Best Essential Mobile Apps for Mobile Digital Business Owners

Every mobile digital business owner knows that the lifestyle they have to live would not be possible without a stable internet connection and a decent laptop. But have you also thought about using mobile apps to get more out of your life while traveling?

From easy ticket booking, to rides and better budget management, these are the mobile apps that no digital nomad should do without.

Best Essential Mobile Apps for Mobile Digital Businesses - Android iOS

1. XE Currency Converter

Best Essential Mobile Apps for Mobile Digital Businesses - Android iOS

Every mobile digital worker has faced this situation: You’ve just arrived in a new country, pulled a new type of brightly colored coin from an ATM, and weren’t quite sure what the value of these banknotes would be. This is what the XE Currency Converter is perfect for.

Inside it, you can quickly search for the currency you’re using now, type any amount, and convert it back to your local currency (and many others) instantly. So before you go out and start haggling with the taxi driver, you will know exactly how much money he wants to charge you. Also check out the best money transfer apps.

Download: XE Currency Converter for Android (Free, in-app purchases available) | iOS (Free)

2. Skyscanner

Best Essential Mobile Apps for Mobile Digital Businesses - Android iOS

Whether you know exactly where you’re going and need to get a ticket, or you’re just looking to escape from what you’re experiencing to a random destination, Skyscanner is your lifesaver. Even without a specific departure date, if you just want to find the cheapest time to catch a flight, this app makes it simple.

With Skyscanner, you can type in the city you want to leave from and make your destination everywhere. The app will then provide a list of the cheapest places to travel to from that city. Since the mobile digital worker’s schedule is usually pretty flexible, you can also type in the city you’re traveling to and from, and leave the dates blank.

The app will then list the cheapest days for you to catch the best flight that can suit your preferences.

Download: Skyscanner for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Maps.Me

Best Essential Mobile Apps for Mobile Digital Businesses - Android iOS

While there are plenty of great apps out there that provide step-by-step city guides and instructions, it’s hard to beat the benefit can provide for the intrepid mobile digital worker. The app works whether you have an internet connection or not. It offers everything from hiking trails, directions, city guides, and tourist points as you explore your new surroundings. also lists street art (visual art created in public spaces) and other lesser known landmarks that might interest you, but might be hard to identify otherwise. For example, if you are in Pulau Penang and want to see what other people think about street art before going through the heat to see it, this is the perfect choice.

Download: for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Booking.Com

Best Essential Mobile Apps for Mobile Digital Businesses - Android iOS is used for hotel reservations all over the world. Maybe you’re looking for a nice place to rest a few nights while waiting for your flight to leave Pulau Penang, or you need a place to stay for a week in the small Peruvian town you’re exploring. Either way, is a good app to help you find the right room.

While there are better options for finding long-term accommodation, Booking is great for finding short-term accommodations (anything less than a month). The app has plenty of hotel options in almost every city, as well as a reliable review system so you know what you’re getting into before you book.

Download: for Android | iOS (Free)

5. Google Translate

Best Essential Mobile Apps for Mobile Digital Businesses - Android iOS

This app needs a little introduction. If you have traveled, you are probably familiar with Google Translate. While this app is great for learning new words and helping to choose a new language, it really shines for the mobile digital worker (who can’t realistically learn the language of every destination they visit) by reading the menus and signs.

When you’re in China, Thailand, or one of the many destinations that don’t use the Latin alphabet, reading menus or typing words into the translation app is nearly impossible. With Google Translate’s camera feature, you can tell which item you want, and easily route your selection to your server.

Download: Google Translate for Android | iOS (Free)

6. Airbnb

Best Essential Mobile Apps for Mobile Digital Businesses - Android iOS

While is ideal for short-term stays, Airbnb is great for long-term destinations. When you book a stay with Airbnb, you can get some great deals by booking over a month.

Oftentimes, everyone who lists their properties on the app will offer a 50 percent (or more) discount to anyone who rents for 28 days or more. This will also give you a kitchen and all the comforts of home that hotels simply don’t provide. Check out the best travel management and trip planning apps.

Download: Airbnb for Android | iOS (Free)

7. Wikiloc

Best Essential Mobile Apps for Mobile Digital Businesses - Android iOS

Wikiloc is ideal if you are a mobile digital business owner who loves the outdoors. The app has plenty of hiking trails — both popular and off the beaten path. These paths are logged and submitted by other Wikiloc users.

The app also lets you add a trail to explore. Not only does this make it easier to find that path again if you want to explore it, but it can help you get back to the starting position. Any route you log will also provide great information, such as your elevation, speed, and lane length.

Download: Wikiloc for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. Trabee Pocket

Best Essential Mobile Apps for Mobile Digital Businesses - Android iOS

Trabee Pocket is the perfect solution to keep track of exactly how much you’re spending while you’re traveling around the world. This great little app lets you set different destinations and budgets for each place you visit.

You can enter how much you spend on different items in local currency, and label each account (eg food, medicine, entertainment, and the like). The amount you enter will be automatically converted into your local currency, eliminating a lot of guesswork when trying to figure out exactly how much you spent.

Download: Trabee Pocket for Android | iOS (Free, Pro version available)

9. WhatsApp / LINE

Best Essential Mobile Apps for Mobile Digital Businesses - Android iOS

WhatsApp is useful for many different purposes while you are traveling. Not only does it allow you to talk to friends and family at home for free (as long as you have Wi-Fi), but many hotels and Airbnb hosts will use it to keep in touch with you as well.

Across Asia, LINE chatting app is used instead. So if you’re heading to Thailand or Japan, consider downloading both LINE and WhatsApp.

Download: WhatsApp for Android | iOS (Free)

Download: LINE for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

10. Uber / Grab

Best Essential Mobile Apps for Mobile Digital Businesses - Android iOS

Every digital nomad needs to explore places. And while walking is good enough most of the time, when you need to ride, the ride-sharing app is perfect.

Although Uber is great in most places, it is not available in countries like Thailand (although Grab is available). So make sure you have an Uber, and if you don’t have one, head over to Google to find out the best local ride-sharing app in this country.

Download: Uber for Android | iOS (Free)

Download: Grab for Android | iOS (Free)

You are now ready to go

Once you have all these free apps at your disposal, you can easily afford the long-term travel life of a digital nomad. You will be covered no matter what you plan to do.

Whether you’re hiking a lesser-known trail in the Peruvian Andes, researching street art in Berlin, or booking a month in Chiang Mai, you’ll know how to tackle whatever you encounter with minimal effort!

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