Best PowerPoint Alternatives You Can Use Online

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful application for creating unique slide shows and presentations. It is easy to use even if you are a complete beginner, it has loads of presentation templates ready to be used in a lot of fields, and if you know your way around PowerPoint you can do incredible things with it.

However, there can be a number of reasons to look for better alternatives to PowerPoint. Perhaps you don’t want to buy Microsoft Office, or put the time and effort into mastering PowerPoint. Perhaps you are just looking for a new look for your office presentations.

There are plenty of PowerPoint alternatives that you can use online. Take a look at our top picks and see which one suits your needs best.

Best PowerPoint Alternatives You Can Use Online - The Best


Best for: Creative minds looking to add artistic elements to presentations.

the price: Free, with paid options starting at $9.95 per month.

Canva is a great choice for design professionals and technicians who want to create custom images. Although it has the same user-friendly interface as Microsoft PowerPoint, it comes with plenty of customization options for your slide show. Canva’s free slide creator gives you templates to start your design in seconds. You can use free photos, videos, and music to impress your audience. You can also turn monotonous slides into an animated downloadable slide show.

Best PowerPoint Alternatives You Can Use Online - The Best

With the Canva app, you can design a presentation on iOS and Android as well. No watermarks are added and there are no limits on the number of times you can create or download slide shows.


Best for: Professional AI-powered presentations when time is tight.

the price: Free, with paid options starting at $8 per month.

Do you want to create a presentation that looks beautiful, but you don’t think you have the technical ability to do so? Slidebean will help you create AI-powered presentations and slideshows that would have required you to put in a lot of effort when it came to formatting and organizing your slides.

Best PowerPoint Alternatives You Can Use Online - The Best

You can either choose one of the templates the app offers, or just write an outline and select a theme for your presentation and let Slidebean do the rest. Slidebean uses AI every step of the way, from arranging the slides to creating the color palette.

It’s one of the most effective ways to create a professional-looking presentation when you don’t have time.


Best for: Users who would rather display the big picture than divide their work into individual segments.

the price: Free, with paid options starting at $5 per month or $3 per month for students (with a 14-day free trial).

Prezi completely strays from the slide-by-slide presentation format. Instead, you’ll get a full panel where you can add text, images, or slides that make up your presentation. This approach makes it easy to track your progress and see where you are with the slide show.

Best PowerPoint Alternatives You Can Use Online - The Best

Prezi may seem complicated at first. But creating presentations in Prezi is a breeze. The only new part that you will find in this PowerPoint alternative is the addition of animations between slides. If you’ve done any video editing or animation before, this could become your favorite part of working with Prezi.

Google Slides

Best for: Cooperation purposes.

the price: Free.

Google Slides is a great alternative to PowerPoint for Google account holders. It’s easy to use, and comes with all the essential features you need to create an engaging presentation or slideshow.

Best PowerPoint Alternatives You Can Use Online - The Best

The best part of Google Slides is the collaboration. You can easily share your presentation with anyone who has a Google account, as well as get them to help you put together the presentation. You can also discuss the contents of your presentation through the chat built into Google Slides.

Also, Google Slides is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, so you can convert your PowerPoint presentation to Google Slides and vice versa.


Best for: Create a presentation from scratch.

the price: Free, with paid options starting at $14 per month.

If you have to create a slideshow from scratch, you’ll enjoy the wide variety of templates that Visme has to offer. With the online application editor, you can customize every part of your presentation. You can select different fonts, multiple formatting colors, slide types, formatting style, and more. Add different graphics and images to your presentation to make it more visible.

Best PowerPoint Alternatives You Can Use Online - The Best

Then, you can share or publish your results to the web, save them offline, or download them as a PDF.


Best for: Apple and iCloud users.

the price: Free.

Keynote is the default presentation app for macOS, iPadOS, and iOS.c platforms and is the default PowerPoint alternative for all Apple users. The Apple Presentation app is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint but is a little easier to use.

Best PowerPoint Alternatives You Can Use Online - The Best

Keynote comes with a variety of templates and customization options for your presentation. When your presentation is ready, you can share it with other users via iCloud allowing them to make edits online or save it as a PowerPoint file.

Keynote comes free with any Apple device and iCloud account. It is also compatible with Apple Pencil.

Zoho Show

Best for: Those looking for similar jobs to PowerPoint.

the price: Free.

If you are looking for a PowerPoint alternative that you can use online and don’t have to pay for the features it provides, then Zoho Show is the right choice for you. Zoho Show is also compatible with PowerPoint, so you can import and export files from one application to another.

Best PowerPoint Alternatives You Can Use Online - The Best

You’ll find a decent choice of ready-to-use templates on the website, as well as styles and fonts to choose from. Zoho Show offers a wide range of collaboration options, so you can work on your presentation with other users, as well as share your work results both online and offline.

Zoho Show comes with apps for Android and iOS, so you can work on your presentations using your smartphone.

Is it time to get rid of Microsoft PowerPoint?

While Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful choice for creating presentations, sometimes you have to spend a lot of time and effort creating a really attractive slideshow with this app. Perhaps it’s time to take a look at alternative presentation apps that might be better suited to your needs and abilities.

Prefer to use Microsoft PowerPoint or an alternative application for presentations? If PowerPoint isn’t your thing, which presentation app do you use and what’s your favorite thing about it?

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