt, the best soundboard app for iPhone and iPad. In fact, it’s the best soundboard app for the phone, and it’s a pity that there is no Android version.

The free version called Soundboard Studio Lite gives you all the features of the full app but limits you to 24 tracks. It’s a good way to test the app before paying the hefty price of the full version.

What are you allowed to do? Well, the question should be, what doesn’t let you do? Soundboard Studio supports a wide range of audio file formats, and can import from cloud storage and record audio as well. In addition, you can play two tracks simultaneously.

There are advanced settings for each track as well. You can trim any track, adjust the volume, set it to repeat, always play solo and pause all other tracks, give it a fade, and even set up automatic actions. It’s feature-packed and looks great doing just that.

Download: Soundboard Studio Lite for iOS (Free)

Download: Soundboard Studio 2 for iOS ($59.99)

6. Custom Soundboard (Android): The best free soundboard maker for Android

Best Soundboard Apps to Create or Discover Free Soundboards - Best

There is no Soundboard Studio for Android. Its best competitor on this platform is the Custom Soundboard by Johannes Magic. It is completely free but ad-supported and allows you to create unlimited soundboards with unlimited tracks.

You can add audio from a file on your Android phone, add multiple tracks at the same time, or record live audio. Each track can fade in or out, have a thumbnail or color thumbnail, repeat a set number of times, and even stop.

The app also allows you to create a backup of all your soundboards, which is a useful feature that most other apps don’t have. If you take the time and effort to customize this app, it will serve you well and you will never lose your data.

Download: Custom Soundboard for Android (Free)

Compress, then download

The trick to creating a good soundboard is to use good quality soundtracks for your group. But often, the file size can get a little large, especially if you are using WAV files. It is a good idea to compress your audio files and then add them to the audio panel.

Check out our quick guide on how to compress large audio files while maintaining their quality. This can make a huge difference to the listener, and you can store more files easily.

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