Top 10 Best Free Cloud Apps For Android & iOS In 2019

Things have changed with the advancement of technology, tools are becoming more compact, easier to use and manage. In the old days, you had to use a few MB disks to back up files. A situation that has completely changed because there is currently the cloud computing is at the service of the world. With service Free Cloud, you can Download directly files and save them on the Cloud servers and access it anytime. Thus several facilities were offered to us especially in the management of files. This is how you will be presented in this post, a list of best cloud storage apps for Android and iOS usable in 2019 for store your files securely remotely.

This article is also a guide designed to help you make a choice in the free cloud applications. It is clear that it is still not easy to make the choice, which is why this compilation will allow you to sort through the hundreds offree utility apps of cloud data storage.

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Indeed, we’ve researched it and pulled out some of the best cloud apps that you can easily use based on user ratings, reviews, and their download rates. Cloud applications featured on our list are available on the Google Play store for Android devices and in the App store for iOS devices.

Google Drive – Best Free Cloud Storage App

As the name suggests, it is a product of the giant Google. It is installed in almost all Android device and ChromeBooks, Google drive is an easy-to-learn cloud application of choice for users of other company departments. The Google Drive application has a large storage space, allowing automatic synchronization of photos, fast file sharing, as well as direct modification of documents (texts, spreadsheets and presentations). Google Drive For iOS also exists.

Download Google Drive

Dropbox – For Better Cloud Storage Of Photos

In the list of best cloud and popular apps, Dropbox is unforgettable. It offers up to 20 GB of free storage for your files. DropBox is an efficient backup tool that also allows you to have your data synchronized. There are also some handy apps available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. More interesting is that these applications are functional even offline. The service is secured with AES 256-bit encryption.

Download DropBox

Mozy – Best Secure Storage Service For 2019

Mozy is an efficient cloud storage service for your files. Their motto says that they are primarily committed to protecting your data (which remains to be verified). What’s more interesting with this Cloud service is that you can perform smart and pre-scheduled backups. You can manually adjust the bandwidth limit or let the software do it for you. All your backed up data is encrypted and stored in a secure remote location, accessible anywhere. You can easily get this Cloud app on your smartphone and sync your data.

Download Mozy

Microsoft One Drive – One Of The Best Cloud Apps For Windows

It is one of the best storage apps that I use personally. Onedrive is currently available in the Microsoft Office suite installation pack and if you have a newer version of Windows 10, you will surely find OneDrive built-in. Various Microsoft apps can integrate with OneDrive to sync data from one device to another. OneDrive also offers free cloud apps for iOS and Android.. It is one of the popular cloud storage services that you can use. It offers 5 GB of free cloud storage and after that you need to buy the service if you need more space. You can try it on your devices.

Download OneDrive For iOS

Download OneDrive for Android

Just Cloud – Best Cloud Storage App For Android 2019

It is one of the free and most secure online storage services. The storage capacity offered is unlimited for home users. It is preferable for those who wish back up their files in the most economical way possible. It also offers mobile applications allowing you to easily manage files on your mobiles and browse them using your smartphone. Go ahead, download the app and store your data there.

Download Just Cloud

Yandex Cloud Storage

Top 10 Best Free Cloud Apps For Android & iOS In 2019

Yandex is the Google of the Russians! It is one of the best cloud storage apps, usable directly on your device. You can easily download and manage files with just one click. You can also try this cloud application for free.

Download Yandex Disc For iOS

Download Yandex Disc for Android

Box – Best Cloud Storage App For iPhone In 2019

The surprising news about this app is that users have 10 GB of free data storage. Box also offers several premium plans, but the free version seems sufficient for basic use. THE’Cloud Box application supports Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, etc. It is one of the popular cloud storage services that you can also start using today. Download Box for free on your smartphone for any trial.

Download Box

iCloud – The Best Cloud App For iOS

IOS users should surely have some information about this app. This is one of the secure storage applications preinstalled on iDevices. Designed for iPhone, iPad and Mac but you can also have it on your Android but all you would need is a Apple ID. You can easily have your Apple ID to take advantage of free cloud storage.

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Amazon Drive – Best Free Unlimited Online Photo Storage

Amazon is no longer just e-commerce! This is one of the latest cloud apps dedicated to online storage that you can try. Amazon provides this service in its app and you can easily store your data securely.

Download Amazon Drive

Media Fire: One Of The Best Free Cloud Services

Another best Cloud Application is Media Fire. MediaFire offers a free and easy-to-use storage service. Media Fire brings all your data together in one place. You access your data anywhere and anytime.

Download Media Fire for Android

The app has been removed from the App store but you can still go through its web version via one of your internet browsers.


This is the end of this list of best cloud apps to allow you to store and access your files remotely in the cloud. Which of these Apps do you prefer? or if present us in the comments a free Cloud service that you also use, if you have of course…

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