Best Period Tracking Apps for iPhone

When dealing with a busy day, the last thing you might think about should be worrying about an unexpected period. There is nothing worse than dealing with your period when you are unprepared and far from feminine hygiene products.

Fortunately, there are many great options available on the App Store to help you plan and prepare for your next period. Using any of these great cycle tracking apps on iPhone is a great way to de-stress, learn more about your body, and better manage your entire ovulation cycle.

Best Period Tracking Apps for iPhone - iOS

1. Cycles

Best Period Tracking Apps for iPhone - iOS

The Cycles app focuses on learning the patterns displayed in your menstrual cycle. The app uses pastel colors to make you aware of your period effectively and create a beautiful screen. This app also offers great privacy options and also includes password or Face ID verification.

Cycles also offers many interesting options. With Partner Options, you can share your cycle directly with your partner. This is a great option if you are trying to conceive or if your partner wants to plan a specific event or holiday around your needs.

Download: Cycles (Free, subscription available)

2. Apple Health

Best Period Tracking Apps for iPhone - iOS

If you don’t want to use up your iPhone storage in order to download another calendar app, Apple Health has some great basic options for monitoring your period. You can only select an option Cycle Tracking Below is the list of health categories for the app to get started.

The Apple Health app will ask you some initial starting questions about your regular cycle and integrate the data into your Apple Health Calendar. Here you can monitor your period and view additional information and resources about your period. The app is very customizable as it mostly features basic fertility and menstrual monitoring capabilities.

Download: Apple Health (Free)

3. Life

Best Period Tracking Apps for iPhone - iOS

In addition to the amazing design and easy-to-navigate menu, the Life app has some great features. The app is incredibly personal and customizable as the developer has taken into account that every woman has a period when she experiences symptoms differently. For example, the length of the cycle can be changed to suit your personal cycle, which is very useful and de-stigmatizing.

Other great features include great options like a fertility and temperature tracker, a pregnancy tracker, birth control reminders, and late period reminders.

Download: Life (Free, subscription available)

4. Menstrual Period Tracker

Best Period Tracking Apps for iPhone - iOS

In addition to serving as a powerful menstrual tracker app for the iPhone, the Menstrual Period Tracker app gives you the ability to monitor your bleeding across all your Apple devices. The Menstrual Period Tracker app not only has a dedicated Apple Watch app but can also be used with your Apple TV.

The design of the app is very clean and clutter free. It’s easy to differentiate tabs within the app. It also has an awesome home screen widget that fully displays your menstrual cycle for easy viewing without opening the app.

Download: Menstrual Period Tracker (Free, subscription available)

5. Period Plus & Period Tracker

Best Period Tracking Apps for iPhone - iOS

To set itself apart from other menstrual tracking apps, Period Plus & Period Tracker not only provided a comprehensive menstrual calendar but besides it, a fun game! The game includes a little rabbit at the bottom of the screen that grabs various products that fall from the sky, such as tampons.

If you’re looking for classic menstrual calendar settings, this app also features tracking options like OB-GYN reminders, and the intensity of your contractions. Learning how to understand your menstrual cycle can be a fun process with Period Plus & Period Tracker!

Download: Period Plus & Period Tracker (Free, Pro version available)

6. Period Tracker Ovulation

Best Period Tracking Apps for iPhone - iOS

Period tracker focuses on taking the stress out of your next period. It features an easy-to-read calendar that helps summarize the entire course in seconds.

The app also features mindfulness meditation music to help you stay calm and relaxed no matter how stressful the extra estrogen makes you feel. It even allows you to set daily reminders to help you remember things like changing a tampon before disaster strikes.

The health report is one of the best aspects of the app. Every month, you will get a monthly health report to better understand your body and your cycle. This is incredibly useful for personal use and also for sharing with your OB-GYN.

Download: Period Tracker Ovulation (Free trial, subscription required)

7. Paloma

Best Period Tracking Apps for iPhone - iOS

Paloma acts as a personal menstrual cycle diary. Each day you can record any changes in your symptoms and use them to monitor your fertility schedule. The stunning color-coded fertility calendar is beautiful against the soothing purple Paloma background.

Paloma not only focuses on increasing your knowledge about your menstrual cycle, but also offers constantly updated articles and discussions on women’s health. These articles focus on topics covering everything from first periods to menopause, proving the versatility of the application.

Download: Paloma (Free, subscription available)

8. Cube Period Tracker

Best Period Tracking Apps for iPhone - iOS

For any woman looking to use a fun alternative menstrual calendar, you should look no further than the Cube Period Tracker. Cube provides you with the necessary features of other cycle tracking apps while removing excess flowers and pink matters.

Cube cuts out the extra fuzz and works as a simple menstrual countdown app. The application focuses on recording only the dates of the start and end of the menstrual cycle and display them in a yearly calendar. Although it’s a very basic menstrual calendar, Cube features some fun and cute personalized options and still manages to get the job done.

Download: Cube Period Tracker (Free, in-app purchases)

Health and Safety from Siri

Using your iPhone as a calendar to track your period is one of the best ways you can stay aware of the internal changes in your body. Creating a plan for your period can remove much of the stress that often comes with it.

The iPhone has become a know-it-all device with capabilities to protect our physical and mental health. Siri adds more functionality to your iPhone, too. So check out some of the best Siri shortcuts to help improve your health and well-being.

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