Best Free and Safe Anonymous Blogging Platforms

Anonymous blogging platforms: In these times of surveillance and intolerance, who doesn’t love their privacy? Wouldn’t it be great if we could talk about our thoughts without fear of receiving any threats or even worse?

Or what if one just wants to express one’s feelings, communicate one’s writings to the masses, yet does not want to reveal one’s identity?

Is it possible to write and publish online anonymously?

Well, a user can definitely create a blog with a pseudonym on any platform and use WhoisGuard, to protect their privacy. But this does not really protect your information.

Ordinary people probably won’t be able to find you, but that’s not entirely impossible. For example, hosting services will contain your credit card information. And most of the popular blogging platforms that offer a free service provide it for free for a reason.

We have curated a list of the best anonymous blogging platforms here. These platforms range from no frills sites to apps, to a smart way to use WordPress anonymously. None of these options require your real name, email address, or any personal details. Let’s take a look at the best ways you can do this:

Best Free and Safe Anonymous Blogging Platforms - The Best

If you want to remain truly anonymous, use a VPN before logging into any of these anonymous blogging platforms.

Best Anonymous Blogging Platforms


for whom: Users who want to transition to anonymous blogging without registration formalities

If you just want to make a post as an anonymous blogger with images and all kinds of embeds, check out Telegraph. promotes itself as a writing platform with a “minimalist, privacy-focused”. The app’s user interface looks very similar to Medium. To start blogging, all you do is click on “Write Something” on the homepage. Then write what you want and click on the “Publish” icon at the top right.

Best Free and Safe Anonymous Blogging Platforms - The Best

By default, sets you as an anonymous user. However, you can change this to a username of your choice. For example, if username – “Tom”, your blog address will become Going to this link will display all of your posts sorted by posted date.

There is a basic user functionality built in: the first time you exit, it asks you to set a passphrase for your account or an email link. There is absolutely no confirmation procedure. This is great from a privacy standpoint: you get two levels of privacy to choose from. If you decide not to use an email, just make sure that you do not forget your username and password, otherwise you will not be able to access your account.

Posting from your username is anonymous to start with as it is not linked to any other data associated with you. This allows you to create an audience on the platform without revealing your true identity. But selecting the anonymous option takes this a step further, making your posts truly anonymous. It’s text only, so there’s no way to combine images, video, or even advanced text formatting.


  1. No email confirmation process
  2. Anonymous posting mode can hide your identity, including writing username


  1. Text formatting functions are very basic
  2. You cannot upload videos, photos or other media

Check out

2. Notepin

for whom: Users who want a more complete feature alternative to

As mentioned earlier, the main drawback of is that it is probably too simple. No support for multimedia such as videos or photos. This means that you are forced to rely on plain text. With the increasing importance of blogging and rich content in the blogging space, it would be nice to have an anonymous platform that allows you to put in more than just text. Notepin is great because it does it all, as does Write, and more.

Best Free and Safe Anonymous Blogging Platforms - The Best

You can choose a username, which then becomes part of your blog URL. Adding a password is optional. After that, you are taken directly to the publishing screen. You can write whatever you want and add photos as well. Strictly speaking, Notepin allows you to load any arbitrary file, but files not related to images appear as text. This is a small but important feature: your anonymous blog post doesn’t have to be just text.

Notepin has a paid subscription option, too. If you choose the higher offer $19 a month, you get additional features like Google Analytics tracking and the option to use a custom domain instead of a Notepin domain.


  1. No login required
  2. Allows you to upload images to complement your blog
  3. Your topics do not appear in Google search results


  1. Advanced blogging features locked behind a paywall

Check out Notepin

3. Vent

for whom: People who want to “vent” emotionally and talk anonymously about things in their life

Vent took the idea of ​​public catharsis and included it with anonymous notation.

The previous two options have a major limitation in terms of audience building: the only way to access your blog using either is for users to visit your blog URL. It is not easy to just search for it. Vent app is a mobile app (available for both Android and iOS). It allows users to search for both users’ keywords and the exits they can link to.

Best Free and Safe Anonymous Blogging Platforms - The Best

This makes your posts more visible to the general public. The idea is to get emotional support from people who care about the feelings you are expressing. Although Vent requires email verification, you have the option to set your user ID to whatever you want, protecting your identity.


  1. Easier for audience members to search and find your posts
  2. Users can communicate with each other and chat
  3. Not showing up in Google search results


  1. Email verification gets rid of one layer of anonymity, because Vent knows who you are

Download Vent (Android | iOS)

4. Lyfster

for whom: Users who want an alternative to Vent that are less focused on emotional venting

Lyfster is a good alternative if you like Vent’s anonymous posting functionality, but with the emotional support aspect removed. What if you just want to discuss things that interest you anonymously? Lyster lets you put up posts and text images using a username of your choice. (You can choose to post anonymously as well.)

Best Free and Safe Anonymous Blogging Platforms - The Best

Functionally, it is very similar to Vent: your posts and content are published under the pseudonym of your choice and the materials are searchable by other users.

While the goal of Lyfster is to have less recognized material, the community is similar to the practice at Vent. We’ve found plenty of people discussing heart attacks and other emotional life events, with other users giving them the support they need.


  1. It does not explicitly emphasize the emotional support aspect – it promotes itself as an anonymous public publication system


  1. Society still puts mainly sectarian content.

Download Lyfster

5. Anonymous Blogging on WordPress

for whom: Full-time bloggers who want to take advantage of WordPress’ rich feature set

While the options we talked about here offer different levels of privacy and blogger-friendly features, there is no competition to what you can achieve with a good WordPress blog. All of the above options don’t show your blog posts on Google search results, so if you want the audience to come from a search engine, WordPress is your go-to platform. And the sheer number of useful plugins, including those that work for SEO, just make it a better blogging platform out of all.

Best Free and Safe Anonymous Blogging Platforms - The Best

What if you could have all the benefits of the right WordPress blog while still keeping your anonymity? You have to jump through some hoops, but it’s possible.

WordPress requires you to sign up with a valid email ID. And if you want to use premium functionality, you’ll need to set up a payment method, which weakens your identity. Fortunately, my tests indicate that WordPress does not blacklist sites that have used temporary email like Temp-Mail. It’s a bit technical to set one up.

All you have to do to use WordPress anonymously is register an account with Temp-Mail ID as username or use a service like Protonmail, avoiding Gmail ID. Next, you need to buy a domain (like and a host. Make sure to use a proxy and most importantly, pay anonymously using bitcoins or cryptocurrency. This is because anyone on the Internet can perform a search on the database and see who paid for it and get the address of the person’s name.

This limits your audience to people who found your URL through other means. WordPress blogs, on the other hand, are indexed by Google. This means that your WordPress anonymous blog will get much more traffic.


  1. All the benefits of a free WordPress subscription
  2. WordPress domain is more unique
  3. Google indexing means more visits


  1. You cannot use any paid features without compromising your identity

Check out WordPress


Each of these anonymous blogging platform options has its own benefits and drawbacks.

If you’re looking to post occasionally, check out the Telegraph from the popular Telegram app. You can publish a single article without registering an account.

Sites like and Notepin take the “anonymous” side very seriously. You don’t need to enter credentials to start your anonymous blog there. However, the lack of Google search indexing means that it will be difficult for new users to find your content. Apps like Vent and Lyfster combine anonymous blogging with social media elements.

These are the platforms where you can share Facebook-like posts while maintaining user anonymity. But even though it protects you from user vetting, the apps themselves require email verification and can learn a lot about you.

Anonymous blogging with WordPress is the closest thing to a trick for an anonymous blogger. With a temporary email ID, you can access all the benefits of WordPress without putting your identity there. The flip side is that you won’t be able to take advantage of any of the many paid WordPress features without risking anonymity.

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