Best Room Escape Games You Can Play on Browser

Room escape games are by no means a new development, but they are experiencing a major renaissance in part thanks to their growth. This type of game is all about using a very rudimentary visual design and how the player interacts with their surroundings.

The basic premise is that the player has to manipulate objects and find hidden clues, thus he will be able to escape from the predicament he is in. These games range in complexity with some of them taking several hours to complete.

Closed room escape games (ETR games) are among the most complex and challenging games you can find online. It combines puzzles and riddles with a search for hidden objects and clues.

To experience the thrill for yourself, we have collected some of the best online room escape games for you to try.

Best Room Escape Games You Can Play on Browser - Games

note: Be careful as you will have to enable Flash in your browser to play some of these Escape the Room games.

1. The Mystery of Time and Space

After the release of The Mystery of Time and Space (MOTAS) in 2001, the game continues to be remembered as the pioneer of online room escape games. The makers of Crimson Room (next entry) are adding to MOTAS a big impact.

Best Room Escape Games You Can Play on Browser - Games

Unlike other titles, the game features a prominent sci-fi plot that evolves as the game unfolds. Instead of leaving the puzzles in the room alone, players must try to decipher whether clones or aliens make their way through the game.

2. Crimson Room

After MOTAS, the launch of Crimson Room in 2004 helped further promote online room escape games. As a relatively short game, it pioneers a lot of the core of the genre.

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Best Room Escape Games You Can Play on Browser - Games

After what seems to have been a party-filled night, she wakes up in a room. You have to look for clues to finally open the bedroom door. Since this game was originally a Japanese game, you may find some language differences in the game, but it certainly does not get in the way of the fun gameplay.

3. The Submachine Series

13 games from The Submachine covering escape games will keep you on your toes. Not only will you find yourself stuck in one room but in a maze of rooms that you have to navigate.

Best Room Escape Games You Can Play on Browser - Games

In these games, you will find yourself trying to escape from an underground labyrinth, an abandoned lighthouse, a lined white cell, and much more.

Submachine’s Escape the Room games are incredibly intuitive. You’ll know what levers to pull, items to pick, and buttons to push. Submachine is one of those games that are challenging enough to keep you engaged but not too hard to do without.

4. Neutral Escape Games

Neutral contains an impressive series of seven classic ETR games. It also offers four Christmas-themed escape games and two mini-room escape games.

Best Room Escape Games You Can Play on Browser - Games

Challenges range in difficulty from level 1 (the easiest) to level 4 (the hardest). The seven main titles from easiest to hardest are Switch, Sphere, RGB, Lights, Linkage, Vision, and Elements. For more difficult games, you will need to keep a laptop and a pen by your side.

With all Neutral’s Escape the Room games, you can save your game and come back to it later, which means you can use actual life skills that can help you solve video game problems before you go back to cracking those puzzles.

5. The Doors

The Doors is another maze of room escape games, with rooms and doors that seem to go on forever. The game can become a quick whirlwind of going back and forth trying to figure out which door will lead you outside. Still couldn’t get out, all that mattered was searching every nook and cranny of the rooms.

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Best Room Escape Games You Can Play on Browser - Games

6. Ant Hill Trap

Ant Hill Trap takes a more eccentric approach to the ETR genre. The graphics and the story are very kid friendly. Not only are the graphics cartoonish, but a lot of the puzzles are based on pictures and will appeal to children.

Best Room Escape Games You Can Play on Browser - Games

With the built-in pause button and timer, parents can easily set timed sessions for their younger children. If you want to teach your kids how to escape from rooms, this is the place to start.

7. The Afro-Ninja Escape Series

Afro-Ninja has a series of seven mini-games that are challenging but less detailed than others on this list. This makes it perfect if you are looking for a quick fix to feed the room escape games addiction. Anyone craving for more quick hits should try these addictive mobile games that you can play for five minutes at a time.

Best Room Escape Games You Can Play on Browser - Games

Across the series’ various entries, players can find themselves locked in a variety of mostly cramped spaces, including the car, closet, phone booth, bathroom, office, and hut. Notably, the fifth title adds an element of survival to the Escape the Room games where players are forced to escape from the refrigerator or die of hypothermia.

8. Murder Escape

In Murder Escape, the story revolves around a room with an exciting pool of blood that flows from under its door. It is up to you to find clues to get out.

Best Room Escape Games You Can Play on Browser - Games

The game has its quirks as far as Escape the Room games go. If you don’t get the instructions at first, you won’t realize that the spacebar puts items away, and you’ll always find yourself tapping the screen just to go back to the previous view. However, the mystery still makes this one worth playing around with.

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9. Escape the Prison

If you are new with room escape games, Escape the Prison is a great place to start. As the name suggests, you are trying to get out of your prison cell. You will need to put your probation powers to the test in order to escape from the mostly empty prison cell.

Best Room Escape Games You Can Play on Browser - Games

Since the game only has two doors, it offers quick playability for anyone with a keen eye.

10. Escape the Office

If you really enjoy Escape the Prison, the developer’s other portal offers a similar speed. Escape the Office allows for more interactions typical of the genre, but you’ll still be able to get a feel for it more quickly.

Best Room Escape Games You Can Play on Browser - Games

If you are looking for Escape the Room to run fast then give this game a try.

11. Baba Yaga

For those who are tired of reality-based room escape games, Baba Yaga offers a fancy alternative. It is very similar to a fairy tale where you find yourself trapped in a charming tree house. The witch shows some silhouette shots as you play the game as she dangerously swivels her broom.

Best Room Escape Games You Can Play on Browser - Games

This game’s production values ​​are among the highest on this list, and it makes a refreshing change from some of the tougher and more predictable games that are typical of the genre. And of course, magic spells play a role in getting you out of this.

Can you get out of the best room escape games?

Room escape games put your skills under investigation. It’s incredibly rewarding, so try some of these games the next time you feel like solving challenging puzzles.

If these games don’t challenge your brain enough, try some of the most difficult online logic puzzles.

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