Best hashtag apps for Instagram on iOS and Android devices

According to some reliable statistics, using a single hashtag can increase the engagement of a post by more than 12%. For example, when you use a hashtag, your post will appear on that tag’s page as well as in the feed of people who are currently following that hashtag (even if they aren’t following you). So, if you want to reach more people, boost your presence, and get more followers, here are the best hashtag apps for Instagram for iOS and Android.

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram on iOS and Android Devices - Android iOS

1. Instagram

The Instagram app has a built-in search option that enables you to search for specific hashtags and find the number of posts within them. Moreover, when you post any image, you can always add hashtags and click on keyword suggestions to get some ideas. You can include up to 30 hashtags in a post, and up to 10 hashtags in a story. Although most people on Instagram use no more than 3-4 hashtags per post. Plus there are some tricks to hide hashtags on Instagram. Finally, don’t use hashtags that are too long, as they are difficult for people to follow.

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram on iOS and Android Devices - Android iOS


  • You do not have to install any additional application.
  • It is easy to find the rating of the post using the hashtag.
  • Use the auto-suggestion of relevant hashtags to get some ideas.


  • Not a good option for creating multiple hashtags.
  • Specific options.
  • There is no option to create hashtags from photos.

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2. Hashtagify

Best for: Create hashtags using photos by relying on artificial intelligence

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram on iOS and Android Devices - Android iOS

If you are not sure which hashtag to use for your photos, use this app to generate hashtags automatically. Just open the app, swipe up to load the image from your gallery, give it a few moments, and the app will then show the relevant hashtag. If you’re thinking it’s a gimmick, I tried it out with my bearded face and a cup of coffee, and the app was able to predict what’s on pretty well. So, if you don’t want to manually search for hashtags, this is a good way to save time.

The only downside is that you get 5 free predictions, after which you can either donate to use the app or wait for more than 66 days to refill your attempts. You can also check out our hashtag builder on the web.

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3. HashTags for Instagram

Best for: Get simple, direct hashtags

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram on iOS and Android Devices - Android iOS

You simply want a good, categorized way to find hashtags without any frills, you may find this app a perfect fit. The application has a straightforward user interface. Where to find all the hashtag categories on the home screen. You can either scroll through the hashtag categories like Popular, Nature, Social, Family, Art & Photography, Food, etc. or use the search bar to find hashtags related to your post. These hashtags also have subcategories, which you can copy in one click and paste directly into your Instagram profile. The app is free and does not contain any ads.

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4. Tagify

Best for: Create hashtags automatically with keywords

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram on iOS and Android Devices - Android iOS

Unlike the previous app, this app lets you mix and match different hashtags through the post description. All you have to do is simply open the app, and describe your post in a maximum of six words. For example, if your post is a photo of your recent travels, you can add keywords like travel, mountain climbing, hiking, dog trails, etc. By doing this, you give the app a database to create hashtags associated with keywords. It pre-selects 30 relevant hashtags for you, but in case you are not satisfied, you can easily browse for similar hashtags within the same tab. In addition, the copy option works like the above application.

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5. In Tags

Best for: Filter hashtags according to the number of posts

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram on iOS and Android Devices - Android iOS

If you want to use hashtags that have less or moderate competition, the tab constructor In this application there are filters that enable you to search accurately. You have to add six keywords (just like the previous option), although it has an extra slider where you can create hashtags that contain only a certain amount of posts. For example, you can set the slider to 0-30K which will show you hashtags with posts between that limit. Moreover, you can find the number(s) next to each hashtag in the search, so you can select only what you want. You should note that the search filter is accurate for large post numbers, so try to filter this category more.

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6. Hashtag Inspector

Best for: Find Instagram Challenges

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram on iOS and Android Devices - Android iOS

This app has the most polished user interface on this list. The usual features aside, the app has a section dedicated to popular Instagram challenges, so you can use this hashtag and post in the trending trend to spur your follower growth. It also shows who started the challenge and the famous people who participated in it.

The app also comes with a premium version that costs $1.5 per month that gives you access to the best hashtags and removes all ads (although I didn’t find any).

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7. Hashtag Generator Tool (Web)

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram on iOS and Android Devices - Android iOS

If you’re a business or you’re dealing with an artist account (like me), you’re probably scheduling your posts from your computer. Since you work most of the time on your computer, the mobile app is not a viable option for searching for hashtags. Head over to All Hashtag, where you can just type in a keyword and create the corresponding hashtags. Not only does it show you hashtags for the word of your choice but it also offers plenty of other alternatives and options. You can copy and paste it easily with one click.

concluding remarks

If you want more followers, there is no doubt that you will have to use more and more perfect hashtags in your posts. If I were to suggest two apps to help you find the right one, the first one would be Hashtag Inspector, because it has a great user interface and also shows hashtags related to your keyword. The other option is undoubtedly Hastagify because it is a great AI hashtag generation app which I thought was a gimmick at first but it worked really well. So, that was our list of the best hashtag apps for Instagram. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below.

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