Top 65 Best Rooted apps for Android devices in 2021

The top best Rooted apps for Android 2021 devices-There are lots of Apps for Android devices that we are regularly using in different applications. But there are many better apps you get to use if your Android devices are rooted, as we all know that Rooting is the process, which permits us to gain root access to the Android Operating System Code. That gives benefits like modifying the software code in the device and installing different software that was not there in the device. Rooting the device can allow us to do most of the things better, like increasing the device’s battery backup by flashing and using some tweaks, and increasing its ram storage by creating the swap files. It can also overclock the processor after the rooting of the device, which will increase the device’s speed. Rooting the device will help to make it how we wish.

Best Rooted Apps For Android
Best Root Apps For Android

As for the above-mentioned benefits, there are some limitations to Rooting the devices. Such as after rooting, the device, it will lose the device Warranty. There will be a problem with official updates and OTA from the device company. Most importantly, getting Brick of the device while rooting by a wrong file and flash on the device will be a chance.

Best Rooted Android Apps For Android Without Pc

Let us have the best Root apps for Android devices, given briefly below one by one. The rooted apps have some changes in Android, working speed, and how the device functions. I hope for those Android lovers, these apps that we provide will help with the best.

1.Greenify Android for Android

Greenify is one of the most important and best apps, which can extend the battery life and further increase the speed and performance of the device. This app works for both rooted and unrooted devices. Greenify app can keep the device battery steady for a longer period and gives the best backup. It helps a lot in situations like the device is not in use much, but somehow, the battery will soon drain. This application is best for solving the lagging issue. If your device is old and has less RAM, then Greenify will always come in hand for you.

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Flashify for android

If you are crazy about doing many functions on your mobile, this app will surely be the best for you. This Flashify application will be useful for those who want to flash ROM and the stock ROM for various phones. This application is the best to flash custom ROMs and other file formats like ZIP and CWM. The whole device can also be backed up. This will automatically make it flash and restore you to a kernel, and you can then recover using your SD card. This app also comes for free, but you will be limited to only three flashes per day.

Lucky Patcher for android

This is the famous application that uses the term ‘Patching,’ which means that you can remove all the unnecessary ads from the games you play and the apps you use. You can also get access to the apps which have in-app purchases.

Put together. This application will do everything for free within a few minutes. As soon as you install the app, you can see the effect of this application. This app will work well and easily with rooted devices.

Titanium Backup for Android

You want to get to know when the data will be on your phone. Hence, backing up all the files, data is essential. If you have your android phone rooted, then this is the app you must try. With this app installed, you will be able to back up your application data, freeze applications, and separate the bloatware. Even the premium version has more advanced features.

Dumpster for Android

This app will run on both rooted and unrooted devices. But a rooted device will always boost its performance. This application acts as a recycle bin. The accidentally deleted files can be restored to the device using this application. Another advantage is that this app will restore all types of files, and there is no restriction on the number of files to be restored.

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Tasker for android

As the name tells, this app does tasks. In this fast-growing world, we all need an AI to do our works and control the device through voice command or biometric acceptance. This application does the work for you where you can tweak and twist up your device. The app is best suitable when your device is rooted. And of course, the premium version of this app will provide you the better-advanced features.


This is the top most popular apps that can control of audio. There is a modified tool fitted inside this app, which gives control over various sounds of the output device such as Bluetooth device and any other thing you connect to the phone. This application has an in-built sound recorder and drivers with many effects for sound. The installation is a bit tough. Anyway, you can follow the instruction on the internet.

Xposed Framework for Android

Custom ROM is the ROM that will make your device go up to its full potential and speed. It also changes the appearance of the basic Android, making the phone look different always. This app also allows more customizations for your device. This app is mostly used by developers for remapping the buttons and also themes. With this app, you can also change the performance of the UI and block ads.

GMD Gesture Control

This GMD Gesture Control is the basic rooted app through which your android will turn into a brilliant gesture recognizing agent. You will be getting access to numerous apps and folders with just simple gestures fitted into your android phone. You can create your patterns and gestures as your desire. Not only this app is time-saving, but it also provides you easy access to the important files and applications on your phone.

BuildProp Editor for Android

We know that building a property file on android is difficult. Using this application, you can build any property file and get the proper edited one done. Without any complications, this application for the rooted device increases the performance level of your device. This is the app that is worth using.

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Smart Booster for Android

The major problem is cleaning the cache or the memory, and also, the device becomes slow many times.  This app will boost your phone most effectively and efficiently. This app is something that only a top rooted app can do. This app is a must-try app for a rooted device as it will make your phone incredibly faster.

DPI Changer for Android

DPI is most commonly known as Pixels per inch, which tells you about the actual quality of your phone’s display. To change this or make it even more interesting, this DPI Changer is handy. This app makes it easier to change visual quality. You will go crazy using this application as you will enjoy the best visual changes.

Battery Calibration for android

The Android operating system is the generator of a recycle bin file that tracks the battery’s details. By having this app u can delete the battery bin. This results in a huge backup of your battery. This calibration application makes your phone battery 10 times more effective and efficient. This is the best app for the rooted device.

3C Toolbox for android

The 3C Toolbox is one of the best apps, along with the abovementioned applications. Using this app, you can easily perform various functions such as Battery backup, automated backups, CPU control, and many other functions that will increase your device’s performance.

Root Explorer for Android

The root explorer is an amazing app for rooted users. With this app’s help, you can have easy access to text documents, zip folders, and much more. Many other functions in this app will make this application one of the best used rooted app.

These are a few applications that are best suited for the Rooted Android device. There are many more apps too, but these are the best-used ones. I hope you will give these apps a try with your rooted device.

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