Best Fitbit Alternatives at All Pricing Points

Are you in the market to buy a fitness tracker or smartwatch? With the variety of options available now, finding the right activity tracker that suits your needs can be more difficult and exhausting. But once you know the main characteristics to look for in a fitness tracker, you can make a better decision.

Whether it’s for long battery life, sports tracking, or accurate heart rate monitoring, Fitbit products used to be everyone’s favorite when it comes to a fitness device. That has changed recently for a number of different reasons.

If you find yourself looking for a non-Fitbit fitness tracker, take a look at our list of the best alternatives available today.

Best Fitbit Alternatives at All Pricing Points - The Best

Why are you looking for alternatives to Fitbit?

Fitbit products aren’t everyone’s first choice when it comes to fitness wearables anymore. The main reason for this is Google’s acquisition of the brand. Since this happened, Fitbit users have grown concerned about the privacy of their data and what Google can do with users’ personal health information.

Best Fitbit Alternatives at All Pricing Points - The Best

Aside from users’ distrust of Google’s privacy policies, there is the price factor. Fitbit’s growing popularity around the world has caused prices to increase considerably. This is not always justified either. Today, you can pay less to buy a fitness tracker with the same set of features as what’s on your Fitbit device.

In this article, we are going to mention some of the cheaper Fitbit alternatives, but also some at a similar or higher price. We don’t want to rule out a great device just because it costs more.

Best Fitbit Alternatives to Consider

If you don’t want Google to know literally your every move, and you’re looking for a suitable alternative to Fitbit products, consider investing in one of the following wearable fitness devices.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Features: Best value

the price: 180 dollars

Best Fitbit Alternatives at All Pricing Points - The Best

If you are looking to get the most out of your money, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a good choice. From the sleek, customizable design to the high-tech fitness tracking features, this smartwatch is a great alternative to Fitbit.

When it comes to fitness tracking, Galaxy Watch Active automatically detects 6 different types of sports activity, and can track a few dozen others when selected manually. You can sync the watch with your phone and stream your favorite music while you exercise, as well as get notifications from your phone without being distracted from your exercise routine.

Although the only feature this watch really shines is the heart rate monitor. Galaxy Watch Active sends you real-time alerts when your heart rate goes too high or too low, letting you exercise more efficiently.

The only downside to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is the short battery life.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Features: best price

the price: 50 dollars

Best Fitbit Alternatives at All Pricing Points - The Best

If you are just looking for a basic fitness tracker that tracks your progress and improves your exercise routine, then the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is a great choice. It comes with all standard fitness tracking features, 11 sport modes, and water resistance which makes it suitable to wear while swimming.

The minimalist design combined with the large color screen makes Mi Band 5 a stylish sporting accessory. However, the main feature here is the battery which will last for 10-20 days in a row depending on how much you use your device.

Although Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has some limitations, such as no GPS and some high-end features, it is still a fitness-friendly, wearable and a good alternative to Fitbit. Plus, you can’t beat the price offered.

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Apple Watch Series 5

Features: The best specifications of components and features

the price: from 400 dollars

Best Fitbit Alternatives at All Pricing Points - The Best

The Apple Watch 5 is probably the most advanced Fitbit alternative that you can find on this list and on the market.

The smartwatch comes with an impressive array of features that include retina display that always works and never sleeps, GPS, water resistance, and different exercise modes for better exercise. You can call, text, and even pay for purchases with your Apple Watch 5 without even using your phone. You can also stream music or podcasts directly from your wrist. The built-in compass and ground elevation features make the Apple Watch 5 a good smartwatch for anyone who loves to hike.

Due to the poor battery life, you may have to charge it more often than any other wearable device. Aside from that and its price, there’s not much to love about the Apple Watch 5.

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Polar Unit

Features: Master your exercise routine

the price: 150 dollars

Best Fitbit Alternatives at All Pricing Points - The Best

Polar Unite is a high quality fitness watch and a good fitbit alternative for anyone looking to take their training to the next level. The Unite is the most expensive model from Polar to date.

The selling point here is the wrist-based heart rate monitor. Polar Unite can track every slight change in your heart rate during different types of exercise and help you improve your fitness.

Polar Unite also comes with advanced sleep tracking features, built-in GPS and supports more than 100 different sports modes.

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Amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch

Features: Best waterproof smart watch

the price: 150 dollars

Best Fitbit Alternatives at All Pricing Points - The Best

If most of your fitness activity is related to water, take a look at the Amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch. It’s a stylish smartwatch with an always-on Retina AMOLED display packed with high-tech fitness features.

The Amazfit GTS has all the standard fitness tracking functionality, such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and built-in GPS. Additionally, this smartwatch is water-resistant to 50 meters and comes with a variety of different water aerobics modes.

Add in the great battery life and the ability to receive text messages, calls, and other app notifications, and you’ve got a great Fitbit alternative to yourself.

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Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker

Features: Real-time audio workouts

the price: 60 dollars

Best Fitbit Alternatives at All Pricing Points - The Best

If you are looking for something really out of the box, Moov Now is the perfect pick for you. This is no ordinary fitness tracker. Instead of displaying your health history, Moov Now gives you real-time audio coaching of your fitness activities.

It is equipped with a highly accurate Omni Motion sensor and the most advanced swim tracker that can help you analyze your movement patterns and help you improve your technique.

Other fun additions include the long battery life and the low price.

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Other wearable technologies

Smartwatches and fitness trackers have always been a must for anyone looking to improve their fitness routine and sleep habits. If you are looking to invest in other types of wearables, check out the smart glasses and wearable medical devices available today.

Do you have a Fitbit or any alternative fitness tracker? What is the best feature of your wearable device? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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