Top 10 Best Modern Open Source Text Editors For Coding in Linux

Are u Looking for the best text editors for Linux for coding? Here is the list of the best code editors for Linux. The best thing is that these are all free and open-source software.

If you ask experienced Linux users, their answers will include Vim, Macs, Nano, etc. No doubt these extraordinary editors are great, but I’m not talking about terminal-based text editors here.

In this article, I am going to take a look at the best open-source code editors for Linux that provide a rich user experience with all the necessary features.

Best modern open-source text editor for Linux

Just because I mainly use Ubuntu, you can also consider it as some of my favorite open-source code editors for Ubuntu. However, this list is also applicable for every other Linux distribution out there.

Note: The list is not in any particular order of ranking.

1. Atom

Atom is another modern open source software that can help for coding  programmers. Atom has been developed by GitHub and promoted as a “hackable text editor for the 21st century”.

Atomic became popular before its first stable release. Based on the excellent list of features, I can definitely call it one of the best text editors for Ubuntu, or any other operating system for that matter.

Don’t just take my word for it. A look at some key features of Atom Code Editor:

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Easily extensible
Built-in package manager with a large number of plugins available
Smart autocompletion
Split window
Embedded Git Control
Command palette support

Atom offers .deb and .rpm packages on its official website. You can easily follow our tutorial to install Atom on Ubuntu and Fedora-based Linux distributions.

In any case, you can also go to their GitHub page for sources.

2. Visual Studio Code

Now don’t just push the panic button. Visual Studio Code is completely open-source.

In fact, Visual Studio Code was one of the first ‘Shanti Prasad’ of Linux and open source world from Microsoft.

Visual Studio Code is an excellent code editor for all types of tasks. It is mild as well. Some of the salient features are:

Intellisense provides useful signal and auto-completion
Built-in Git Support

There are many extensions available to download the built-in extension manager

  • Integrated terminal
  • Custom snippet support
  • Debugging tool
  • Support for a large number of programming languages
  • Cross-platform

Installing Visual Studio code and other Fedora-based distributions on Ubuntu is very easy for Snap and Flatpack packages.

Alternatively, you can also download the .deb / .rpm package for Ubuntu, Fedora and other Linux distributions from its official website.

3. VSCodium

If you want to get rid of the license of Telemetry, Branding and Visual Code Studio, then VSCodium is for you.

You can find the .deb / .rpm package on your GitHub page with files for Windows or ARM-based systems. If you prefer to use the flatpack, you can also find it listed on the flathub. For reference, you can take a look at our Flatpack Guide for help.

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4. Bracket

Bracket is an open-source code editor from Adobe. It focuses specifically on the needs of web designers with built-in support for HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

It is light and yet powerful. It provides you with inline editing as well as a live preview feature. There are lots of plugins available to further enhance your experience with brackets.

Some key features of the bracket code editor are:

  • Inline editing
  • live preview
  • Preprocessor support
  • Built-in Extension Manager
  • Cross-platform

You can list it in your software center. But, if it is not there, you can get the latest .deb file directly from its official website.

In my case, the .deb file does not work due to some asymmetric dependency. However, I pop on Pop OS 20.04! Was able to install it via _shop (flatpack package). You can refer to our Flatpack Guide to install brackets on your Linux distribution using Flatpack.

Unfortunately, you will not get a .rpm package. So, if you want to install brackets on other Linux distributions, you can check their GitHub release section for the source.

5. Cuda text

CudaText is a neat open source text editor that is a cross-platform option that also includes Linux.

It may not be the best, but it is suitable for HTML / CSS coding, it gives you the ability to tweak the editor’s theme with some of the options available.

If you want a simple and fast solution with a modern look / feel, then you should try CudaText. Here are some of the key features that it provides:

You can get the latest release files to install from FossHub. Also, you can check out our separate article on CudaText to learn more about it and how to set it up.

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In either case, visit their official website for more information.

6. Gated

If you want a simple yet beautiful experience, then Gedit is a great choice.

Of course, it may not give you a rich UI – but it is a clean and modern looking text editor compared to some others.

Some of the key features it provides are:

  • Full support for internationalized text
  • syntax highlighting
  • Word autocomplete
  • Spell check
  • text wrapping
  • Cross-platform

It comes pre-installed by default on Linux distributions with the GNOME desktop environment. But, if you do not have it installed, you can install it from your respective package manager or software center.

You can also find it available for Windows 10 and macOS. For more information, you should check their official GNOME wiki page.

7. Lite

A fairly new text editor for coding on Linux (and also for Windows). When compared to others, the purpose of this editor is to provide a faster experience without compromising user experience.

Unfortunately, until now, there is no easy way to install it, you have to build it from source on Linux.

You can see their GitHub page for more information on the source.

Promising code editors that are no longer actively developed

What do you like ?

Here, we limited our options with open-source options that are potential modern text editors for coding. Of course, you have a lot of other options like notepad ++ optional notepadak or sciencete and many more.

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