Best Kids Coloring Apps for iPad and iPhone

Although arts and crafts is a great way to bring out the creativity in your child, it is often very time consuming due to the preparation and cleanup that comes with it. Fortunately for parents, technology has evolved to transcend the chaos with amazing iPad and iPhone apps, created to help your child learn and play in a safe, fun and clean way!

If you want to cheer up the little Picasso in your home without making too much of a mess, try the specially developed kids coloring apps on iOS or iPadOS.

Best Kids Coloring Apps for iPad and iPhone - iOS iPadOS

1. Baby Coloring Book for Kids

Best Kids Coloring Apps for iPad and iPhone - iOS iPadOS

Baby Coloring Book for Kids is the perfect app for young artists and those who are just starting their coloring journey. The graphics are very basic and lead to easy and simple coloring book options for your child.

The app features more than 135 coloring pages divided into multiple categories such as animals, exotic shapes and princesses. The color options also include printed patterns, which makes it a fun and creative coloring app for you and your child.

Download: Baby Coloring Book for Kids (Free, in-app purchases)

2. Disney Coloring World

Best Kids Coloring Apps for iPad and iPhone - iOS iPadOS

If your child can’t have enough of fun after watching Frozen but can’t stand the thought of listening to “Let it Go” anymore, try downloading Disney Coloring World instead. This app gives your child access to hundreds of Disney drawings, including all their favorite Disney princesses, Pixar characters, and more.

The app features many different color and pattern options. If your child gets bored of the constant coloring, the app also includes a cool stickers section, so that you and your child can have fun recreating all their favorite scenes.

Disney Coloring World can also be used with the Apple Pencil, helping to teach your child extra dexterity. Check out the best apps to use with Apple Pencil.

Download: Disney Coloring World (Free trial, subscription required)

3. Crayola Create and Play

Best Kids Coloring Apps for iPad and iPhone - iOS iPadOS

Crayola has always been considered the king of children’s art supplies and it’s no surprise that the Crayola Create and Play app is just as fun as the actual products. Crayola has many options in terms of apps, but Create and Play is the ultimate Crayola coloring companion.

This app features actual Crayola products, such as crayons and markers, so your child can feel as if they’re coloring in real life. With the Crayola Create and Play app, you can clean up the giant craft supply area in your home, because everything you need is in the app.

Your child can choose between classic coloring options, interactive worlds, and games. The entertainment does not end with this app!

Download: Crayola Create and Play (Free trial, subscription required)

4. Joy Doodle: Movie Color & Draw

Best Kids Coloring Apps for iPad and iPhone - iOS iPadOS

Growing up means going beyond some basic coloring books that entertain toddlers and school kids. Joy Doodle is a bright and exciting coloring app that features neon color schemes and dark black backgrounds to create an intense and alternative color scheme.

This app features more than 20 different brush styles which add a lot of excitement while painting. This app does not contain images to color within the lines, but instead encourages you to draw to encourage creativity.

After you finish drawing, you can watch a movie of what was drawn over and over again.

Download: Joy Doodle (Free, Pro version available)

5. Marvel Color Your Own

Best Kids Coloring Apps for iPad and iPhone - iOS iPadOS

If your child dreams of being the next major superhero, let their creativity flow with the Marvel Color Your Own app. This app is packed with hundreds of Marvel designs featuring characters from the most popular movies and comics, such as Captain America, Spider-Man, and the entire Avengers team. Check out the best superhero apps and games for comic book lovers.

This app is compatible with iPad and Apple Pencil, which means your child will feel like a true comic book artist with every stroke.

Download: Marvel Color Your Own (Free trial, subscription required)

6. Pixel Art

Best Kids Coloring Apps for iPad and iPhone - iOS iPadOS

Pixel Art is the perfect app to help keep the kids entertained while waiting for an important date. This app is very touch sensitive, which is useful when you use your finger to draw by numbers.

This app features hundreds of designs for you to explore, covering everything from breakfast items to bears. It even includes some exciting 3D painting options to bring your creativity to life. Kids will love the soothing feeling that comes from painting by numbers and the beautiful colors that Pixel Art provides.

Download: Pixel Art (Free, Pro version available)

7. Toonia Colorbook

Best Kids Coloring Apps for iPad and iPhone - iOS iPadOS

Toonia provides a very quiet platform for your child’s coloring needs. Soothing music and background ambiance pair perfectly with the simple yet beautiful coloring designs. Simple patterns and pictures make this app perfect for helping your child learn about colors and shapes.

Setting up a multi-touch sensor means you and your child can work together on one piece and feel accomplished in your work together. There are more than 160 designs in more than 100 colors to choose from, so you can try a new design many times.

Download: Toonia Colorbook (Free, in-app purchases)

8. Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets

Best Kids Coloring Apps for iPad and iPhone - iOS iPadOS

Crayola has developed an incredibly creative way for your child to learn about colors and clean up simultaneously. Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets app is a very creative coloring game.

The free app allows your child to choose one of 30 creatures for adoption. He can then color the animal to his preference, with different colors and effects. Once you’re done playing it’s time to clean up!

The second part of the app involves washing the new pet at the groomer before creating a new design! Once each option has been cleaned up, it is possible to start over again and again!

Download: Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets (Free)

Set how long to use the device

It’s unbelievable that kids these days can play with arts and crafts and explore their creativity from anywhere and at any time. All they need is to unlock their parent’s iPad or iPhone and suddenly every color and design imaginable is available with the tap of a finger.

But too long screen time can quickly turn into a problem, especially with these exciting apps and devices. If you’re looking to get your kids off the iPad and back into the real world, there are plenty of apps that can adjust how long you can use the device to try.

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