Best Free Online City Building Games You Will Find Like SimCity

The city building type of game has been around for decades. Over the years, a whole host of building processes have laid the foundations to create a bustling library of games that challenge us to be the best architects and strategists we can be. They allow us to spread our creative wings, manage the lives of virtual citizens, and enable us to live outside our fantasies of being a lord-like figure who can control everything. Talk about a power trip.

Be careful, though: these games have a bad reputation for wasting time. The best city building games have rewarding gameplay that will make the hours addiction light up in a flash. Before you know it, your small town will become a real metropolis teeming with life. And therefore. Satisfying. From your regular city to the colonies in space, there’s plenty to take away from the city building itch, and more and more are being released all the time.

Building and maintaining a city is not easy, but you can have a lot of fun trying. Ditch those architectural blueprints and grab your hard hat as we take you among the best city building games you can play right now.

SimCity is one of the original city building games. Although Cities: Skylines currently holds the potential for city building and management in its crown, SimCity holds a place in the hearts of many would-be city planners. And for good reason.

Best Free Online City Building Games You Will Find Like SimCity - Games

However, if you don’t have the time to play SimCity or Cities: Skylines, why not try a browser-based city-building alternative? Online city building games may not have the same depth as SimCity, but they are a lot of fun nonetheless.

Here are the best online city building games to play in your web browser.

1. Toy Box Metropolis

Best Free Online City Building Games You Will Find Like SimCity - Games

Toy Box Metropolis is a 10 role city building game with a difference: it all takes place on the child’s bedroom floor. Your city is not growing organically. Instead of laying out districts and letting residents and businesses pour into your city, Toy Box Metropolis allocates several items to suit every turn.

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For example, you can select the building option, which in turn allows you to choose different city buildings such as house, palace, office, restaurant, and so on. Selecting a landmark allows you to place a gallery, stadium, or statue. The utility option has a power station, police station, recycling center and other city features.

At each turn, you use building position points to upgrade an existing building. Upgrading a building earns (or loses) points in one of the five thematic categories, such as appearance, culture, and wealth. At the start of each Toy Box Metropolis game, you can choose from a list of objectives and your actions will determine your final score.

2. Final Earth 2

Best Free Online City Building Games You Will Find Like SimCity - Games

Final Earth 2 is a future city and colony management game. Your new city inhabits a floating rock in space. For some unspecified reason, the Earth is now uninhabitable, so this rock is humanity’s new home.

Final Earth 2 works from a 2D side view. You can place buildings to slowly rebuild humanity. Your workers are semi-automated, and keep doing whatever task is available from the buildings you’ve already built. But if you want workers to move from logging to stone mining, you have to direct them.

There are more good grain options, too. One of your initial tasks is to build a hut out of wooden blocks. If you select the forest where your workers collect resources, you can decide whether to cut down and regrow the forest, protect it indefinitely, or cut down and uproot it.

Final Earth 2 strikes a good balance between in-depth city building and resource management, catering to city building enthusiasts. RimWorld fans will enjoy this.

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3. Micropolis Online

Best Free Online City Building Games You Will Find Like SimCity - Games

Micropolis Online is a browser port of the original SimCity. It’s very basic. You can put road, railway and airport. You have a choice between coal and nuclear power. Your areas come in solid blocks that you lay down one at a time. Like modern city building games, your residential, commercial and industrial zones rise over time, which increases your tax revenue.

If you feel grudge, you can choose from one of six disasters to inflict on your residents. Alternatively, turn your Micropolis into a hell pit without any fire or police department.

One important thing to note is that you cannot save your city Micropolis without creating an account. If you accidentally close your browser window, your civilization will go with it.

Micropolis is also one of the games that you can play on your Raspberry Pi without emulators.

4. SimCity 2000

Best Free Online City Building Games You Will Find Like SimCity - Games

If you want to play city building game in your browser, why not play one of the best games ever? SimCity 2000 is available to play in your browser.

How do? Play Classic allows you to play any number of classic and legendary DOS games right from your web browser. The site integrates a DOSBox emulator, allowing you to run SimCity 2000 as if you were in 1993 again.

The Play Classic SimCity 2000 experience is exactly the same as the original. It is easy to use, it runs without additional input, and most importantly you can save your gaming progress.

5. City Creator

Best Free Online City Building Games You Will Find Like SimCity - Games

City Creator is another different type of city building game. She takes something refreshing on that too. In City Creator, you don’t compete for resources or respond to levels of housing demand. Alternatively, you can choose from the available items to build the perfect city scene.

City Creator features charming pixel art that you drag and drop from an isometric viewpoint. There are three building sets to choose from, each with its own unique style. Within each building block, there are roads, pathways, buildings of all different shapes and surfaces, and more. You can combine different building objects within each building set to create some interesting (and sometimes) complex designs.

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City Creator is great because it approaches the city building game from a completely different angle and totally pulls it off.

6. Idle City Builder

Best Free Online City Building Games You Will Find Like SimCity - Games

Kongregate is known for its wide range of browser games. Idle City Builder is a very impractical approach to city building. In fact, you don’t have to do much city building at all. Idle City Builder is an idle game, which means it continues without your input.

In this case, you’re waiting to collect a set amount of coins to unlock the next building tier, upgrading slums, cottages, shops, and more.

Idle City Builder doesn’t suit everyone what a city building game is. You do not set out buildings or withdrawal areas or set tax rates. However, you are upgrading and modernizing your buildings over time, with each upgrade changing the building’s design slightly. Plus, since it’s an idle game, you don’t have to spend hours mastering every aspect of your city. It just works on its own, without your input.

What are the best online city building games?

Final Earth 2 is one of the best browser based city building game available at the moment. It is not a traditional SimCity alternative. But The Final Earth 2 combines strategy, resource collection, and building elements of a good and entertaining browser game.

If you want a more traditional SimCity-like experience, Micropolis offers an abundance of that, although some may find the speed a little slower and the lack of visual development frustrating.

If you like city building games then why not try some of the best city building and city building games.

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