Best Skin Care Apps for iOS and Android

The face is the only part of the human body that cannot simply be hidden. This is the reason for the development of the modern beauty industry – people try to improve their appearance with beauty and care treatments.

Of course, a trip to a cosmetologist or dermatologist will not help you right away, but a specialist will give you effective advice on care or treatment.

I’ve recently started keeping track of my daily skincare regimen, products expiration dates, as well as maintaining a regular amount of water to drink each day. wait! I know this sounds like a bit too much, but you can easily keep track of everything with your phone. So, if you have made up your mind, here are the best skin care apps for iOS and Android, that you should give a try right away!

Best Skin Care Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

1. TroveSkin

TroveSkin helps you keep a record of your skin’s improvement. This application uses artificial intelligence to track skin conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone and allows you to rate them from time to time using images.

Best Skin Care Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

If you use a lot of skin care products, the app also allows you to add products like cleansers, ointments, etc., so you can keep track of your inventory and see which combination of products suits you best.

Get TroveSkin for (iOS | Android)

2. Skincare Routine

I’m sure you’ve heard of the CTM routine, which means scrubbing with lotion, using a toner, and moisturizing the skin. However, if you are not able to follow this system, then this app is for you.

Best Skin Care Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The main feature of this app allows you to add products to your daily and nighttime routine. I know what you’re thinking, what if you forget to follow this routine. do not worry. The app also has a reminder and timer option, which you can set up to get notifications and even a timer if the product has a set waiting time before the next one.

Not only that, but it also filters items in terms of which products to apply first. You can limit weekly products that are heavy on the skin and can lead to breakouts. The cost of the application is $2.99 ​​one time.

Get the Skincare Routine for (iOS | Android)

3. Beauty Keeper

To the next option, Beauty Keeper makes it very easy to keep track of the expiration dates of your cosmetics within a single app. It can not only read batch codes of products, but also can automatically remind you when the item has reached the expiry date. This way, you can quickly empty it or throw it away before it becomes unusable. The app is only available for iOS, but you can check out a similar app for Android as well.

Best Skin Care Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

Get Beauty Keeper for iOS.

4. UVLens

Exposure to sunlight not only tans, but also penetrates the outer layer of the skin and damages and even kills skin cells, so why not pay attention before you go outside?

Best Skin Care Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

Since Vitamin D is essential and the sun is not too harsh in the early morning and evening, you can use this app to find out the perfect time to go out with your UV check. Today’s forecast indicator. In case you have to go out, you can also have an assessment of your skin type. This way, you can calculate how long you can go outside without using sunscreen. My favorite part of the app is the sunscreen use reminder option that tells you to reapply sunscreen at intervals, so the effect doesn’t slow down.

Get UVLens for (iOS | Android)

5. Think Dirty – Shop Clean

There are a lot of ingredients in our products that may cause long-term health effects on our bodies. For example, parabens, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and many others.

Best Skin Care Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

One way is to go through the ingredient list manually, but this will take a long time. A faster alternative is to scan a barcode. This application contains a database of more than 850,000 cosmetics manufactured mainly in the United States and Canada. It rates the product and its ingredients from 10 to 8, which may cause a long-term health effect, and from 3-0 means there is no evidence of harmful ingredients. You can also search for and save products to your shopping list and have a look at various online retailers like Amazon, Sephora, etc. as well.

Get Think Dirty – Shop Clean (iOS | Android)

6. Home Workout

Since getting out and starting a workout can be challenging at this time due to COVID-19, this free app lets you choose from several categories of exercises to do indoors. You can choose anything between a full-body workout to target a specific muscle group. These exercises are also grouped according to the level of difficulty, so if you are someone who has not done this before, you can progress slowly with ease. In case you want to slow down more. You can also adjust rest time and countdown time accordingly.

Best Skin Care Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

Get Home Workout for (iOS | Android)

7. Water Reminder

Maintaining body hydration is critical to healthy skin. To get started with Water Reminder, all you have to do is enter the details of your gender and weight, to calculate how much water you should be drinking. For most people, this amount is between 2-3 liters per day. You don’t have to keep track of the app’s preset and you can add custom reminders along with the option to change the reminder sound. The app contains an ad banner that can be removed for $1.5.

Best Skin Care Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

Get Water Reminder for (iOS | Android)

8. Sleep as Android

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to skin health. This is where Sleep as Android comes in. As the name suggests, it is only available on Android, however, you can use a similar app Sleep Cycle on iOS.

Best Skin Care Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

These apps give you reminders every night, urge you to go to bed and once you do, they track your sleep and show you graphs of your overnight sleep habits. Alternatively, you can also use smartwatches like the Apple or Galaxy watch, or even the cheap Mi Band that comes with a built-in sleep tracker.

Get Sleep as Android

concluding remarks

So, now you can go ahead and try these apps to keep your skin under control and improve it over time. I highly recommend doing home exercises and water reminders. These apps not only help you improve your skin but also help you improve your overall health. You can also try healthy eating like a plant-based diet and also try intermittent fasting to get a body in good shape. So, this was my pick for the best skin care apps for iOS and Android. Try it out and leave your comments in the section below!

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