TOP 10 Paid Applications to Store and Synchronize Your Photos

An online data storage service, also called Cloud Computing, allows you to keep your documents on remote computer servers. The majority of specialized sites have a free offer, but these options do not give you access to a lot of space, few features, and some restrict the transfer speed.

Regarding the storage and synchronization of photos, the offers paying have serious advantages if you need a lot of space, more bandwidth, if you use more technical formats, like RAW or TIFF, or if you want to approach services intended for professional photographers.

so here’s 10 paid apps that let you store your photos online, to have access to it from all the terminals you have – computers, tablets, mobiles – and even to exhibit or sell your photos.

Storage services for your classic photos

Since the Joomeo, Flickr and Google Photos apps have already been carefully analyzed in the section on free online storage and sync offers, I’ll just give you the prices for these services and some additional useful information.

1. iCloud Photo Library

The iCloud Photo Library is the data storage service offered by Apple and gold and already present in your devices. After activating it, your photos and videos are stored in your photo library and available from all your devices Apple. ICloud is free up to 5GB, then paying for each piece of data you want to use: 0.99 € per month for 50GB, € 2.99 for 200 GB, € 9.99 for 1TB, and € 19.99 for 2TB.

Photo library: store photos

Already available on your iPhone

2. Flickr

The site offers 1 TB for free, and for $ 50 per month, you will be rid of ads – you and your visitors from elsewhere, a more interesting offer than it seems. You will also have access to the statistics of frequentation of your photos (number of views, referring sites, etc.), and a “pro” badge on your site, which always gives more credibility to professionals.

Flickr photos store synchronize

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3. Picasa / Google Photos

Google Photos offers 15 GB for free, then 100 GB for $ 2 / month, 1 TB for $ 10, so on up to 30 TB for $ 300. Since Google Photos is one of the most successful applications for syncing and storing your photos, the offer remains attractive. However, the purchased space is all Google Drive – a flaw if you already store your files on Drive, which means you’ll have less space to allocate to your photos.

Google Photos image store sync app

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4. Photobucket

The application is classic at first glance: it allows you to save your photos, classify them by album and share your photos on social networks by adding filters. But it has a few more options that can convince: a secure backup space, a store to order prints of your photos online, and the possibility to create GIFs from your videos and photos. The application is therefore very complete, with an attractive price range: free up to 10 GB, then $ 2.99 per month for 22 GB, $ 4.99 per month for 50 GB, and so on depending on the packages chosen. All-in-one app and reliable provider to backup your photos, I can only recommend it.

Photobucket GIF image photo store

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Clouds that synchronize automatically

The following three services are Cloud which, once installed on your mobile device, automatically backs up your photos. So you can consult them from your computer, or archive them.

5. Dropbox

With 2 GB available for free, Dropbox is not a free service that I recommend. But for the Pro version, which costs 10 € per month, Dropbox offers 1 TB of space and a fluid and ergonomic application. THE’application is the best known and most powerful – to say, she refused the takeover by Apple! Steve Jobs left disappointed.


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6. OneDrive – Microsoft

Microsoft’s offer is also interesting, since for 2 € per month you will have 50 GB, and if you subscribe to the Office 365 subscription, 1 TB for € 7 per month. The advantage of OneDrive? The synchronization of your data stored on Office, and the assurance of not losing your data, I find it hard to see the Redmond firm shutting down overnight …

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7 .Mega

Kim Dotcom – sworn enemy of the FBI, hero of the pirates-, was ousted from the management of Mega, a Cloud that offers 50 GB for free, 500 for € 10 and 2 TB for € 20 per month: this remoteness relieves fears, and if you have the soul of a pirate, Mega represents the best quality / price ratio, with obviously an application allowing to synchronize your photos on all your devices.


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Professional photo storage sites

If you are interested in having a page dedicated to your works, here are some alternatives. These options move away from the topic of synchronization and storage, although you could use them as such; theycloser to the personal blog, allowing you to exhibit your shots almost like a pro would in a gallery. The prices are however affordable, and the storage space often unlimited!

8. Smugmug

What is Smugmug? This is a site that allows you to create galleries online, almost like having your own site. It is intended for professionals and photo enthusiasts wishing to have a page dedicated to their work, to sell their works, to share them or to buy photos. The cloud is secure, and the site allows you to price your photos yourself and see their popularity live. Finally, its plug-ins – Lightroom in particular – improve the shot, we are far from Instagram filters.

The offers are aimed at different audiences: to have unlimited storage space and synchronization of your photos, you must spend $ 3 per month. If you want to improve your shots, it’s more like $ 60 per year, and if you plan to sell them, it’s $ 149 per year.. This is the price to pay to have the impression of having a professional photography site, a space for storing and processing your photos, with a large community of photographers.

If you are thinking of going pro, this is a great first step! Ah and one more small detail, if you are not sensitive to the language of the “perfidious Albion” (English), the site could put you off, since it is not translated …

Professional smugmug image photos website storage

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9. Photoshelter

The very complete application allows you to upload your photos and manage your page on the most famous photo-sharing site for all amateur and professional photographers who are passionate about image. THE’offer is 30 € per month for 60 GB of hosting space ; admittedly, it costs a little, but the site sincerely offers many options for processing your images, from a confusing simplicity to store, display, share and sell your best shots. Ah and again, the site is in English.

Photoshelter store photos sync iPhone

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10. Piwigo

The French site offers a unlimited storage space, for 40 € per year. Its assets are above all security: located in France, the server will not be hacked or shared as easily as that, and your photos will not disappear overnight. The application is also open source, therefore adaptable and regularly improved by a very active community. The interface is however aging, and its tools are less developed than on the two previous sites. But if you decide to process your images through another application, this is a good choice for storing all your snapshots permanently.

Piwigo phots online storage

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Bonus: Joomeo

Joomeo is a very complete online sharing service, with unlimited storage space and a full application. The thing ? The size of the files you can transfer is limited, just like the number of photos you can transfer: 20 MB per photos, and 300 MB per month in its free offer… that’s not much. The paid offer is very interesting: unlimited space and no download limit. You will be able to store the files TIFF, RAW and PDF, in addition to an online video playback service. Joomeo is a free application but some options are paid!

Joomeo imge photo store cloud iphone application

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Amateurs or professionals, whether you want to save all your photos or if you plan to exhibit your images, I am sure that at least one of these applications will meet your expectations!

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