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Technology has changed the way students approach their lessons and how the teacher is in the classroom. A student can access a large number of applications on their computer.

Choosing the right type of apps can help you complete tasks, gain or retain knowledge, and improve learning scores. We are going to show you some of the best Windows apps for students that are sure to come in handy during this school year.

Best Essential Windows Apps for Students - Windows

1. OneNote

Best Essential Windows Apps for Students - Windows

Research has shown that taking notes improves your learning outcomes. Microsoft OneNote comes with a wide range of features for capturing information and managing notes. You can write notes, insert images, videos, tables, and more to structure and connect your ideas in an efficient way.

OneNote Class Notebook is a free add-on for OneNote 2016 that is included with the OneNote app. It is a personal and collaborative workspace for both teacher and student. Teachers can create notebooks for each class and manage which students access and distribute the handout content library.

With Class Notebook, you can get real-time feedback from your teacher. It can easily integrate with your Learning Management System (LMS) to take assignments or submit grades directly from your notebook. If this interests you, read How to use OneNote in school efficiently.

Download: OneNote for Windows 10 | OneNote Desktop 2016 | OneNote Class Notebook (Free)

2. Google Drive

Best Essential Windows Apps for Students - Windows

Google Drive is a free service with a built in office suite that offers file syncing and cloud storage. It allows you and the teacher to collaborate and discuss any topic. Documents help you write essays and assignments with accurate citations. Follow these tips and tricks to increase the productivity of Google Docs.

A spreadsheet app is a great choice for studying data analysis, statistics, and mathematics. Google Slides allows you to make presentations and review lecture notes given by your teacher. The office suite is integrated into Google Drive, where you can share or sync files with your classmates and teachers.

If your school has signed up for Microsoft 365 for Education, sign in with your email address .edu And install the office suite.

Download: Google Drive, GSuite for Education (Free)

3. Anki Flashcards

Best Essential Windows Apps for Students - Windows

Studying any subject includes reading, taking notes, and memorizing. Anki is a flashcard app to help you remember complex facts, formulas or terms. It is the best study app for your PC. Start by creating playing cards and note cards. You can include items with some locked (hidden) words, optional flip cards, and more.

You can also create a card and customize its settings. The built-in card browser lets you view and edit any note you’ve learned or added recently. While learning an old or new card, Anki will periodically shuffle your cards to check how much you have learned or memorized.

Anki estimates learning progress and syncs it with Windows and the mobile app. Anki Flashcards supports both active recall and spaced repetition techniques to enhance your long-term memory.

Download: Anki Flashcards (Free)

4. MyHomework

Best Essential Windows Apps for Students - Windows

Study planner app for PC can help you organize homework and keep track of all activities. With myHomework, you’ll never lose track of your classes, schedule or homework. The dashboard provides a complete summary of the classes you attend, the learning programs, and details of assignments.

The calendar view provides a quick overview of classes, organized by date. The homework option has a kanban-style layout with three lists: complete, late, and next. Within each card, you can create reminders and add color coding for categories.

The free version of myHomework lets you sync and track assignments, classes, and due date reminders. A premium subscription gives you more themes, lets you attach files, access an external calendar, and more.

Download: myHomework (Free, Subscription: $5/year)

5. Wolfram Alpha

Best Essential Windows Apps for Students - Windows

Google crawls the web to give you the best information possible. However, it is not enough for students to learn something new. Wolfram Alpha is a computational search engine to answer any question using a built-in knowledge base and artificial intelligence.

You can use this tool to search for specific information about units, formula, equations, statistics, data analysis, scientific interpretation with facts or numbers, and more. You can practice science quizzes and math puzzles or get answers from different topics like finance, calculus, algebra and statistics with a single click.

Download: Wolfram Alpha (Windows: $3, Web: Free, Subscription: $4.75 per month)

6. Polar

Best Essential Windows Apps for Students - Windows

Polar is an all-in-one reader, document manager that lets you keep all your reading materials in one place. The app supports folders and tags, tracks your reading progress, and built-in annotation tools allow you to simplify learning from a variety of digital sources.

You can mark them, take notes, and manage them using the Annotations sidebar. Polar performs spaced repetition of flashcards and annotations. Using this, you can increase learning outcomes and keep things in your memory. The app supports Anki Sync to sync flashcards with Anki.

Polar supports incremental reading. It divides articles into logical steps to facilitate the assimilation process. Built-in page tags keep track of how much you’re reading, and open the annotation sidebar to show any notes you’ve taken.

There is a Chrome extension that allows you to capture any web page and save it to the app.

Download: Polar Bookshelf (Free, Subscription: $5 per month)

7. Zotero

Best Essential Windows Apps for Students - Windows

Zotero is an open source reference manager designed to collect, organize, and cite references. It is an essential school app for your laptop. Each reference constitutes an element. The element contains different metadata, depending on the type of document. When you run, you’ll see three sections: The right pane contains all the items under My Library.

Center items and their metadata appear in the left pane. When you find an interesting research paper, click the Zotero Connector button to clip your articles. The application automatically fills in the relevant metadata, attaches the link, and inserts a PDF file if available. Then add a tag or note to the item.

While working on the assignment, use the word processor plugin to include your references as quotes. Zotero supports all major styles, including Chicago, MLA, APA, and magazine styles.

Download: Zotero (Free)

8. Grammarly

Best Essential Windows Apps for Students - Windows

When writing your first draft, it is common to find misspellings, poorly written sentences, or incorrectly used punctuation. Grammarly helps you improve the quality of your writing by identifying and correcting errors in spelling, vocabulary, and even sentence structure.

It offers mobile and tablet apps and add-ons that integrate with every browser. In addition to that, you also get other advanced correction tools like plagiarism, vocabulary improvement, built-in grammar tips, and professional proofreading at a nominal cost. Check with your school if this app is available.

Download: Grammarly (Free)

9. Cold Turkey

Best Essential Windows Apps for Students - Windows

Online games, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other websites are in a race to get your limited attention. Many people blame themselves for their inability to stay away from social media networks. As a student, it becomes essential to stay focused and make time for creative activities and sports.

Cold Turkey is a lightweight utility application that allows you to block websites and prevent distractions from applications for a specified period of time. Select the websites and when you want to restrict websites. While locked, you cannot disable the application’s functionality or change the time.

Download: Cold Turkey (Free, Paid: $39)

10. Edraw Mindmaster

Best Essential Windows Apps for Students - Windows

Mindmaster is a rich and easy-to-use mind mapping app for students. The application offers an interface similar to Microsoft Office. On the menu bar, you will find all the important elements of the mind map. You can insert topics, images, links, draw lines, add notes, and more.

When running, select a model from the library. By default, the app offers several ready-made templates, clipart, and vector diagrams. The left panel is your main panel. On the left, you’ll find options to change the appearance of the mind map, add background, icons, task due date, view and export outlines, and more.

If you break the Mind Map into separate branches, Mindmaster can automatically create presentation slides from them. Then add a background and notes and export them as a PPT file.

Download: Edraw Mindmaster (Free, Paid: $79)

Every student should bookmark the primary websites

With the right kind of tools, you can plan, write, organize, and focus on your study. The desktop apps for students discussed here are free, so they can easily be part of your educational toolkit. Perhaps, you can use lesser known websites which every student should bookmark as well.

As a student, it is critical to strike a balance between study, classes, and co-curricular activities. That’s why you should think about how you spend your time at school and at home as well. Learn about the best Chromebook apps for students that improve productivity and get things done faster.

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