Best mobile apps that teach beginners how to cook

For a long time, it seemed like the only way home cooks could improve their skills was by watching the pros on TV and trying to (with difficulty) recreate their beautiful dishes.

Meanwhile, cookbooks are useless if you have no knowledge of the basics of cooking. Well, both Julia Child and Emeril Lagas dodged. Now, the best way to teach yourself how to cook is to reach into your pocket and grab your phone, thanks to these apps.

Best Mobile Apps That Teach Beginners How to Cook - Android iOS

1. Tasty

Best Mobile Apps That Teach Beginners How to Cook - Android iOS

Tasty from BuzzFeed provides young and old home chefs with amazing, simple recipes. This website offers an all-in-one recipe videos, flyers, how-to guides and more to help home cooks expand and develop their skills. Check out the best cheap and easy recipe sites to cook healthy meals at home on a budget.

The app’s best features include low-ingredient recipe options, easy search tools, diet customization options, and an automated shopping list. The app’s recipes are fairly basic as they’ve been personalized, which means more experienced chefs may crave for more. But this app is perfect for any new chef.

Download: Tasty for iOS | Android (Free)

2. Yummly

Best Mobile Apps That Teach Beginners How to Cook - Android iOS

Yummly is one of the most futuristic apps that a new chef can use in the kitchen. The app features easy step-by-step recipes with video instructions and more to ensure dinner is perfect every night of the week.

The app easily connects to the Apple Health app, letting you know exactly what benefits and disadvantages you’re receiving from a particular meal. You can also check the ingredients you have with the camera and the app will select the perfect recipe option for you based on what’s already in your kitchen.

Yummly offers classic recipes that use new techniques. The app focuses on the future of the kitchen.

Download: Yummly for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

3. Kitchen Stories Recipes

Best Mobile Apps That Teach Beginners How to Cook - Android iOS

Although the Internet offers many recipes for beginners, it is difficult to confirm the taste and secrets of the recipe on your first try. Kitchen Stories Recipes is a shared app where users upload personal recipes to use in any kitchen around the world.

In the community, you and others can talk about the successes and failures of a recipe online. Its users upload thousands of recipes every year which include visual, written and verbal instructions to help. The service also offers active participation in the community, rather than just simple recipes and tools.

Download: Kitchen Stories Recipes for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

4. SideChef

Best Mobile Apps That Teach Beginners How to Cook - Android iOS

Meal planning is one of the main reasons why people start to have more control over the cooking of their meals. Many people need healthy meal options when embarking on a healthy journey or in order to start a new fitness session. Check out the best free fitness apps to build the habit of doing regular exercises.

SideChef is a great helper for every step of meal planning and works seamlessly to integrate your weekly meals with your shopping list. This means that customers can order groceries through the app and use the same system to prepare meals a week later.

Use in-app cookbooks to save favorite recipes and find it easy to prepare different dishes with SideChef.

Download: SideChef for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Epicurious

Best Mobile Apps That Teach Beginners How to Cook - Android iOS

Epicurious brings you more than just entertaining recipes and cooking videos. It now includes some great tools to help improve your culinary skills, such as a multi-faceted kitchen timer and a seasonal food finder.

A kitchen timer helps chefs set cooking temperatures to ensure the perfect cooking level every time, no matter what ingredient is being prepared. The seasonal food finder is a great tool for those trying to shop locally, showing where to find the best, freshest, homemade ingredients.

This setting could dramatically change your relationship with food and your community.

Download: Epicurious for iOS (Free)

6. Mealime

Best Mobile Apps That Teach Beginners How to Cook - Android iOS

Mealime is the perfect app for anyone looking for a basic kitchen helper. Some other applications in this field have huge amounts of information on their screens. By contrast, Mealime opts for a basic approach.

It has easy tabs to access your current meal plans, grocery lists and favorite recipes. You can also save your personal recipes, making it a virtual recipe book.

Mealime doesn’t make any extra mess, which is a recurring problem with many cooking apps. There’s also a section highlighting food savings due to meal planning — you might be shocked to know how much money you’re throwing in the trash.

Download: Mealime for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

7. Oh She Glows

Best Mobile Apps That Teach Beginners How to Cook - Android iOS

Oh She Glows was originally a blog written by Andrea Lydon that featured bright and sexy vegan recipes. The app offers the same beautiful design and style options as the website.

New vegetarian chefs understand how difficult it can be to find delicious, healthy recipes. Oh She Glows features over 160 vegan recipes with stunning HD images. The only drawback with this app is the lack of consistent recipe updates. You can check out the best vegan eating apps to create a unique vegan diet (Android and iOS).

Oh She Glows is discerning while using it, helping to change many vegetarian meals from boring to pretty.

Download: Oh She Glows for iOS ($1.99, in-app purchases available) | Android ($2.49, in-app purchases available)

8. BigOven

Best Mobile Apps That Teach Beginners How to Cook - Android iOS

The BigOven Recipes and Meal Planner app is a great option for anyone looking to have all their nutritional needs covered in one place. The menu contains some powerful essential tools every home chef needs, such as a grocery list manager, meal planner, recipe finder and ultimately a potential money saver.

With the Use Up Leftovers option, BigOven helps novice chefs discover how to get creative with nothing but existing kitchen ingredients. This app is less popular than the other options on this list, but it has some fans who vouch that this is the best kitchen helper.

Download: BigOven for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

9. Pinterest

Best Mobile Apps That Teach Beginners How to Cook - Android iOS

Pinterest offers recipes for every occasion. No matter the meal or the season, it has the perfect choice for what you crave. Pinterest lets you pin recipes and other cooking tips online to move those pages later.

Pinterest is a great choice for home cooks because it allows you to not only iterate on new meals, but also proven designs for table settings, party themes, and more. Pinterest provides ideas for every step in the meal, compared to just having the recipe like some other apps.

Download: Pinterest for iOS | Android (Free)

10. Paprika Recipe Manager 3

Best Mobile Apps That Teach Beginners How to Cook - Android iOS

Paprika Recipe Manager 3 includes some exciting options for home chefs. One of the best ones is the companion macOS app, which means you can easily keep track of your meal planning, grocery budgets, and recipe books on your computer as well.

This will be incredibly useful for people who love to work on multiple devices, as the idea behind the app revolves around finding recipes online. Save recipes from a variety of websites and the app automatically reformats the recipes for easier reading and access.

Download: Paprika Recipe Manager 3 for iOS ($4.99) | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

future chef

While it may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of technology, the home kitchen has seen some of the best developments in recent years.

Now, with your iPhone or Android device and a few apps, you can learn how to become a better cook, prepare great meals using what you have in your home, and much more. Try these tools and see what you can do next! Check out the best restaurant picker apps to help you decide where to eat your next dinner if you can’t make dinner for tonight.

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