6 best sites to translate text online for free

It has also happened to you that you found yourself in the difficulty of translate a text into a foreign language ? Personally, I use a online translator whenever I find worries about translation into a foreign language like spanish.

In this situation I only use one solution, launch my browser and ask for help from online translators for translate a text online.

A language can be a real barrier in many situations such as finding a dream job, living in certain countries or even reading a message received in another language.

The problem can be solved when you are bilingual which is most of the time. Quite simply because nowadays the world is forcing us to learn a little English in addition to another language. But if you don’t know anything in English, don’t be frustrated, the online translators are here to help.

Now, when you have to know 5 languages, the situation becomes complicated. The online translators remain the last tools capable of bringing help.

Fortunately, it is now possible to translate a text online directly with the internet. This is thanks to several free online translators who offer good results.

Understand that the job of human translator is in danger and is in danger of disappearing when we look at the current technological trends.

This is why in this publication it is about offering you a list of the best translation sites.

5 Best Free Online Translators To Use In 2020

Best free online translators

An online translator is a web application or site that allows you to translate a text online for free thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms capable of recognizing the meanings of sentences and transposing them into the language you ask.

As there are several here then the best online translators 2020, which you absolutely must use.

DeepL to translate text online easily in 2020

deepl to translate text online easily

DeepL is the surprise I present to you when it comes to online translation.

It offers a very good quality of work when it comes to translating a text online. The application has an overly simple interface and a powerful translation capability based on machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence carried out by a team at Linguee.

DeepL is too young because it was created in 2017 and uses Linguee’s database to do sentence recognition.

In my humble opinion I think the google online translator to know Google Translate and other translation sites are threatened by this tool which I have personally appreciated.

Unfortunately, it only allows translating 11 languages ​​namely:

  • the French ;
  • English ;
  • German ;
  • Spanish ;
  • Portuguese;
  • Italian;
  • Dutch ;
  • The Polish guy ;
  • Russian;
  • Japanese
  • And Chinese (simplified)

But also the possibility of translating your text in a formal or informal format but for that you will have to subscribe to a premium subscription. Otherwise, you will stay in the machine translation.

Google Translate: the most popular online translator

Google Translate, the most popular translator

The giant of the Net namely Google has the best complete online translator (translation site) supporting more than 100 languages. Google Translate is generally used to translate a text of several lines.

I use this tool for all languages ​​that I cannot translate with DeepL like Swahili and Arabic.

Google Translate uses sophisticated algorithms based on artificial intelligence and homemade machine learning from Google its owner.

Reverso: Another Powerful Online Translation Tool 2020

In terms of online translation, this tool is among the best translators in terms of performance. Unfortunately, compared to Google Translate, Reverso does not also handle multiple languages.

Reverso: Another site for translating text online

Reverso allows translate a text online from French to English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew.

In addition, it should be noted that Reverso offers examples of the use of words.

Translate text online with Microsoft Bing Translate

Microsoft Bing Translation: One Of The Free Online Translation Sites

Fans of Microsoft products will appreciate Microsoft Bing Translator. Personally, I find that this site is not very good as an online translator, but it does support around thirty languages.

Systran: An Online and Offline Translation Solution

Translate text online with systran

Systran an alternative site to the others mentioned above for online translation.

The Systran firm also has translation software that does not work with the Internet. These software are most of the time needed in regions which present difficulties with the coverage of a mobile network or internet generally.

Linguee to translate a text online for free

Linguee: Another Best Among Online Translators

Yes, it is the Linguee team who made DeepL. Before developing DeepL as an online translator, a website dedicated to online translation existed even before.

This site is currently used as a dictionary… but it is still possible to use it as a translation site.


There are also other online and offline translators exist like Global Link or Systran. These translators also make it possible to translation without internet.

Not to mention the hundreds of dictionaries that offer word translation. These dictionaries can still be used.

Before doing a bit of research I was only using Google Translate to translate text online. This until I understood that I shouldn’t do like everyone else anymore and that I came across DeepL.

However, I advise you to always try to read after translation. The reason is that sometimes you can translate a text online and get results that tell stories contrary to what you really wanted to say.

Do you also have favorite online translators? if the answer is yes, the space dedicated to the comments will allow you to share with us these tools that you use for translate text online or even offline.

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