Best Driving Learning Apps for iOS and Android

Learning how to drive a car can be a fun and exciting experience. There are driving schools where you can get practical driving training. It is also a good idea to try some driving simulator apps on your smartphone to prepare yourself for yourself.

I am not suggesting that you download and play racing games on your smartphone here. They can be very fun, but they were never intended to teach you safe driving. Where you never get the chance of a second life with a new car in real life after performing some stunts like you do in Asphalt 9. I’m talking about apps that teach you about safety rules, how to park, how to change lanes, etc.

Although the entire training may seem banal, apps can help you quickly keep up with the rules and other aspects. Of course, this does not guarantee that you should use them while driving.

Getting a driver’s license requires a long list of tests, whether it’s a written test, where your knowledge of the road is checked, or a driving test, which puts you in a realistic driving scenario. While most people can attend a driving school, or practice using the car at home. You can really sharpen your knowledge with theory lessons like road signs, take written tests, and even get a perspective on how to park cars simply with your phone. So, if you want to pass the driving test, here are the best driving lessons apps for iOS and Android.

Best Driving Learning Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

Best driving education apps

1. Learn Driving Offline

Before you even think about hitting the throttle, you should have an idea of ​​the car, its components, and how things work. Think of it as a course before you actually drive. The application contains four sections with a very simple text explanation, they are the control of the car (basic information. About the gearbox, foot pedals), the section to start driving (how to put the car into gearbox mode, changing the transmission), basic traffic rules, and finally, Driving tips and tricks. These explanations also contain images to help you better visualize.

Best Driving Learning Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

This is a great starting point for someone who is not yet sure how to drive but wants to read about it. The app has banner ads at the top but they are not intrusive and the app works offline as well. Here’s a similar app on iOS.

Get Learn Driving Offline for Android

2. Learn To Drive

This app bridges the gap created by the previous app with animated visual videos to help you better understand aspects of driving. For example, the application consists of animations of various realistic driving situations such as intersections, pedestrian crossing lanes, driving safely around the roundabout, etc. Animations are minimal, and the how-to narration gives you a clear understanding of the etiquette of the road.

Best Driving Learning Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The app contains very few free videos. You can either download all courses for $13 or get individual courses of your choice for $4.

Get Learn to Drive (iOS | Android)

3. Practice Test USA & Road Signs

Here is the question, What is the difference between a dashed line and a double continuous line on a road? If you are not able to answer that, prepare tightly because these road signs are prevalent in driving tests. This application will help you to learn about the different road signs along with the basic rules of the road that are explained with text and illustrations. Once you’re confident, start with the short section, which contains over 20 out of 20 quizzes. That’s all you need to master road signs.

Best Driving Learning Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The app has banner ads at the bottom and there’s no way to get rid of them, but it works offline, so there’s no hassle!

Get Practice Test USA & Road Signs for Android

4. DMV Permit Practice Test Genie

Each driving test can differ from state to state in all countries of the world and the previous traffic signs and road signs test is a part of it. Hence the need for this highly rated driver education app. The first step is to decide which state you will be taking your test in (also a universal option). Next, you have to choose whether you are applying for a license to drive a car, commercial vehicle, or motorcycle, and you are all set. The app contains a huge collection of questions and practice tests based on the specific state-specific driver’s manual, to better prepare you with state-specific information.

Best Driving Learning Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The app also has a premium version that unlocks more training pages, access to tricks, and removes ads. This premium version comes at $12.

Get DMV Permit Practice Test Genie for (iOS | Android)

5. Parking Manis 2

Parking your car is the hardest driving test. This parking game will make you think about the movement of the car in any parking place. The gameplay includes accelerating, reversing, parking with a trailer, handling the roundabout, and even dodging other vehicles. Moreover, you can also drive your car around the area besides the challenge. The only problem is that as soon as you hit another surface, you will get negative points.

Best Driving Learning Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The game is free and does not contain ads. You have loads of missions, hurdles, and live traffic, which can get tricky at times, so if you are looking forward to getting your driver’s license, this game is a must!

Get Parking Manis 2 for (iOS | Android)

6- Car Driving School 2020

This game uses a realistic driving simulation to teach you whether or not you are wearing a seat belt (the app reminds you) or when the turn indicator is switched. You’ll get a prompt as soon as you’ve made a mistake, so you’ll know about it and won’t repeat it next time. The most beautiful thing about the user interface is the gameplay controls. You have a manual gearbox like a real car, windshield wiper, headlight switch and much more. The game’s overall user interface might be a bit basic, but for someone who doesn’t know how to drive, it could be a great start.

Best Driving Learning Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The app is free. However, there are quite a few functions, car options are unlocked which can be upgraded through in-app purchases. This also removes annoying ads.

Get Car Driving School 2020 for Android

7. Driving Academy – Driver Simulator

This simulation app is similar to the previous one. However, you get more flexibility in terms of car selection, night driving, as well as free-wheeling, options that were missing from the previous app. However, if you want to try these features, you need to finish the levels one by one in the app. These levels consist of more than 90 road signs tests which are also great for reviewing. You can also choose to control the steering from the left or right, depending on which country you are in.

Best Driving Learning Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

I wish it was free to drive, the night driving stage was open for testing but only if it was for learning to drive. The reward after completing the stages is more reasonable. Ads can be removed for $0.5 with more options for in-app purchases.

Get Driving Academy – Driver Simulator for (iOS | Android)

concluding remarks

So, these were the best driving lessons apps that you can get on iOS and Android. I would highly suggest to anyone who has not yet taken a driving test to get the theoretical concepts right. Take the practice test with the DMV app and also learn as much of the traffic/road signs as possible. Driving simulation games are also great, however, if you can convince your family or friend to teach you in an empty space, the hands-on experience will be much better than the one on your phone! I hope you have more clarity about the driving tests now. I wish you all the best.

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