Best Free Printable Board Games

Sometimes we don’t have time to run to the store for a new game, or maybe we can’t find any good game options, don’t worry! There are a plethora of free printable board games waiting for you online, and my job is to bring them to you.

And if you’re looking for a new hobby, you might consider exploring the world of printable board games and printable card games. It turns out it’s easy to make your own games for free.

Best Free Printable Board Games - Games

There are plenty of games available to download and print at home. And all you need are dice and poker chips. Here are some great free printable games and printable card games to get you started.

1. Kill Doctor Lucky

Set in the Lucky Mansion, the objective of the game is to find and kill Doctor Lucky. It’s aptly named, so it’s not as easy as it sounds. Moreover, you have competition with your opponents.

This free, printable game is based on the 2002 definitive edition of Kill Doctor Lucky and includes five PDFs to download. You will also need some player pieces. Chess pawns and checkers should do the trick.

2. Take-Back Toe

Best Free Printable Board Games - Games

Take-Back Toe looks easy and simple to learn. Better yet, you can play it over and over again without getting bored.

Take-Back Toe requires 40 poker chips (or checkers), a 4×3 grid and six-sided dice, the Take-Back Toe has its roots in the traditional games of mancala and backgammon. It’s a strategy game you can print, with a gamepad designed to fit a standard mouse mat.

This means that if you want to print it out on a 9″ x 7.5″ mouse mat, you can.

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3. Doctor Who: Solitaire Story Game

This solo adventure game is based on the British TV series Doctor Who created by Simon Coogan. It is a booklet-based adventure game in which you play as a doctor, basically writing your own adventure of Doctor Who.

“Evil events have transcended the universe! Timelords and your home planet were destroyed by Gallifrey in wartime. But you managed to escape, and now you’re up for a new challenge, using your TARDIS controller as it flies through the Time Vortex. ”

The game requires four downloadable manuals: the rules Andadventures Andenemies AndEvents. You will also need Six-sided dice. Cards help you to win allies, fight enemies, and participate in events and adventures. Several expansions are also available, including a story book based on Doctor Who, Torchwood.

4. Cards Against Humanity

You may have heard of Cards Against Humanity. Described as a “party game for terrible people”, it is available for download under the Creative Commons license (What are Creative Commons?).

The download for this printable arcade game is around 9MB, which means you’ll need quite a bit of ink. In fact, while this game is downloadable, the designers advise you to head to one of the print shops. They estimate that printing will cost about $10.

As a card game to go, Cards Against Humanity is remembered. But it is not for children.

If you really like it, you can buy Cards Against Humanity instead.

5. TimeLine

Best Free Printable Board Games - Games

Another game with a time travel theme, TimeLine challenges you to find important artifacts throughout history. With items redeemed, you have to travel to the end of time to sell them.

TimeLine is basically a card game, with all three PDFs downloaded. You will also need pawns for each player and 20 colored chips. Simple, fun and relatively light in size, TimeLine is suitable for playing while traveling.

6. Zombie In My Pocket

Zombie In My Pocket is a fun solo game where you fight against zombies under the Creative Commons license. The Standard Card and the Evolution Cards mean you get a different game every time you play. It has been downloaded more than 72,000 times, and it takes just a few moments to download and print.

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What’s more, the visual design of this printable game is amazing, probably the best on this list.

The single game print is small enough to fit in your pocket. This also means that you can play Zombie In My Pocket while you are sitting on the train, waiting in the airport lounge, or anywhere else you can think of.

7. Pirates and Plunder

Best Free Printable Board Games - Games

Inspired by Carcassonne, this tile-laying game lets you play as a pirate on the seas. Explore islands, establish trade routes, and defeat your opponents.

Pirates and Plunder requires you to use printable ship pieces, or something that looks like a boat that you already have. The tiles (only 179KB in size) can be downloaded and printed, but you’ll need a color printer and something to add weight. Card, plastic, or cork should do the trick.

This is a great game, especially suitable for family play. After all, kids love to be pirates.

8. LEGO Guess Who?

Best Free Printable Board Games - Games

Here’s a great way to update your old boxed Guess Who game? A game, with a LEGO flavor. If you find the original game repetitive a bit, the answer is Mom Blogger Keri Houchin.

With the printable you can replace the original game Guess Who? The cards will enable you to create a new LEGO themed game. Better yet, you can do this yourself. As Kerry notes: “I just shot a bunch of thumbnails and edited the images in Photoshop. All characters were given names for the sake of the game. ”

Like LEGO Guess Who? Is there an official LEGO What Am I? Game, complete with 16 minifigs.

9. Make Your Own Monopoly

Best Free Printable Board Games - Games

Monopoly is probably the most popular board game in the world, as it comes in many different flavors. From Star Wars to Fortnite, across many major cities in the world, and even Cheater’s Edition, it’s still popular.

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But what if you wanted to print your own Monopoly board game?

Blogger Shauna1934 created a completely blank version of Monopoly, including cards for cash, money, and property. You’ll need to arrange your Chance and Community Chest cards, but that’s a pretty hefty download. It’s a smart idea to have the colored paper ready for the monopoly money.

You will need nine pieces of paper (to stick on a card) for the board. The instructions show how to print the board image on multiple sheets of paper, but you need to do some work as well. In the end, you will have a customized version of the game Monopoly to play with your family and friends.

How long do printable board games last?

If you’re printing your own board games, you’ll save money on polished presentation, transportation, or shipping and time. But is it really worth it?

Although printable games can be like having a game on the fly from the printer, it’s not an ideal process. After all, like real games, cards, cards and boards can be worn. Therefore, it is a good idea to take the time to laminate your prints to help them last.

You can also buy some pieces and dice, and keep them safe in a plastic tub.

Find more printable card games and board games

The games presented above are just a few of the great free printable games that you can download today. Looking for more games to print? Try these sites:

  1. Free Printable: Offers a range of printable board games, as well as word searches and crossword puzzles.
  2. BoardGame Geek: The best board game lovers site with many board games downloadable for free.
  3. CheapAss Games: This site features a selection of board games, card games, and even demo games.

By now you are supposed to find all the printable board games you can get your hands on. Want something different? Then try out these great games based on video games instead.

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