Best apps to help you identify your personality type

There is a lot you can learn about yourself by knowing your personality type. If you feel stuck in your career or relationship or feel lost in life sometimes, knowing more about your personality can open your eyes and illuminate your path. Doing this can tell you about your strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and more in an effort to help you become a better person.

It can be hard to get rid of all the character apps that aren’t very good. So we did it for you! Here are two great personality test apps and a great app forEnneagram test Available for both iOS and Android.

Best apps to help you identify your personality type - Android iOS

1. The Personality Types

Best apps to help you identify your personality type - Android iOS

Personality Types is a great introduction for someone who has never taken a personality test before. You can learn all about letter pairs in the test, like E (Extrovert) vs I (Introvert) etc.

The app gives you a comprehensive explanation of what is different between each pair of letters and what that means for you. In addition to recognizing letter pairs, you can learn about cognitive functions and each of the sixteen personality types as well.

The app provides a free test that you can complete to determine your personality type. Once you complete the test, you will receive your four-character character type and be able to know all about it. Find out which professions are best suited for your personality type, your cognitive functions, and other great information.

Once you know your personality type, feel free to do a quick search for your four letter personality type. There is a lot of information available for your specific personality type that will help you figure out where your strongest self is in life and what you need to work on.

Download: The Personality Types for Android | iOS (Free)

2. EnneaApp

Best apps to help you identify your personality type - Android iOS

EnneaApp will allow you to take a test Enneagram Free and it tells you the 3 types you like. Whereas the previous app focuses more on the cognitive part of the psyche, the enneagram type focuses more on your unconscious motives.

The free version of the app gives you a brief description of each type, but if you want more information with the app, you have to pay $2.99 ​​for the full version.

If you do not want to pay for the full version of the application, you can find a lot of information online about the types of Enneagram Your free test.

Download: EnneaApp for Android | iOS (Free, Pro version available)

3. Pradius Personality Test

Best apps to help you identify your personality type - Android iOS

Pradius Personality Test is a unique test in most personality tests. You won’t get a traditional four-character personality type like INFJ or ESTP. Instead, after every test you take within the app, you’ll receive a personality trait or style, such as sensitivity.

This is a nice concept because you are less focused on what the letters mean in your personality type and how to interpret your personality type as a whole. The app gives you simple character patterns that are easy to understand. You can take another test to detect additional personality traits.

The app also has articles on general psychology as well as dedicated articles that you can check out that relate to your test results. This makes it easy to continue learning without having to leave the app.

Download: Pradius Personality Test for Android | iOS (Free)

keep improving yourself

Don’t stop learning and improving yourself after you discover your personality type. It can be easy to treat a personality test as a new one, but it can be really helpful in helping you figure out your weaknesses and what exactly you can do to turn them into strengths.

And of course, if you want a more generalized path of self-improvement, there are plenty of great self-improvement books to read. When you read a self-improvement book, you should have your personality or enneagram type in the back of your mind to try to connect a great self-improvement tip to an aspect of your personality. You can check out self-improvement challenges to boost your mental and physical health.

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